What Is EarlyPayJob About? Scam or Legit? Reviews of ‘Suspect’ Sites!

By | October 26, 2017

Scam Witness Investigates Online ScamsWhat Is EarlyPayJob About and Is Early Pay Job A Scam or Legit?

If you need to know what is EarlyPayJob about and if Early Pay Job is a scam or legit? Then, you have landed on the correct and only review that answers all your questions as we ask if Early Pay Job is legit, safe, real or a fake site, that you will ever need. I do reviews on potential scam sites and I can already tell you that earlypayjob.com is an easy one to figure out. It is one of many other near identical sites that operate to defraud its users. They do not pay out. After many done investigations into sites which belong to the owner of Early Pay Job.and they are DevelopDollars, DollarZip and WeLive!

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WEBSITE:- earlypayjob.com.

CREATED:- 14/12/2016.






What Is EarlyPayJob About and why it is a SCAM.

SO, it is not hard to work out what is EarlyPayJob about. It is a fake and dishonest site that makes claims to pay out huge money for so little and too easy work. Early Pay Job say they can pay you $10 per click on your referral link. $10 for one ‘click’!! That really is all I need to call this a ‘riot’ of a scam, as claims for high pay for low to little work, is a true and time tested sign of lies and fraudulent behavior online.

How can and why would any online business think it would be a fantastic idea to pay everyone that much money when they can go ahead and post those links on all Social Media Platforms for FREE and still get ‘clicks’! If they wanted to pay for higher traffic it would still be cheaper. The likes of Facebook only ask for a few quid to sent you thousands of traffic equating, roughly, up to between 25 to 50 click through. It now makes so much now sense that After many to chuckle a little as their audacity to say these things!

The owner behind this site, and the other two sites mentioned in the intro to this article, has 100s, perhaps even, 1000s of these same to similar sites. There are some differences in terms of images used but the coding, wording and same scam process is not altered!

There is now ‘Privacy Policy Page’ on this particular site or any contact details etc. NO contact details on WHOIS where the Email is ‘PROTECTED‘! This makes it hard for anyone to know who owns such sites and to get find the person to shut him/her down! All there is, really, just option to Join or LOGIN. Not good. Also, any website business that hides their email has to be considered ‘suspicious‘ by their own fault for way to make contact.

OK, once you spend a lot of your time jumping from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogging on your own website perhaps, and any other platform you can find, you will not get paid.

This is the ‘why’, now, let us look as the ‘how’ they scam people online.


How The Scam Works.

Well, it all comes down to the cash out!

When you have reached $300 then you may request your cash. All your activities leading up to this point has earned a fine amount of money, as all user activities generate cash on an ad site, because you have been watching ads and your referrals will have been doing the same. When this happens then advertisers pay owners to this site and sites like this some money for the advertisements being viewed.

When you ask for your money then you will be hit with a pretty nasty surprise! They will tell you in order to get your cash you must complete some ‘OFFERS’ first! I hear these offers include SURVEYS which you have to PAY FOR out of your own money to get your earned cash!!

That is the way, that they also use, to make additional money from people before they LOCK THEM out of their own account!

Now you know. Please share this article to help others avoid this awful fraud and utter scam website please, thank you.

Lastly, the third way they make money from their online defrauded victims, if all the above was not bad enough, they actually sell on all the personal details people used as sign up on to third parties for a profit!!

Makes me a little mad that the owner to this site has been online and in business for years!!





I do not endorse such a site as Early Pay Job as I have fallen for such websites scams years gone by and it is very time-consuming and utterly annoying to keep on having it happen. I decided to do something about it, after realizing making money online doing easy online tasks for money that never materialized, to Sign Up to Wealthy Affiliate. After many not looked back since and LOVE being my own boss! It has been an absolute ‘cathartic’ pleasure to expose these horrible and heartless websites for their fraudulent dishonesty!




I would love to hear from you! Do you agree or disagree with anything After many said in this article? I would be delighted if you left that i the comment box below to help add more understanding to this subject matter. Were yo0u scammed by or, if a miracle occurred, actually paid by earlypayjob.com? Not to sure about an online opportunity bragging about big money for easy work? Just ask all these queries who whatever you want, regarding what has been written here, and I will be more than happy to further assist you. If you have questions regarding my sign up opportunity then you can ask me about that to! Stay safe online until next time and do not forget you can sign up to my newsletter top right of this post. After many provided enough information for you to know what is EarlyPayJob about to keep one and all safe from them! CHEERS!

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