What Is AzeMoney.Club and AzeMoney.Site – Scam or Legit!

By | October 11, 2017
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Mass Produced “Paid Advertisement Viewing System” Russian Template.

What Is AzeMoney. Club, and also, What Is AzeMoney. Site – Your Warning.

Hello and thank you for reaching out to this website for your answer in What Is AzeMoney. Club, and, What Is AzeMoney. Site. Well, those sites are owned by the same person. Actually, these two sites are duplicates of each other. There are 1323 of these sites in English and many more in German and Russian. Those asking is AzeMoney Club and AzeMoney Site safe, genuine, trustworthy and paying are going to be very disappointed, I am sorry to say. We don’t recommend them as honest – and with good reasons!

OK, lets find out in this review if it is safe, fraudulent, genuine, real or a total scam! Associated sites are known for phishing and malware downloads. So, what is AzeMoney. Club and AzeMoney. Site? They are a scam site! Check out these other investigations as part of the evidence that this website is a fraud and not good. They include webmoney. host, suremoney. club, fepmoney. club, findmoney. club, razmoney. club, normoney. club, cumoney. club, wotmoney. club, docdengi. top, mesmoney. club, voddengi. club, kavdengi. club, jamdengi. club, advmoney. tech, romdengi. club, faxdengi. club, hurmoney. club, zendengi. club, ahadengi. site and vawdengi. site. ALL of these sites are by the same people and NO ONE GETS PAID – EVER! If you are looking for a legit way to earn money online then read my review about Wealthy Affiliate or Sign Up Here!!


Here is what you will take away from this article:-

  • How to make money with these guys (not) and how they scam you.
  • How Big is this Scam and what happens to your details when it is over!
  • Scam Rating! (Good or Bad).
  • Final Thoughts.


So, I really do not have to do ANY research into these guys, though I have, as the website looks just like all the aforementioned sites! Same color, wording, format, code EVERYTHING! I have been exposing all these sites for quite some time now and I want to thank the people who shared them to help others stay safe. I invite you now to feel free to do the same.







What Is AzeMoney. Site and AzeMoney Club – The Details of these Paid Advertising Viewing System Scam Operations.


Warning Sign about hurmoney.club.

When you first sign up to this scam site you will see a list of people who have earned a lot of money for day of viewing ads. Each ‘ad unit’ gets 10 cents credited to your AzeMoney Club, AzeMoney Site account. For every referral you make you will earn a very nice 50% commissions! Of course, that’s not true, and all it does is to perpetuate the problem. If you are sharing your affiliate link right now please stop!



Here is an up to date list of these scam sites. They are owned by the same people that operates AzeMoney Sites –>> VanMoney. This article was originally about duhmoney. club.



NO! If you were wondering how to get you money from them, well, you can’t because none of it is real or ever was! There is no possible way, I am sorry to say, to achieve this.


When you achieve the minimum withdrawal amount of $150 you will receive a very bizarre and ‘unique‘ message. It is worded as if written by a five-year old and its purpose is to confuse the process. In the description about each of these sites home pages says you can get your money within one hour after requesting. This weird message says you have to wait two months! They even have the ‘cheek’ to say you don’t even qualify to get your money as yet if you haven not made at least 40 referrals! You have the option of buying these referrals, which by the way, ARE FAKE! They are not real!

Ultimately, once it is time to request your money, you are LOCKED OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT PERMANENTLY!




Your Details and How they Are Used by these Sites.

The people that own all of these sites, of which they appear to thousands of copies of, are listed about WHOIS as being from Panama. They are quickly spreading across the web like a virus! However, with each new listing, despite all these sites are the same and owned by the same people, the location changes. I have caught wind that the people are part of an online Russian Scam Network! They are Industrious and very good at what they do!

Thus, the Founders can not be located and there are no contact details, not even an email address. WHOIS has an address and phone numbers, but I ain’t calling them, because, some online numbers are programmed to run up your bills etc.

So how BIG is this SCAM? It is HUGE! Thousands of these sites are in existence with the same code and everything as I have already said. It is a pure and utter scam and not to be trusted. I have left many links in the introduction of all the sites I have reviewed and proven they belong to the same people. Several of these sites have been BLACK LISTED per surbl.com as well.



Suremoney.club scam site



YOUR DETAILS are sold onto to hackers and spammers on the Deep Web! That is the final insult and straw for me and this is one of the main reasons I have decided to go after them!! Please leave me your story if you fell victim to these guys of if this article helped you steer clear of them. Thank you.






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Along with all the other reviews you should be in no doubt as to the ‘ethical-nature‘ of these online unscrupulous criminals! You don’t need to be Einstein to realize watching ads all day for no pay is a legit way to make money online. They have NEVER paid ANYONE for all the work they have done! YouTube and other such sites are ringing-out with people asking how to get their money! DISTRESSINGLY I have noticed an increased volume of people promoting sites offering to pay you money for watching ads – just stay away from all that. Here is a real way to achieve this goal – CLICK HERE!



Final Thoughts.

As mentioned, there are thousands of these sites. They do not pay out. Those that want to report them can do so below to help warn others. The unknown owner(s) of these FAKE PTC SITES have been successfully operating online since 2014 and are only expanding their operations ever few weeks.

I would love to hear from you! Why not drop a comment below to let us know your experiences with the aforementioned sites. We will always respond to you. Not only do I expose online scams but also show others how to earn good money online. Should you want the Opportunity to learn how to make a six figure monthly pay check, then go ahead, and Sign Up HERE for your Free Account with Wealthy Affiliate (No Credit Card to Start!). Whatever you do please disabuse your of the idea that watching ads, or any other get-rich-quick scheme, is going to pay you. I hope I have answered your question regarding what is AzeMoney. Club and AzeMoney. Site,  I am confident you now know, NOT to go near them. If this is the case, I am very happy, and my job is done here. Thank you for reading my article and take care for now.


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