What Is DollarPlane.com? Is Dollar Plane a Scam or Legit? Full Review!!

By | November 30, 2017

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What Is DollarPlane.com and its Scam Network.

Looking to find out What Is DollarPlane.com, perhaps asking is Dollar Plane.com a scam or is DollarPlane a real, legit, safe and genuine way of earning money online? With many negative reviews of Dollar Plane, and an overwhelming level of complaints of no payments, this one is going to be easy to call! They do not pay out and is only one online scam site among 100s, perhaps, 1000s of other sites by the same people. They are well hidden online and collectively they are defrauding all of its members!! I do not endorse or recommend them. You will learn the ‘work’ on offer, ‘compensation’ (zero!) and how the scam is perpetrated!

Already, you know that DollarPlane is a scam, and should you be interested in learning how to make real money online legitimately, then I recommend you have a look at my Review into Wealthy Affiliate. Online Since 2005, with over 800,000 members, they can really show anyone how to be successful online. You may wish to SIGN UP HERE to have a look around and claim your Two Free Websites along with other Bonuses! Fill out bio and upload picture once in. No credit card needed for your Free Lifetime Starter Account.





Fully Exposing What Is DollarPlane.com.

A quick look up on WHOIS shows DollarPlane.com was created on the 2/4/2017. The Founders Name is not detailed nor is the address. The email is hidden as well. These are signs of deception and is considered by authoritative site monitoring sites as ‘suspicious‘, which, it is!!

It is free to sign up to Dollar Plane. When you land on their site there is nothing else to do but sign up as there are no other options. There is no Privacy Policy Page, no TOS and nothing really. A site that is offering to pay out so much would surely have enough money to make a better looking and more interactive site! This alone tells me ‘something‘ is not right.

Once you are inside DollarPlane, you will see a very empty site, with blocks of text and FAQ’s. That is it. Your ‘work’ instructions will tell you to share your affiliate link to as many social media sites as possible. Such sites may include, YoutTube videos, forums, blogs, Facebook, Skype, email, messenger and Twitter etc. Twitter is particularly bad for spam links and one should be careful before clicking on ‘weird’ looking links.


DollarPlane.com Home Page

Not Recommended!

You may also wish to write articles on DollarPlane, which incidentally, is the best way to make sales and referrals online. I recommend you do this with legit affiliate links and not links from scam sites as Google WILL NOT be your friend for this. Should you have such legit services to offer then you are invited to take part, for free, a Ten Video Tutorial on how to achieve this. Once you have your website then you can direct traffic to it for sales!! Just note- I do not have any affiliate links from Dollar Plane as it is not legit.

Below we shall discover the lies of how much they say they will pay you. Just be assured, they have NEVER PAID ANYONE! EVER! You may have seen some payment proofs, I know I have not, but if you have then know these proofs are either fake, or, some have been made for the purposes of attracting new victims into their illegal scheme. I will list the sites by these owners that are running the same con as well. If you have come across one that is not listed here, please do let me know, and I will review it and thank you in the article.



How Much Money Can You Earn with Dollar Plane?

NONE! But here is what they say can be earned. For sharing your affiliate link you have the potential to earn a lot of cash on DollarPlane. A lot! Should you make a legit referral then you stand to get paid $10. However, if someone clicks on your link and simply visits the site then you stand to earn $5! $5 – just for someone visiting through your links!?? That is far too high and no one has ever paid out such money for so little work. Such sites would have to be a billion dollar site to afford this and is not real.

Consider advertisers can pay $5 in advertising fee’s and get near 1000 ‘clicks’, so why then, would anyone pay $5 for just one little ‘click’. They don’t as it does not make sense to do so. I believe there is a sign up bonus of $5 as well, not that it matters, as none of it is real.

The Minimum Pay Out is 300 dollars whereupon you can request your cash. You have now unwittingly initiated the final phase of this online scam. They will tell you to fill out a survey or complete an offer before you can receive your earnings. Do not do it! Why? They want ‘YOU‘ to PAY MONEY FROM YOUR OWN POCKET to do finish off the payment process to you. This is how they earn money from you and everyone else.

DollarPlane will receive a commission for your payment! The whole point of the site is to get as many people as possible to drive to them Free Traffic! Should you still be posting those links then please stop doing so and warn others. There, as you now know, is no point as you will not get paid for your time and work effort.

Either you pay or your don’t, it does not matter, they will lock you out of your account and change your password. There is no way to get paid!

Below is the list of sites, by the same owner that created DollarPlane, that you should be aware of to avoid! The following are thepayz, dollartent, dutyspace, dollarbirth, dutytimes, payjust, cashinwork, dollar2refer, dollartell, usdwork, dollarmilk, developdollars, dutyrevo, moneyismust, dutykid, buckstip, dollarsplug, earlypayjob, earninghabit, moneycomefirst, buxinc, jobtaka, jobzipo. com, dollarsteller to name a few! SAME ONLINE SCAM NETWORK!

There maybe 1000s of these sites from the same owners!

Below is my ‘rating’ with additional ‘cons’ to be aware of. Further down you will see you have the option to have your say, ask questions or even complain about the reviewed or another site. You may wish to know more, as well, about my #1 RECOMMENDATION. CLICK >HERE< if you want to learn how to make an online business that pays you for the long term!








I would love to hear from you! Did you sign up to the site under review and found out the hard way the truth of this article? You are welcome to leave your experience below to help warn others. Did you get paid? Let us know so we are fair to the site we have just reviewed. Perhaps you are wondering about another online opportunity and want to know if it is a scam or legit? You can ask me below and I will look into it for you. I will get back with my verdict on it and will probably do a post as well. You will get credit in my post for helping to expose or for promoting them, if, they are legit. I believe there is enough information on What Is DollarPlane.com and you equipped to make up your own mind. Don’t forget to sign up to my sites newsletter that will help you stay out of the scammers way. Thank you for reading my post and I am looking forward to all of your comments. All shares are appreciated as well! Stay safe online everyone! CHEERS!!





4 thoughts on “What Is DollarPlane.com? Is Dollar Plane a Scam or Legit? Full Review!!

  1. Francis Ekaju

    My friends also were trying to convince me but all in all thanks for your information

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Francis,

      I am so glad you decided to google What Is DollarPlane.com before signing up with them!

      Phewww, haha, you have just saved yourself a lot of disappointment Francis – good job sir!

      Thanks for commenting and hope to hear from you through out 2018 🙂 .



    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Ama,

      Just post again warning others! It is not your fault! Just tell everyone in a status that you were tricked and you did not intentionally mean to mislead anyone. I have promoted an online scam before without knowing it was a scam. It happens to us all sometimes.




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