What Is DollarClass.Online? Is DollarClass.Online a Scam or Real and Safe?

By | December 9, 2017

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What Is DollarClass.Online and Do I Recommend Them?

Investigating What Is DollarClass.Online or asking is DollarClass.Online a fraud or real, perhaps, you are just looking for DollarClass reviews? I do reviews regarding online scams and I will seek to answer if Dollar Class is trustworthy or even worth your time. The owner of this site has 1000s that run the same way and there exist online innumerable complaints of no payments and accounts being closed down. Yes, this one is the same and they are indeed a full-blown scam site. Their true purpose is to get people to give them Free Traffic and to financially defraud as many as possible. Therefore, I will be putting them in my ‘SCAM SITES‘ part of my website!! Not recommended!!!

Below, I will detail how they operate including who they are, the work and fake pay and how they scam all their members! Before we begin, and should you still be looking for a legit way to earn online for the long term, I only recommend one online company. They are Wealthy Affiliate who can teach you how to be successful in Affiliate Marketing. You can read my Review of Wealthy Affiliate >HERE< or you can Sign Up >HERE< for a free starter account and 7 Day Premium Trial. No credit card needed for Free Trial.




Exposing What Is DollarClass.Online as a Fake!

When doing your own research on any site, I recommend, you always start with WHOIS. They have the details to all online websites and here is where you will find out if DollarClass.Online are legit or not. A quick glance shows me the site was started on the 14/12/2016. Email is hidden so to avoid all the questions of no payouts when it starts happening to anyone of its members. Founder Name is not submitted and the submitted address is Fake! Actually, it is a common one and one favored by scammers.

As said before, they have 1000s of other online scam sites. I will list a few of them and leave a link for your reference on the ones I have reviewed.

The Work Part is very simple. You sign up for Free! The Sign Up Bonus is $5. Once you are in they will advise you to copy and paste your affiliate link. You can copy and paste it in social media platforms. Such platforms will be blogs, forums, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. Just keep on sharing your link.


DollarClass.Online Registration Page



When someone clicks your link and signs up to DollarClass then you receive $5. However, should someone click your link, visit the site and leave, then you will STILL earn between $1 and $3!. This is too high when one considers for $1 an advertiser can get roughly 50 visits on their links and 1000 for $5. It makes no sense to pay anyone even $1 Per Click! They don’t anyways, I just wanted to point out the financial impossibility of this, and hope – well, I know – you see it as well.

The Minimum Payment Request begins at $50. The payments are meant to be done monthly. Payment processors are Western Union (whom lately got into trouble with the law for knowingly transferring fraudulent funds), PayPal (PayPal has lately begun a mass ‘distancing’ of such sites), Money Gram, Cheque and Bank Transfer.

Once they receive your request then you will be asked to do some additional work. This work could be fill out a survey, sign up an offer or upgrade your account. All these tasks will require you to PAY MONEY to release your funds! Do not do it as it is just one way they are trying to defraud you!! Once you pay, or you don’t, you will be locked out of your account and your password is altered. There is not a way to get your earnings.

Another way they make money from you is they sell on your sign up details to people who want to target you for spam. Not to mention all that Free Traffic you may have spent the whole month sending!! Below are the sites I have reviewed belonging to the owner(s) of DollarClass.Online:-

They are freshcash and bestcashjob. For a complete list click on bestcashjob! I have listed them so many times now it is becoming redundant!






REMEMBER! There is a way to Make Money Online but not with simply sharing ones affiliate link in the hopes non targeted traffic will click and convert! The best way is to write an article, place your affiliate links in it and refer others that way. You can learn how to do this >HERE<!



I would be very happy to hear from you :)! Did you sign up and find out they won’t pay you? I happened to me once after I spent the whole day driving traffic to one site. The minimum was $500! Someone online pointed out it was a scam site and proved and by sending traffic to that link. I hit the $500 and requested pay. They presented me with a page to submit my details to get an IPhone! Unbelievably, I did!! Ops! Has happened to many of us. Are you looking at another site and wondering if they are safe and real? You can ask me and I will look into them for you. There is plenty of information now regarding What Is DollarClass.Online to help you all make the right decision. Thank you for reading my article and am looking forward to all of your comments. Stay safe online everyone! CHEERS!!



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