What Is DreamKeeper.info? Is DreamKeeper.info a Scam or Legit?

By | December 10, 2017

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Answers to What Is DreamKeeper.info.

Looking for a way to make money online and came across DreamKeeper.info? I hope you are asking What Is DreamKeeper.info, is DreamKeeper a scam, is Dream Keeper legit before signing up to them first! I do reviews exposing online scams and DreamKeeper can not be trusted. The Owner is a highly prolific online scammer with many other similar to same sites that just defraud people. No one gets paid, if they do, it is only a few to generate payment proofs. After one of their sites shuts down then they open many more with enticingly high payouts. I will show you how they scam you via their work offer, payout enticements and then how they defraud their members. I do not recommend DreamKeeper and will be putting them inside my Scam Sites part of my website.
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What Is DreamKeeper.info and Why They are Fake!

DreamKeeper.info, per WHOIS details, was made on the 1/5/2017. The Founders Name (apparently) is Mark Tellen with an address for Pakistan. This is the first time, after having reviewed many of these scammers online scam sites, they have submitted such details. However, given how many sites I have proven they run and defraud by, and since DreamKeeper follows the same format etc, I am confident in saying DreamKeeper is a fraud as well.

There is nothing else to do on their Home Page but to ‘Login’ or ‘Register’ with a distinct absence of other data such as FAQ’s, Privacy Policy etc. Just like DollarClass.com, freshcash and bestcashjob, a few of Mark Tellen’s sites, Dream Keeper does not Pay Out to anyone nor will they ever do so.

The work is easy and unskilled for excellent pay! The work is not detailed but all they want from you is to share your affiliate link, that is the usual instructions, to platforms like Twitter, blogs, chat rooms etc. Many of their sites offer $10 per referral made and $5 per link visit, however, DreamKeeper does not list such info on home page and says nothing about their work. The threshold payout is between $250/$300 or even $50. These figures are too high. They say they pay out monthly but never do! The ‘work’ is common to all their sites and some even offer ‘TASKS’, of which they are few, so you end up sharing your link anyways!



Home Login Page to DreamKeeper.info



All their sites, including the one under review, are potentially downloading malware to your device to steal data for ID theft! Your account not can not be closed by you and your details can not be altered.

When you hit the minimum payout they just ask you to fill out a survey, complete an offer etc and then they will try to charge you for it. This is how they make commissions right before they lock you out of your account. For more in depth details the variations of the same scam, by the same owner, click on the reviews above.

No one has ever been paid! You can not get your money. They are not legit!






You are welcome to have your say! Did you sign up and find out they did not pay out the hard way? Or, did they pay out? Please let others know below to warn others. Do you have any questions regarding anything in my article or #1 RECOMMENDATION? Everyone is welcome to ask me below where I will always get back to you. I am happy to say there is adequate information regarding What Is DreamKeeper.info to leave no one in any doubt to their intentions. Thank you kindly for reading article and I am looking forward to all of your comments. Stay safe online everyone! CHEERS!!



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