What Is Duty Space? Is DutySpace A Scam or Real? Full Review!!

By | November 4, 2017

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Investigation into What Is Duty Space.

I have all the information you need to know What Is Duty Space and if Duty Space is a scam, real, safe and legit. I do reviews into suspicious sites and DutySpace.com is just another fraudulent site looking to snare more victims! Being a PTC Advertisement Platform, it offers $10 Per Task and $10 Per Referral Click! That is too high and I have proven that there are many of these sites owned by the same person. Here are some reviews I have done on these active scammers sites such as DollarsTeller.com, DollarTell.com, PayJut.com, DevelopDollars.com, MoneyIsMust.com, BucksTip.com, EarlyPayJob.com, Dollar2Refer.com and DollarZip.com, all of which, run the same scam! I do not recommend anyone of them or the one under review!!

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The Full Run-Down into What Is Duty Space.

Duty Space is another paid advertisement platform that promise huge money for far too easy work. When you complete ‘tasks’ you earn $10 for a second job. Some sites have put the price paid out at $20 to even $30 per job! You receive $10 every time someone clicks on your affiliate link as well. You could be doing surveys (yuke), watching videos, making clicks on ads and email ads etc. The minimum withdrawal threshold is $300 and you may request it at that amount.

However, when you ask for that money things get very complicated very quickly.

Unfortunately, when you apply for your cash, DutySpace.com will give you no choice but to make you complete offers and or surveys. You have to PAY to complete these final tasks, whereupon, when you do pay you will be locked out of your account. The contact details help no to get their cash as they are fake!


Is Duty Space a scam.


WHOIS shows me the site under review was created on the 25/2/2017. The Founder is not listed and the address is totally FAKE that many other scam sites have used as well.

FAKE SITES will just buy an address to put up online as registrant details to appear more legit. However, the PO BOX NUMBER is EXACTLY the same as close to 50/60 other sites I have exposed! Must be a huge building!


More Bad News!

DutySpace will even SELL ON YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS to third parties for a profit. SO, after you have generated a small fortune on their site due to making ‘clicks’, filling out surveys, sign up to paid offers, sharing your affiliate link on every social media platform known to man kind, they make money from all of that. They then get you to pay to get access to your money. After all that, they make money by selling on your details – as said!! That is the process and this scam has been duplicated, potentially, 1000s of times across the net by the same person or people!

Logically, no online advertiser will ever pay $10, $20, $30 for every 30 second task or job online. Nor would anyone in their right mind pay that money just to have someone click on your referral link.

Advertisers can so much easier just fork out a few dollars to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc to get 25 to 50 clicks, instead of $10 for JUST ONE!

ON a daily basis, people who sign up to Wealthy Affiliate through my articles, are getting trained, making their websites, adding content and learning the ins and outs of SEO! I can show you how to do this if you really want to work at and realize it does take time and effort! If you are interested in getting rich quick, then I am afraid, you will need to go somewhere else. I only show those that want to build a real way to make money for life!







DutySpace.com is a horrendous scam to fall for! They have no conscience who they rip off and or for how much money or time. Please share this article to stop the site under review in their tracks as they are new and WE COLLECTIVELY have a chance to put a halt to them!! – Before they get too big.



HAVE YOUR SAY!Have your say about What Is Duty Space.

I would love to hear from you! Have you been scammed by the site under review? How long or how far did you do it until you realized you were being scammed? If you made, I would be interested in hearing about that! Please leave your experiences in the comments box below. I always respond to comments. If you need help to decide if something online is real or fake. You are welcome to ask me in the comment box and I will look into it for you. Please share this article. Thank you for reading my article and please come back soon as I post daily. I believe you now have enough data on What Is Duty Space and I am sure you will stay away from them. All the best and stay safe online guys! CHEERS!

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