What Is DolMoney Site? Is DolMoney Site Scam or Legit!

By | May 25, 2018

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DolMoney Site Company Suspicious Activity


Read What Is DolMoney Site Here to Stay Safe.

Whoever needs to know What Is DolMoney Site, in truth, has found their answers here! Perhaps asking as well is DolMoney. Site high-jacking people for their time, efforts and money? Is Dol Money Site a lucrative full time-work from home job? This DolMoney Review will set the record straight on these issues. We will detail and pay and who owns the site. Ultimately, we will leave no doubt, as to why they are a scam! New Paid Advertisement Viewing Platform is how they promote. They have many 1000s of duplicate sites cleaning up in this illegal manner.

Those who have been ripped off by DolMoney, or any of the sites we will soon list, are welcome to leave member complaints below. Those still working on their site should stop now – they never pay out.


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DolMoney Site Perpetrators, Payment and Work Instructions.



FawMoney Site are not Honest.

DolMoney Site does NOT Share Profit.

DolMoney Site is not for everyone, actually, it is only for people that don’t know it is a scam! They were created 19-05-2018 and will shut up shop in 2019. 1 Year to offer work from home jobs is a joke and clear sign of a scam. No work from home offer, that is honest, will only be around for so little amount of time.

Owner info is not available anywhere online. Email is not present and address is completely fake. We have said this many times on their many other sites.

The unknown cyber-crooks come from Russia! They have translated this con into German and English. Over 900 copies exist in the English Language. They continue to prosper since 2014 without sign of the authorities knowing who they are. The script of their site is identical (almost) for all of their sites. Given the IP addresses for different batches of these sites come from across the world then this lets me know the crooks must be selling on this illegal script.

Here is only a few we have discovered and exposed – Please share this article to help others avoid this scam operation:-

Those linked reviews will open in a new window. Should you know of another, not on this list, you are very welcome to let us know in the comments below.



The Scam Work Offer.

All are welcome to join without qualify criteria with only an email to gain entry. These cyber crooks do not seek verification of your email either. This is very suspicious of itself.

After sign up you will see ads to click on and codes to fill out. These code filling out actions were and are not detailed on their site anywhere. This shows a clear lack of transparency.

10c is attribute to your account in real time as you complete these easy tasks. The monies soon add up very fast.

Referral Program.

Referring other people to their program is supposed to net you half of their pay check. THIS IS A LIE! However, many are encouraged to do this and may do so by adding one’s affiliate link all over their social media networks. Now, when new sign ups arrive, start to work hard, it appears you are getting some of their money. 50% to be exact!

Daily Profits.

Their Daily Profit Estimations is another ‘hoot’! While, yes it is more than possible to be earning those figures online, just not by clicking ads. Ad clicks only net users atomic splits of a cent. You will work very hard indeed just to earn a penny in reality. The highest they payout for this kind of work is 3 cents and many days they won’t even have work for that amount on PTC sites that declare themselves legit. This is why we do not endorse any PTC work from home offers – they are all scams in our eyes for the time and effort they make people waste for illegal pay!!

And still, I hear people say – “…but, I got paid $5!” = WOW!! I bet such people had to work their socks off for that – it is not worth the effort.

Anyways, they lie to members by saying they pay to PayPal and Western Union. They also say you could be earning up to nearly $500 a day! 1000 clicks will earn you, or should earn you, $4800 a month. All horse…

There are no reviews, or ever will be, that are legit and true, that can provide proof of this. I have been tracking and exposing their sites for near on a year now and yet to hear anything from owners or any proof of payments.



Cash Out Disappointment in Store!

Be Cautious of FawMoney Site

DolMoney will never pay you.


At $150 all members are told they can get their cash. This feat is achieved in too short a time to be real. They will not so gently nudge you to fork out $10 and then $9 to get your money. Any site online that requires you hadn over money for money is a flipping con! Do Not Fall for This!

Should you pay you are locked out of your account. Do check out other reviews as listed in this post for even more information on all their sites. There is additional data that is becoming redundant to keep on repeating.






We speak as one voice or be drowned out by our own silence…

The Internet is more than quickly being overrun by a virus-like-mind-set of cyber-crooks using it to fill their own piggy-banks and having a laugh at our expense while do so. It is time now, in this forum, for us all to speak together. Do let us know if you were scammed by anyone of them. Also, if you have questions concerning anything in this article or our #1 Recommendation, do let us know in the comments below. Check out #1 below if you have time and serious to make a full time income without initial upfront investment.





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