What Is Dollars True? Is Dollars True a Scam? Full Review!!

By | December 5, 2017

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Only Review You Need Regarding What Is Dollars True.

For anyone researching What Is Dollars True, asking is Dollars True a scam or safe, real, genuine and legit, then you have landed on the only review you need! DollarsTrue.com is one of many sites (1000s) of other scam sites and are not trusted with complaints of no payments. For their sites short life online it already has a bad online reputation with negative reviews surfacing. I will show you what the work is, the pay and how they scam you. I will further list the sites I have found and reviewed as well. Followed by my official Scam Rating and then you will have your opportunity to weight in and tell everyone what you think.

I do not recommend DollarsTrue for reasons I will shortly state. However, and before we begin, you may still be on the hunt for online financial success. I do know one Online Opportunity that delivers on its promises with over 800,000 Members. Should you be an online entrepreneur trying to break out of the daily home drum of the work force, then why not read my Wealthy Affiliate Review, or you can SIGN UP >HERE< to have a look around for yourself. No CC required for a Free Account with paid options later – no pressure to upgrade. Free Bonuses waiting! Upload pic and fill out bio once in and I will see you there!!



The Truth on What Is Dollars True Fully Exposed!

Let us try to find out the OWNER of the site first. Per WHOIS – There is NO Owner Name! Fake Site Registration Details! Email is Hidden! No legit site behaves in this manner by hiding such vital details, and are well-known signs of deception and ultimately a scam! When, in your own research, find a lack of such information then rest assured it is more than likely a scam and is an excellent starting point in determining this.

Home Page of Dollars True has an image of Lauren Murray as their Marketing Manager. If you drop that image into Google, well, nothing comes up except the image. It is a fake representation and I’d be delighted to find out who that lady really is.

I will break down the work and pay after I give you a short list, if you don’t’ want to read it, then skip on to the next heading! The sites belonging to the same owner as DollarsTrue.com are dollarsteller, jobzipo.com, jobtaka, buxinc, moneycomefirst, earninghabit, earlypayjob, dollarsplug, buckstip, dutykid, moneyismust, dutyrevo, developdollars, dollarmilk, usdwork, dollartell, dollar2refer, cashinwork, payjut, dutytimes, dollarbirth, dutyspace, dollartent, thepayz and dollarplane! All are raging online scams. Do you Know of One that be not here? You are welcome to let me know in the comment box below.

None of these sites have ever paid out! Any payment proofs are fake as well.


Dollars True Login Page



The Work, The Pay and The Execution of this Online Scam.

The only thing that is REAL about this site under review is they want as many people as possible to Drive Traffic to Them for Free!! At the end of the scam they will try to get some money out of you as well. I will detail that shortly. Firstly, lets take a quick look at the work and pay. With a Sign Up Bonus of $25 it is very enticing!

The Work:- I signed up to one of these fake sites before and all they want from you is share your affiliate link. They recommend you share it to places like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Word of Mouth, Messenger, Skype, forums and blogs etc. Really, anywhere you can and you will soon a reputation as a spammer! Your online reputation will be shot and it will take time to repair it. It happened to me once, I did not realize I was promoting a scam many years ago. Very embarrassing and lesson learned the hard way!! Now, I expose as many as I can.

This is the work expected from these sites. Dollars True calls these actions as ‘tasks‘. Apparently, per these guys, you will get paid a huge $10 per ‘task’! You can earn this amount every thirty seconds as well which be not realistic and a lie. No one could afford to pay this out!! Consider, if you will, $5 gets you close to 1K views, so why then, would people (advertisers) pay a massive $10 for one ‘click‘ on their links? They would not and they do not!

They offer the opportunity for every one to earn between $50 to $100 per day! Incredibly, they even say you can earn $1500 a week! This is possible but not with Dollars True!! Please consider well that if what they say were true the Internet would have 1000s of positive reviews showing off their new mansions in a matter of months! A quick Google Search shows you this be not the case and is filling out no pay complaints and negative articles!

Final Phase of this Online Scam:- The Minimum Pay Out Is $150 – some of these sites say it is $300 – however, upon requesting your money they do have a nasty surprise awaiting you! By their own words, one should be able to request payment as early as day two! In order for your earnings to be released to you they will want you to do one of three things:-

  • Upgrade Your Account!
  • Complete a Survey (you must pay money to do this!).
  • Complete an offer! (Again, you have to pay cash to do this!). Please cancel all offer sign ups with your bank before trial period ends, or else, you will be charged!! N.B.

When you pay then you are sharply locked out of your account. Passwords will be changed and there is no way to get your money! Sorry to inform you of this!

Now you know! That is all there is folks and I certainly hope I have provided enough data for you to know what my rating is going to be – without looking!! Don’t forget to have your say if you want to share your unique perspective on what I have written here.







Need to let others know your experience? Then, you are welcome to have your say. Did you sign up to find out you were not paid? Let us know! This will help others to stay safe online and keep away from such online scams!! Thank you in advance. Should you just want to pop by to say ‘hi’, then of course, you are more than welcome to do that as well. I accept all questions regarding my #1 RECOMMENDATION to further assist you. I am confident you now know What Is Dollars True and I would deeply appreciate shares to help others from being scammed. Thank you kindly for reading article and I am very much looking forward to all of your comments. All the best and stay safe online everyone! CHEERS!!


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4 thoughts on “What Is Dollars True? Is Dollars True a Scam? Full Review!!

  1. Ashif shaheer

    Yes it is a fake site.there no option to withdraw.good job philip, for writing about this fake site.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Ashig,

      Thank you kindly, seldom is that said, and I do appreciate it very much Ashif 🙂 .

      Looking for a way to start online? We have one and it is $0 to start.

      Thank you again for stopping by to confirm this article on What Is Dollars True.



  2. Elmo Jones

    los malditos te meten en un loop interminable para ver si te pueden sacar algunos dolares, yo tengo 690 a mi orden y no hay forma.

    Scam Witness edited this comment – translation into English:-

    cursed you get into an endless loop to see if they can get you a few dollars, I have 690 to my order and there is no way.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hola Elmo,

      ¡Realmente lo siento porque no están pagando! Sí, tienen demasiados sitios como Dollars True. En realidad, tiendo a encontrarlos de forma continua. Son un sitio falso donde a nadie se le paga.

      Muchas gracias, Elmo, por dejar tu experiencia para ayudar a informar mejor a los demás: juego limpio.




      Hi Elmo,

      Truly sorry they are not paying! Yeah, they have too many sites just like Dollars True. Actually, I tend to find them on a continuous basis. They are a false site where no one gets paid.

      Thank you very much Elmo for leaving your experience to help better inform others – fair play.




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