What Is DuoMoney Site? Is DuoMoney Site Scam or Legit!

By | June 3, 2018

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All We Have to Answer What Is DuoMoney Site for Your Online Safety.

Those who find the pay out offers by this new Paid Advertisement Viewing System, may find the answer to What Is DuoMoney Site, unsurprising. At the very least it should confirm your suspicions since you decided to research them. We will answer is DuoMoney. Site two faced cheats? Is Duo Money Site honest and good for paying out? In this NON-MEMBER REVIEW we will also discuss ownership data, working and paying structures. For now, just know, they are a scam site! Owners have to date 1031 of these duplicate sites illegally operating online. None of them pay out!!

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Those that have been scammed by DuoMoney are asked to report them in the comments section below this post. Should you still be working for them – then we advise you stop asap – because no one gets paid anyways, so, there is no point.


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DuoMoney Site Directors, Payments to Members (NONE) and Work they Promote.

DuoMoney Site Non-Member Review.

DuoMoney Site does not hold up under scrutiny.

DuoMoney Directors are not known to anyone online. We have searched many times for legit details on many of their sites and have turned up no identity. They do come from Russia and have spawned 1000s of these sites in Russian, English and in German. DuoMoney was made 19-05-2018 and will stop in 2019 same time. Sometimes their sites get shut down sooner. This may occur in months or even weeks. This makes them very unstable and may collapse at any time. Legit and honest sites will always have transparent owner detaisl at the point of registration of their site. Should this data be missing, then it may be possible to find it, on their site. Missing in both places is a clear sign of deception and you should probably give them a miss.

We have already said they have thousands of these sites. Here are a few we have exposed for 2018 so far below. They will open in a new tab to their respective reviews:-


Work They Promote.

What is very attractive about their proposal is the work is so simple even children could do it without any problems. This qualifies everyone and they do accept everyone globally. They make much of upping the pay out to 10c a click, payment methods like PayPal and Western Union as well, are spoken off to give themselves an air of legitimacy. Just know, such payment methods are stepping away from Paid to Click Sites in droves – even the so called honest ones. In our opinion, any PTC offering the pay that they usually do is no good to work for. The money they offer, if in real world, is illegal!!

You will join up to see that you only have to click ads to view them and then add a code to finish that one small task. Then repeat to continuously earn. That is the premise of that part of the earning cycle with them. You will observe monies pouring into your account and you will hit $150 very fast – too fast!

Referrals and the Money you are told you can make.

The ‘training’ they offer is to give you an affiliate link. Then you are told to share this link all over the internet until you are blue in the face – well, not exactly like that, but the earnings you can make will entice such a manic behavior.

When a sign up comes through your link and begins their work. You will observe monies into your account. You are promised a very high 50% commission rate for all of your sign ups work. Of course, no one gets paid a cent.

Daily Work Earnings.

You are said to be earning, potentially with only 3 to 5 hours a day of work, $500 a day – almost. Then they say, which continued commitment, you can earn close to $4800 every four weeks. WOW! hehe. Yer, right. Since all these sites started out in 2014 there has not been a single payment proof provided to back up a single payment they pretend to make.

Per their sites description, once you hit minimum payout, you can request and receive your money within 1 hour. This has never happened to occur for any member of their sites.




Cash Out TO Nothing.

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These guys will leave you high and dry.

When you have hit the milestone of $150 then all members are permitted to seek payment. Invariably, all will be told of the long wait time of 1, or 3 months before monies can be processed to your chosen payment method. What they want from you is to choose the faster way because they will try to charge you $10. This is to be paid in BTC or whatever other payment method they say they take.Soon after they will want 40 referrals.

Should you be lacking such referral numbers then you may pay $9 to acquire more than what you will need to meet qualify criteria for cash withdrawal. Those that pay all the way will not get pain in spite of your co-operation. That is it. You are not permitted back into your account, which will remain active during the sites s life cycle, and only be deleted when the site is shut down. Please share this article to help those looking for the truth on the site in question.


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Were you scammed by the site we just wrote on? Do you know another of their sites? Do let us know below where we will work hard to expose as many of them as possible. Thank you kindly for finding us in your research to answer What Is DuoMoney Site. Look forward to all of your comments to come, and do remember, we show people how to make money online as well. So, if you got questions on that, just us below. A few words on our #1 Recommendation is below for a no cc free lifetime account.



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