What Is ApuMoney.Win – Scam or Legit Paid Advertising Viewing System?

By | October 13, 2017
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What is ApuMoney. Win and is it Another PTC Scam.

Hello and thank you very much for coming to my website today to know What Is ApuMoney. Win (http://apumoney. win), Is ApuMoney Win a fraud, is Apu Money Win honest and paying? This ApuMoney Review is going to let you know that ApuMoney is not legit. There are THOUSANDS of these Paid Advertising Viewing Systems circulating and none pay out. Below is our reasons why this website can make such a claim and be 100% certain of it!!

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Company:- http://apumoney. win.

Created:- 22/07/2018.

Founder:- Unknown Scammer!

Scam/Legit:- See ‘Final Thoughts bottom of this post.

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What Is ApuMoney. Win – Just Another Paid Advertising Viewing System Scam?

Should you fancy a ‘career’ in watching ads all day then donmoney. club is the right place to go to. However, they don’t pay out! They have never paid anyone on any of their websites for watching ads. This is a ‘Paid Ad Views System’, as they describe it, and they are supposed to pay you for viewing their advertisements. You are meant to get 10 cents per ‘ad unit’. If yo make referral then you are told you receive commissions of 50% for that persons work. I have done’ many reviews on these, and I believe it is worth repeating, they are scammers!

Typically, this site explains you can earn between $50/$300 daily for 3/5 hours of work. On their website front page there is a list of earnings, that is equal to one weeks pay, for one day ad-viewing. Well over $400 in many cases!

Lastly, if you view, on average, 1000 adverts you will receive the total of $4800! LOL! B. S ! Feel Free to Share this Post to Help Others Avoid this Scam. Thank You.


How the Scam Works!

Someone Signs Up with them through email verification. There is no sign up fee – the only good thing about them – which ads to the (false) ‘legitimacy’ of their offer. Then you are instructed to get busy by watching ads. You are instructed to use your affiliate link to pull in referrals. OK! We covered this.

Here is the scam part! WHEN you reach the $150 withdrawal amount, which is their minimum withdrawal threshold, things start to get a little tricky and nasty. You will receive a message that is so badly worded you can’t make head nor tail of it. It basically says you got to wait two months to get your cash! On the HOME PAGE it says you will receive your money with in one hour of requesting it.

Furthermore, you may not have made 40 referrals to them yet, meaning, you are not ‘qualified‘ to get your funds yet. You make work to achieve this or they will kindly offer to sell them to you. Do not buy those referrals are FAKE! The list of ‘High Earnings‘ are also FAKE and are the same on all their sites.

They will offer an express check out, ultimately, they LOCK YOU OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT! You don’t get paid. The worst part is:- They Sell on ALL of YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS TO HACKERS AND SPAMMERS ON THE DEEP WEB! At this point the scam is over and the ‘penny‘ should be dropping on you like a ton of bricks! Its horrible, I have been scammed before, and, I do know that feeling!!

Should you have been through the above process with this scam site, then you may want to take precautions and update your anti virus.


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This is a little over two months old and already is being labeled a total scam. There exists thousands of copies of these sites online all looking the exact same. Same color, wording, formatting, code, service and even admin names! They are owned by the same people as well. So, they say on WHOIS, they are from Panama. This is not true. It is an online Russian Scam Network!

The Founders can not be located so no one knows who they are. There are NO contact email as it is also hidden on WHOIS. Some times online websites will do this to stop spam. However, these websites have hidden it for fraudulent reasons, and are guilty of unsolicited emails, downloading malware to its users, and phishing.






SCAM RATING:- 0! 0/100%!! Nothing Good Here. No Payouts! Sell on Your Details for Profit! No Chance of Making Money Online with These Guys! Founders Hiding! No Contact Details! Have you anything good to say about these gangsters? Please let me know in the comments section – I’d be incredibly interested to hear from you.





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Final Thoughts.

That is about it for for this article. I know it maybe bad news for some but none of these Paid Advertising Viewing System websites ever pay anyone, so, you are not the first and probably won’t be the last. 

There are good and legit ways to make money properly online for the long term. These websites who are offering ‘ad-views’ as a way to make money is NOT it! Everyone is getting LOCKED OUT of their accounts without payment for their time and work. Many buy those referrals for real money which are fake as hell! worst of all – THEY SELL ON YOUR DETAILS SO YOU CAN Continue TO BE SCAMMED IN THE FUTURE!

It would be great to hear from you! Why not drop us a line on our article What Is ApuMoney. Win and I will get back to you.  Please let me know in the comments section to help others avoid these lousy fraudsters if you were scammed.. Perhaps you were cheated by anther scam online not mentioned here, then leave that also in the comments section to warn others. Thanks again for stopping by and do check out our #1 way to earn below No CC TO START! Take care for now.

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