What Is EboMoney Win? Is EboMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

By | April 21, 2018

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Useful Article to Answer What Is EboMoney Win.

Here is a quick-fire article to show What Is EboMoney Win. Those asking is EboMoney. Win a nasty fraud? Is Ebo Money Win a genuine paid advertisement viewing system? I am not a member and so this is a no bias review of EboMoney with those answers. We will try to answer as well who the owners are, explain work and pay details and ultimately why they are a stinking scam!

Here is a list of the sites we have uncovered since the beginning of 2018 – there are many more out there:-

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Time to Talk More on What Is EboMoney Win.

Complete Conversation on Ebomoney

I have never found founders name for any of their identical sites and I ain’t going to bother now. They are always from Panama but IP puts them always elsewhere. EboMone is also a dangerous Phishing Site that likes to steal your personal data to sell onto scammers. What Is EboMoney? Just a Den of Thieves preying other peoples ambitions to earn online! They even attempt to steal money from their own members two times during their scam process. They will never refund you and your earnings with never see the light of day in your hands – GUARANTEED!

These people have been making an illegal profit online since 2014 and have made Russian, German and obviously English copies as well. Many comments on my YouTube Channel are starting to surface about these sites stealing peoples money. Zero Payments have been doled out since they started to operate these sites in 2014. Their sites only live for a year, some shut down in weeks, or until their site rep gets so bad they must close it. Many just point to another one, newer, but identical site to harvest traffic for fraud purpose.

The work is a huge 10 cents on every ad. You must fill out the captcha below the ad and then you can go onto the next one. However, one commenter on my YouTube Channel informed me you don’t even have to watch the ad but only to fill out the code to be accredited the money. Seriously huge sign of a scam on that alone as sites that offer this kind of work, and do pay out, FORCE YOU to WATCH for at least 10 to 30 SECONDS!!

JUST SO YOU KNOW:- NO PTC SITE ONLINE IS WORTH YOUR TIME! Pay is so poor you will struggle to make $100 and even $10 in 1 YEAR! That is a fact.

EboMoney Win is a Paid to Click site (PTC) and their operation is a false job offer. They say they payout using PayPal. Did you know that PayPal are stepping away from PTC Sites in general? That is because of the reason I have just stated and many long-standing PTC websites have crumbled because of this payment method moving away.

Making Money though your Referrals seems like Heaven because you are getting 50% of their earnings, well you obviously ain’t, but that is what these guys promise. 50% IS HUGE! 10C IS HUGE! Advertisers will only pay 1 penny, maybe up to 2 or even 3 pennies a click. Even advertisers will pay as low as 100th millionth of a cent for a click!!

So now you know advertisers pay a lot less for clicks then you now see that 10c on a click is financial suicide.

The Minimum Amount they say they will Pay Out is $150This is where things get super shady..


In a Nutshell – Here is How They Scam Their PTC Participants.

EboMoney Win Trap!

SO! Reports on this website and my YouTube Channel have said they are got up to $500 in only two days!! When they seek to cash out they find unusual requests from such sites do arouse their suspicion – for some – this is round about the time they find one of the articles herein, or, on my channel = unfortunately for them!

But! Good news is, many only have their time wasted instead of their money stolen after such finds. Point being, at the $150 threshold members do a form and admin view it. Admin says waiting time is so-and-so but then you notice a quick way. This other way will demand $10 then $9 to release your money. The $10 is to use the quick option and the $9 is to buy 100 referrals, if you don’t have already 40 referrals.

Of course, this is when they are getting scummy on you. Who ever pays will not have access to their account anymore. Or, the whole dang shenanigans is restarted.

They also sell on personal details. These details could be your:-

  • email address – watch your inbox for scummy scammers trying to get you to click to fake sites. This is of course called Phish. Here is an answer to What Is Phishing – if you don’t already know and will open in a new window. Courtesy of searchsecurity.techtarget.com.
  • Of course, if you gave your real name, that too is sold on.
  • One report said that he gave is actual home address!! Disastrous, no one needs that unless it is your bank or some online authority site! Needless to say, his address is getting sold on thus leaving him exposed to email fraud.
  • Cached Passwords in Your Browser! Best save those useful bits of kilobytes in a real notepad.

Above is achieved by malware and this is why you really need to have an up to date anti virus and an up to date browser. Old browsers are too easy to hack etc.

Below will be our disclaimer, scam rating, your opportunity to have your say and our #1 recommendation.



DISCLAIMER:- This article, like very single article on my site, is based on my own opinion. My opinion is formed through extensive research about the PTC company mentioned in this article. Other posts may be based on real experience. Ultimately, the onus is on you to do research that satisfies you and not just follow everything said here, or for that matter, on any other website online. Thank you for your precious in this matter.






