What Is Duty Revo? Is Duty Revo A Scam or Legitimate!!

By | November 4, 2017

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Uncovering the Truth on What Is Duty Revo.

I do reviews on suspicious sites and if you are looking to find out What Is Duty Revo, if DutyRevo is a scam or legit and if Duty Revo is actually worth your time, then, you have landed on the right article. I will look into if DutyRevo.com has a good online reputation and I will show you why it is a TOTAL SCAM! One of potentially 1000s of other scam sites set up by the same person or people. I have done many reviews into the following sites, which are owned by the same people, such as DutySpace.com, DollarsTeller.com, Dollar2Refer.com, DollarTell.com, PayJut.com, MoneyIsMust.com, DevelopDollars.com, BucksTip.com, DollarZip.com and EarlyPayJob.com are all the same scam and does not pay out to anyone. I continue to find many more. Feel free to share this information as the con artists are doing very well for themselves!

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My Personal Take on What Is Duty Revo.

This is another site that has been set up by an unknown individual or persons. In my search to discover What Is Duty Revo I came a cross very familiar signs that I have come a cross this kind of scam site before. A quick glance at the details on WHOIS I can clearly see the address is completely fake. There is NO FOUNDER NAME and email is protected (hidden).

Some of these ad sites promise up to $10, $20 and even $30 per click. Even $10 is too much. Actually, even $1 per click is excessive to say the least. So DutyRevo.com is paying out $1 per every click your affiliate link gets and the same amount for every 30 second ‘task’ you do on this site. Of course, you will not get paid, as no one has ever been paid!

The Home Page has no other places to ‘click’ with no TOS and or even other pages. It is all geared to get you to sign up straight away. You would not think many would sign up with a website like that, however, many are falling foul of this particular scam.


Is Duty Revo Trustworthy?


Created on the 28/5/2017 this is just another site and one of thousands. I just keep on finding them. I may be expected to just click and view ads by advertisers from other sites. This makes the site under review is plain re-direct site hooking up ‘viewers’ to ads.

The serious problem with this operation is sites like these do not care if you are sent to phishing sites. However, when you submit to many of these advertiser sites, survey sites and ‘OFFERS’ site, they will steal all of those highly sought after details, and sell them on to scammers and spammers for a personal profit.

Another problem with sites like DutyRevo is that the pay out does not make any sense. Any advertiser online knows they can get a good 1000 clicks online for a mere $5!! SO, can someone tell me why anyone would pay a $1 for just one ‘click’? So we see how impossible this is.

Only legit sites pay out a mere $00.01 for doing simple online tasks. Any more than $00.01 is considered ‘suspicious’ and warrants more investigation before one invests time and money into it.

Lastly, when you view ads all day the site under review gets a nice commission for all of your work. They actually do get paid. You don’t however. SO, the minimum pay out is $300 but when you ask for that money you will have to complete some surveys or offers. Fair enough. But you will have to PAY MONEY TO DO THIS OUT OF YOUR OWN POCKET!

Once paid, or not, you will still not get any money and they will lock you out of your account! Finally, they will sell on all of your personal details such as your name, email, number, location and everything else they managed to get out of you!

This is nasty and cruel. Please report your experiences below if you have been scammed by these guys. Thank you.







There are proper ways to make money online but not with these guys. I know very few people online that actually make any money watching ads, doing surveys and the like. The average amount for too many hour’s for only $100 to $200 a month if anything. I have already said there is a better way and I can show you, of course, you have to do what makes sense to you.




I would love to hear from you? Did you run in to these guys and did they scam you? I invite you to leave your say in the comments section below to help warn others. Have you questions about another site online? You can ask me and I will make some inquiries for you and let you know. I am sure you now have enough data on What Is Duty Revo to satisfy your curiosity. Come back soon as I post daily. I welcome to Sign Up to my Websites Free NEWSLETTER to help you out smart the crooks online. CHEERS!

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