What Is Dollar Tent? Is Dollar Tent a Scam or SAFE? FULL REVIEW!!

By | November 5, 2017

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Swift Answers to What is Dollar Tent!

This paid ad site has nothing to do with ‘tents’ or making dollars! With suspiciously high pay promises I wanted to find out What Is Dollar Tent and if it is a scam, is Dollar Tent real, fake or legit? However, this is not the first deceptive site from the same scammer promising top-dollars for easy work, as I have been exposing their same scam in many reviews. The following reviews are DutyTimes.com, DutyRevo.com, EarlyPayJob.com, MoneyIsMust.com, DollarZip.com, DollarTell.com, DutySpace.com, DollarsTeller.com, BucksTip.com, DevelopDollars.com, PayJut.com, Dollar2Refer.com and all are part of the same scam network and proven dishonest and currently defrauding people online.

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What Is Dollar Tent to Offer SO Much Money for SUCH Easy Work.

Dollar Tent seems to be an extremely wealthy site to offer $10 Per Click. Some of these same scam sites, run by the same people remember, actually offer $10 per click. Let me explain. It is Free to Join and you are immediately instructed to watch ads, do surveys, fill out special offers and the like.

Very unfortunately, you will be redirected to a ton of other websites, many of which, WILL BE PHISHING SITES!

For all the work you do on these sites DollarTent.com will receive commissions but will not pay you.

OK, you get $10 per task you complete and you also get $10 for everyone that ‘clicks’ on your referral affiliate link. DollarTent says you can earn up to $5000 every four weeks with a minimum amount to withdraw at just $300.

After you up they very generously give away to you $25. This is visible in your members ares after you are in. Of course, none of this is real.

This site is just a simple PTC (Paid To Click) Site that simply just does not keep its word i.e. does not pay out. Most PTC Sites are scams, or will turn scam soon, and is one of the reasons I DON’T RECOMMEND THEM! The small few that do pay out are still worthless as the money is worse than pocket money. You will never earn anything worthwhile per time and effort.

When you try to get your money they will tell you to complete some offers or surveys before you can get your cash. Thesis the most distressing part of the scam. The problem is YOU HAVE TO PAY to complete these final ‘tasks’. When you do, or if you do, you will be locked out of your account without any ways to get any money for any work.


What Is Dollar Tent?


Currently, I have caught wind online, there is legislation coming into being in some part of the World, against such affiliate marketing, pyramid, ponzi scam sites – I am glad to hear this – as the Internet can not go on like this forever!

We can also see how much of a scam this is by the very fact they offer too much money for one click. Any of these kinds of sites will only EVER offer to pay out $00.01! I have said this many times in many other posts and it is worth repeating, because, it should be your first port of call when assessing if a PTC SITE is B.S.

Consider, advertisers can pay $5 for 1000 clicks and $1 for near to 50! Why would any smart online entrepreneur pay through the nose for one stinking ‘click’. This is not worth it and is only worth it if they were selling houses, or Bentley or something that is expensive. Otherwise, it is not real and a sure sign of scam if someone promises you this online.

There are potentially 100s to 1000s of these same sites by the same active scammers. The Founder is hidden and address details and contact details are hidden or fake. Never good signs for sure. The only difference between is name and sometimes Home Page images.








These scammers are producing such sites that run the same process and scam the same way. They have never paid out to any nor will they ever pay out. All your work does generate income but you will see none of it. A Google search will show you a high volume of complaints of no pay and not just for the site under review, but, for all the sites in the intro as well, that are owned by the same scamming people. They sell on your personal details such as your name, email etc you submitted at sign up. The survey sites you sign up to will also, not all I hope, harvest your data to sell on for a profit. Actually, Facebook was caught doing the same thingdisgusting!




I would love to hear from you! Were you taken in and ripped off by the site under review, or for that matter, any of the sites mentioned in this article? It would be amazing if you would must your experiences in the box below to help warn others, thus, helping to make the Internet a safe place. Do you have question about anything I written here or about Wealthy Affiliate? You are certainly welcome to asks me below in the comments box below. If you have come across something online that promise riches for easy then you can ask me and I will research it for you – and let you know. I feel very confident you have all the answers to the question of What Is Dollar Tent and hope you share this article in the fight against online scams. Please come back soon as I post daily and you can Subscribe to my Newsletter, top right, to keep ahead of the scammers. Stay safe online guys! CHEERS!!

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