This is the fine moment in every article where I love to extend the opportunity for your voice to be heard. Were you scammed?? That is the big question and one most sought out from existing or former members. Were you saved from joining the company under review? Good! That is part of it is purpose as well. Those who who need a real way to earn online, for $0 start up, should take a quick look below. That is all necessary to answer What Is EboMoney Win. Until next time – take care of yourselves and I am very much looking forward to hearing from you all.



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16 thoughts on “What Is EboMoney Win? Is EboMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

  1. Parm Sidhu

    I failed to withdraw money but i filled my bank account details so the question is-can they withdraw my bank account money or i’m safe ???

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      I doubt they can – but just in case, ring your bank. They would need a password to do such a thing, I’d imagine. Again, I am not an expert in the intricacies on HOW exactly it is done with scammers. However, as said, such details maybe used in other ways to their advantage and to your detriment. You must speak to people who are trained in protecting you in this way. My job is just to alert people to online scams and offer up recommendations. All else in this area is outside my knowledge.

  2. Parm Sidhu

    Please tell me…I tried to withdraw money by filling my bank details like Name,Account Number and so on…but the transaction got failed as i don’t have 40 referrals so the question is-Can they withdraw my bank account money?? Or i’m safe? Please reply me fast…

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      RING YOUR BANK! Tell them what has happened. They may need to cancel your card and order a new one.

      Let us know how it goes.

      1. Parm Sidhu

        No no actually i have given bank account details like Name,Account Number,Bank IFSC code and son on – not my credit or debit card number…So answer generally can a person withdraw money from my account simply by fillinh these kind of details???I’m so s

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          I am not a banker. I am also not a scammer. I do know they will sell on such details and with such they maybe able to forge ID’s in your name and thus buy stuff on credit, in your name. SO! Ring Your Bank! The EXACT process on how they can use that data is beyond me.

  3. Tolu

    It is definitely a scam. Got $150 and tried to withdraw but was asked to get or buy 40 referrals. Bought 40 referrals for $9 and I never got the referrals.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Tolu,

      Yes, that is EboMoney Win in a few lines. They just there to mess with people for free labor and their time. Members work efforts at EboMoney are generating income for the site but the owners don’t share the profits. Thank you kindly for letting everyone know your experience with them and I know it will help so many in time. Really appreciate it Tolu.

      Do consider that we can show anyone how to make money online and if you are interested then please just ask.

      – Philip.

  4. Saliuaziz

    I have wasted my time on ebomoney.win Wit my observation I now know everything about ebomoney.win is a scam. At the beginning you must get up to 160$ before you can withdraw then you ask to get 40 referrer or you buy referrer then again you’re asked to wait for 30-60 days after getting the referrer or you do a quick check by buying bit coin. My question is if they really wish to give out money why would they also request for money. Ebomoney.win are thieves please do not involved your self in it. It just a waste of time and money. I was a victim. Don’t fall for them. USE YOUR HEAD.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Well said Saliuaziz and I really do appreciate you verifying what is said in this article. Yes, EboMoney Win is not legit and will scam you without mercy if you don’t do your research first.

      Thanks again Saluaziz, I have no doubt your comment is going to be helping a number of people in time to avoid this scam.

      – Philip.

  5. Emmanuel

    They paid one of my friends I think, I wish I could send you a picture so you could see

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Emmanuel,

      I would be very surprised if EboMoney paid out to another. This is easy to prove if it be the case, but, how we do know that this person is not in fact one of the people behind the sites?

      We can’t know this because owners have hidden their data for their ID, and given the mass amount of the owners fake PTC Sites, it would not surprise if that was a counter-move!

      So, you can say to your friend to post it somewhere visible like on Twitter or facebook or just somewhere we can all see this proof and provide that link here please.


      – Philip.

    2. Emmanuel

      Please give me a whatsapp number so that ill send the picture to you so you would see it

      1. Scam Witness Post author

        Absolutely not!

        You may leave it on a social media account to share with others if it legit. And then you can leave the link here. There is no way I am giving out my whatsapp number to someone with no pic and a highly dubious looking gmail account as that – you think I was born yesterday my unknown friend?

        How do you think the burden is on ME to go out of my way to help YOU prove your point?

        Now I don’t trust you because this is not how legit operators behave.

        – Philip.

  6. revengers

    i dont understans ..what ebomoney is scam ? if scam please say .yes ..thanks

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Revengers,

      I am afraid YES EboMoney Win is a TOTAL SCAM!! Be not confused for no paid to click site can afford such high payouts. Just as well really, because EboMoney Win Owners have 1000’s of these same sites and NOT ONCE have they PAID OUT A SINGLE PENNY!

      Not once have they come forward to refute a single word we have said either! That is telling because we are getting close to having exposed up to 200 of their fake sites and still no refutation.

      I hope this helps and don’t forget we offer a $0 start up to all new members to our #1 recommendation. Just ask.



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