What Is Dollar Milk? Is Dollar Milk A Scam Or Real? Full Review!!

By | November 7, 2017

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Find Out What Is Dollar Milk Before Joining.

With a bizarre site name I researched into What Is Dollar Milk and is Dollar Milk a scam or a real and safe way to save up for extra milk! (sorry). You certainly will want to read the information contained in this article as I do reviews into suspicious sites and DollarMilk is a copy of many other sites. These other sites are owned by the same people or person and I have researched several before such as DollarBirthy.com, DollarTent.com, DutyTimes.com, EarlyPayJob.com, MoneyIsMust.com, DutyRevo.com, DollarTell.com, DutySpace.com, DollarZip.com, Dollar2Refer.com, DollarsTeller.com, DevelpDollars.com, PayJut.com, BucksTip.com and all are proven scams and fake sites. They do not pay out but they do try to financially rip you off!

If you are still looking for a real and no risk way of making money online then you may want to read my review into Wealthy Affiliate. You can SIGN UP HERE as well as it is Free to do so. No Credit Card required to have access to a 7-DAY PREMIUM PASS! First Premium Month is $19 and $49 thereafter. Any questions? Please just ask me in the comments box below this post.




Exposing What Is Dollar Milk!

Dollar Milk is nothing but a scam site. They allow people to sign up for free. You will receive a fake $25 sign up bonus and one page of instructions. There are Terms and Conditions and FAQ’s – that is all.

If you click on any one of those reviews in the intro you will see how they are all the same. I found out something profoundly interesting about these guys. They have the same fake address, PO box number, phone and fax number that the owners of HeyMoney.Club have. That review right there contains close to forty links to other scam sites I thought were dis related. However, you can go to WHOIS, type in both URLs, compare and see the details for yourself.

Interesting connection to find for sure.

I already signed up to one of these sites so I am not going to do it again. I don’t like being targeted for spam!

Typically, you will be instructed to share your affiliate link to Facebook, Skype, Messenger, YouTube, Twitter, blogs and forums and the list goes on.

You will receive, well-meant to receive, between $5 to $10 per ‘task’ and that amount for every unique click you get through your referral links. The withdrawal amount is $300 and this is the point you may wish to try to get your funds.

This site says that the top earners on their site can make up to $500 a day and $5000 a month. Total lies!


Here is the lies Dollar Milk tell you.


The Founders of this website are in permanent hiding and can not be tracked down. DollarMilk.com was created on the 17/10/2017 and is already causing damage to peoples bank accounts!

Advertisers online can pay a mere $5 to get 1000 clicks on their links. $1 gets you 50 clicks on their links as well. So, why would anyone pay between $5 to $10 per click when they can get it cheaper else where? After paying such high fee’s they still have to pay the website commissions! Now, we see how much of a false and fake scam site this is and why you should not join them. 99% of the time anyone that promises more than $00.01 per click is not being truthful to you.

However, I did find one site that is fully investigated and reviewed. It has an excellent online reputation and does pay out to its users. It does not bounce you to phishing and malware sites and the minimum withdrawal is $15, that is deposited in your PayPal account. You may wish to read my review into Paid View Point or you can SIGN UP HERE to do surveys for $100 to $200 a month. You will receive $25 referral profit for every referral that cashes out their profits.When you make 100 ‘ACTIVE’ referrals you can apply to be a Community Builder and will get 20% immediately after a new sign up! Pretty cool and it is safe and legit!!

Wealthy Affiliate is another fantastic way to make money online and is my #1 Recommendation for Online Entrepreneurs!


How The Scam Happens.

Once you apply for your $300 you will be informed to fill out some surveys. Unfortunately you will find out you have to pay good money out of your own pocket to fill out these surveys! The site gets a commission on that referral but you will not see a penny. Soon after paying, or if you don’t pay, you will be locked out of your account. They now have made enough money from your work on this site, as you have probably pulled in a lot of people, who will, or may, pay to do those surveys! It is just horrible.







I would love to hear from you! Have your or dd you join the site under review and were you scammed by these guys. It would be great f you could leave your experience in the comments box below to help warn others to avoid it. Do you disagree with anything I have said in this article? You are welcome to leave your opinion and I will respond courteously, so, don’t worry – I respect every ones opinion. I always respond to comments as well. I am confident and certain you have enough information about What Is Dollar Milk and I am sure you will not go near them. I recommend you Sign Up to my Websites Free Newsletter to help you stay a head of the scammers by staying informed. I am very much looking forward to all of your comments and I am sure, if you would share this article, a lot less people will get defrauded online. Stay safe online guys and please come back soon as I post daily. CHEERS!!

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