What Is Dollar2Refer.com? Is Dollar2Refer.com a Scam? Full Review!

By | November 3, 2017

Scam Witness Investigates Online Scams

Only Review You’ll Need On What Is Dollar2Refer.com.

With no Founder details and a fake address along with $10 per click, I want to find out What Is Dollar2Refer.com, if dollar2refer.com is a fake, scam or real and site? I do reviews into ‘suspicious’s websites and Dollar 2 Refer nearly EXPLODED my Scam Radar! I am currently fixing it. It is not the first of its ‘kind’ as it is owned by the same highly productive scammer who has many others. I have discovered and reviewed the following same sites such as MoneyIsMust.com, EarlyPayJob.com, PayJut.com, DevelopDollars.com, BucksTip.com, DollarZip.com all running the same fraud that pays out to no one! Not endorsement worthy!!


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In Depth Investigation into What Is Dollar2Refer.com.

They are a site promising to give out $10 per every single ‘referral click’ you get on your affiliate link. $10! Any ‘LEGIT’ site on the planet that offers ‘YOU’ $10 per click then please let me know – I WANT TO JOIN IT!!

They way they will pay for all of your own clicks and the clicks of other people you refer to Dollar2Refer. However, it is just a lie, as no one has EVER been paid by the site in question. It allows you to work away for hours and weeks just to lock you out of your account.

The minimum withdrawal is £300! Once you hit that exciting land mark you will want to request the cash, naturally enough.


What is dollar2refer?


Here is where the crap hits the fan! They will tell you to complete some offers. These offers could be surveys or signing up to something or other. It does not really matter what they are. The final insult is YOU HAVE TO PAY TO COMPLETE THESE OFFERS OUT OF YOUR OWN POCKET! You must pay money to get money? How does that make sense!

Anyways, once you pay, Dollar2Refer will make some commission for that on top of all the money you generated through your own work, then they will turn around and lock you out of your account. Be very clear, these people do not care if your a starving student trying to get through school, an elderly couple, disabled – nothing! They really are empty and cruel vessels and are a disgrace to the online affiliate marketing world! ACTUALLY, THEY ARE A SCOURGE!!




99% of  GPT (Get Paid To) and Survey Sites are TOTAL SCAMS!

Don’t believe me? Sign up and find out for yourself then because that is how I learned I was being taken for a ‘mug’.

NO entity online could afford $10 for every ‘click’ on your affiliate link. They would have to be running a ‘CHARITY’ to justify this with a ‘mission’ to unburden the hardships of the ‘proletarians’. OR, super altruistic! Either way, businesses that do that, which are none, would not survive the winter and would actually and probably owe money for doing this.

If I paid that money for every click I got I would be in debt for life times!!

However, I do not pay for any ‘clicks’ whatsoever, as Wealthy Affiliate has shown me how to land page 1 most of the time!! FREE TRAFFIC IS ALWAYS BETTER!!

Legit, if any, sites that pay you for ‘clicking’, completing offers and doing surveys etc, will only ever pay out $00.01! Any more than that you should run like ‘Forest‘ did in that movie we all still love.

To further elaborate this absurdity, imagine if you will, ‘YOU’ are an ‘advertiser’. ‘YOU’ come across a site that says ‘YES, you can post your ads here! But, for every click you get, ‘YOU’ will have to pay the ‘clicker’ $10 PLUS pay ‘US’ commission rates!‘ Does that sound like something a business smart individual would do to you?

SO NOW, we can see Dollar 2 Refer says ‘they’ will pay you that amount as it can not be coming from anywhere else. And since no one else online is crazy enough to pay that rate, we have to come to the most logical conclusion, and say it s all B.S!










I would love to hear from you! Here is your opportunity to take the floor and let everyone know what you think of the site under review. Were you scammed by them? Did you actually make money? Sometimes scam sites will make very few legitimate payments to users as ‘proof’ they do pay out to entrap the masses! Have you come a cross a site declaring riches for easy work? Just ask me and I will look into it for you. I welcome you all to have your say by leaving your experiences in the comment section below. I always respond to comments, whether someone disagrees with me or not, as it does add to this discussion. I am sure you have enough data on What Is Dollar2Refer.com and I hope you stay away from them. You can also Subscribe to my Websites Free Newsletter that will keep you up to date from all the current scams that are ‘active’ and causing damage right now. All shares are welcome and deeply appreciated. All the best guys and stay safe online!

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