What Is Duty Money? Is Duty Money Safe and Legit or a Scam!?

By | November 5, 2017

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A Look into What Is Duty Money for Everyone’s Online Safety.

I do reviews into suspicious sites and this is why I want to know What Is Duty Money and is DutyMoney a scam, real, fake or safe and legit? The owner(s) of DutyMoney.com has many other websites that have been proven to be fraudulent and not real. They do not pay out to users and never have. This site under review is no different – it is a total scam and extremely dangerous being a copy of the rest. The reviews I have covered by these pro-active scammers are DutyRevo.com, DutyTimes.com, BucksTip.com, DutySpace.com, DevelopDollars.com, DollarsTeller.com, PayJut.com, Dollar2Refer.com, MoneyIsMust.com, DollarTell.com, DollarZip.com, EarlyPayJob.com and all are proven scams with fake payment proofs and promises!!

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Research into What Is Duty Money and is it Worth it?

Duty Money is a Paid Platform that pays you for clicking on advertiser ads, perhaps doing surveys, watching videos and other boring menial tasks online. They offer to pay out $1 per task completed and also promise to pay out $1 for every time someone simply clicks on your referral affiliate link. This is interesting as any advertiser can buy 1000 clicks just $10 and 100 clicks for $1! LOL! With just a bit of research into these fake payment claims we can now begin to break down their get-rich-quick message!

After signing up to Duty Money for free you will be instructed to share your affiliate link on all your social media platforms. This is bad news as you will help to scam other people in time. Should you are currently doing this I would advise to stop this practice right now, better still, warn everyone on your friends list that you were wrong and not to click on it.

The Founder(s) can not be found and their address details to the site under review, and the sites in the intro, are all the same. The address is fake and the contact details are hidden. Glaring signs of deception. I just verified it by going to WHOIS and yes it has the same SCAM ADDRESS from PANAMA (their all from Panama) and the same fake PO BOX NUMBER!


What is duty money?


The Internet is going bonkers right now because no one is getting paid and people are querying how to get their money. This would be hilarious if it was not so real and the scammers are getting paid a small fortune for everyone else work. Please share to help stop as many people as possible from being scammed.

The minimum pay out threshold is $300 (this may vary) and here is where things get really weird. After requesting your money for your ‘clicks’, video watching, surveying filling or signing up to special offers, they will have the AUDACITY to TELL YOU to complete the following ‘TASKS’. You do these tasks and then the nasty surprise occurs. They want you to PAY MONEY TO COMPLETE THIS STEP BEFORE YOUR OWN PAYMENT!

DO NOT DO IT! It is just part of the final stage of this scam.

When you will be removed from your own account without any hope of getting paid.

Should you do not pay, the end result, is the same.

The cheery on top is they SELL ON YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS TO THIRD PARTIES! Your name, email, phone number etc you used to sign up will be sold on to scammers and spammers (third parties).

Have you been paid by these guys? Please let me know in the comments section below as some payments may be possible to prove to everyone else they are legit. TO my knowledge NO ONE has been paid.

DutMoney.com was created 2/4/2017 and, incredibly, is not black listed as yet! It will happen very soon though.

Should you are not to sure about a site online you can go to WHOIS.com where you can type in their exact URL. Details will appear. You can also go to surbl.com to see if a site is black listed as well. Two good sources for you to do your own research to verify what I am saying here. Scamadvisor.com and scam analyze are just two others I use as well.







TO be 100% clear, DutyMoney and all the other scam sites in the intro, are all the one scam by the same person or people. They do not pay out. They DO get paid for your work via commissions from other sites. Any payment proofs are fake! Your personal details are sold on so you can be targeted in the future by spammers etc. I suggest you use a junk email when doing dodgy work like this online. Or, you can SIGN UP HERE to start on a legit journey to real online financial freedom. The choice is yours.



I would love to hear from you! Were you scammed by the site under review? How long were you a member and was the process different to how I described it? It would be great if you would go ahead and leave your experiences in the comments box below to help warn others to help them make the right decision. The more real life experiences we have the more other people may see that it is not a good site at all. I will always respond to comments. Should you are not sure about something online promising riches for easy work then go a head and ask me below. I will research it and let you know. I can see I have left you enough information about What Is Duty Money and I am sure you will stay clear of them. Please com back soon as I post daily. Why not sign up to my websites free newsletter to help you out smart the scammers online. Top right to do so. Thank you for reading my post and please share to help others to stay safe online.




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