What Is DollarTell.com? Is DollarTell.com A Scam Or Legit? Full Review!

By | November 4, 2017

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Uncovering What Is DollarTell.com To Warn Others.

Looking to find out What Is DollarTell.com and if DollarTell.com is a scam or legit way to make $10 per referral click? Then you have landed on the right review as I do reviews into ‘suspicious’ sites such as DollarTell. The owner of Dollar Tell has many other scam sites such Dollar2Refer.com, DollarZip.com, EarlyPayJob.com, MoneyIsMust.com, PayJut.com, BucksTip.com and DevelopDollars.com which I proven are all fake fraudulent sites. There maybe 100s if not 1000s of these same scam sites running the same con!

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Alerting The Internet to What Is DollarTell.com.

DollarTell.com is a Paid To Click (PTC) Advertisement Platform. When someone clicks on your referral link you are meat to receive a full $10! It is free to sign up to and the work is very easy so for such high pay. You can earn by doing surveys as well, clicking advertisements etc but such online menial tasks could never afford to pay out such big amounts online. No online advertiser could actually afford to pay this as, with only a few dollars, they could get more clicks cheaper with the likes of Facebook, Twitter etc.

When you complete ‘offers’ or do surveys, what actually happens is, you may ‘qualify’ to complete them but your details are being meticulously hunted for and stored by ‘bot’s and programs for spammers and scammers to target you in the future. It is a notorious ‘feature’ of all such online jobs.


Review into What is DollarTell.com


Any survey, PTC or GPT (Get Paid To) site that offers you to payout more than just $00.01 then you have run into a ‘suspicious’ site. $00.01 is all any ‘LEGIT’ site could even pay anyone for such easy and low skilled online work. $10 per job/task is Executive Pay as the ‘tasks’, surveys etc only last 30 seconds! SCAM!

I believe there is a 10% commission for referral activity, which really does not matter, as you will never see the money. Let us now have a look at how the scam is perpetrated on everyone!


How The Scam Works.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $300. When achieved you will request to withdraw your money. You will be ‘TOLD’ to fill out some surveys or complete some offers. If you have completed ‘offers’ with DollarTell with a credit card, please remember to cancel any payments by contacting your bank, as once the money is taken from your account there is no way to get it back.

Only pay for things online with PayPal as they will cover you if you get scammed online. Banks won’t – surprise!

SO, when you are told to complete these offers or surveys you will find out you have to pay money to do this. Now they have you over a barrel as this is When you only way to get your funds that you earned. When you pay the required amount you are shut out of your account.

There is no way to make legitimate contact to get your money as no one has ever been paid by this site. If by some miracle some were, then, this is typical activity of a scam site that will pay a few to just make ‘payment proofs’ to new potential victims!


Additionally, you know all those personal details you have to enter to become apart of their site? Well, those details are SOLD ON TO THIRD PARTIES FOR A PERSONAL PROFIT FOR THE SITE OWNER. All the work people do on their site generates a substantial amount of money, which, they keep for themselves as well.




If you have signed up to Dollar Tell, or similar to it, here are a few things you can do to ‘try’ to prevent future attacks online:-

  • Have a minimum of 9 passwords for all online accounts. This is recommended by industry professionals.
  • Make back-ups of photos, sensitive data etc. Things you just can not lose that are dear to you.
  • Update your operating system. Older systems can be broken even by a beginner hacker or cracker.
  • Be sure to have an Up To Date Anti Virus Package. I did a review on one and you may want to have a look. Panda Security Anti Virus ToolsPanda has continuously scored the best Globally in Real World Test Situations.




I do not endorse or support the crumby site under review!



I would love to hear from you! Were you scammed by the site I am reviewing? Are you not sure about a site online that looks to be amazing money for easy work? Please let me know in the comments to help warn others. I will look into any and all ‘suspicious’ looking sites that you may run into. Just ask me. I hope you now have enough data about What Is DollarTell.com and I hope you consider sharing this information to help others stay clear of them as well. You can Sign Up to my Websites Free Newsletter to help you stay safe online as there are thousands of scam online with equal number of them being created continuously! Thank you for reading my post and come back soon as I post daily. All the best for now and stay safe online everyone!

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