What Is DiamondCastle.Net? Is DiamondCastle.Net a Scam or Legit!

By | March 7, 2018

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Time to Answer What is DiamondCastle.Net


Full Exposure on What Is DiamondCastle.Net.

Welcome and excellent researching to answer What Is DiamondCastle.Net! We will ask and answer is DiamondCastleNet a fake and a scam or legit and safe? This is an unaffiliated review and so will review them from an unbiased viewpoint. We can already say DiamondCastle is a Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme that was created very early in 2018. The only good time to invest in such schemes, though we don’t recommend them as trey are illegal, is in the first 20 days! After that, you really are playing with fire to expect any returns. Please be aware Diamond Castle website considers your investments as ‘donations’.

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What Is DiamondCastle.Net and Why We Do Not Recommend Them.

Firstly, one of my primary questions was to ask who owns this website, before attempting to answer what is DiamondCastle.Net. This is easy to do by going to WHOIS. It is now easy to see that they intend to expire their website one year from start up. No email, founder name etc and all classic signs of a hit-and-run online scam. Legit website’s will certainly register their online property for a lot longer and is our first warning sign something is not right.

Diamond Castle offers to pay out 100% return on your investment in 7 Days! 25% of which is paid out in 24 hours. I will let you know right now that they have already DELETED THEIR FINANCAIL TRANSACTION HISTORY WITH CURRENT/FORMER MEMBERS and just carried on. They did this after shutting down their website for a few days and came back online garbling the same old get-rich-quick-scheme scam.


How DiamondCastle.Net Works


As with most ponzi/pyramid schemes hailing from South Africa they do have an over the top ‘humanitarian’ mission. Such ‘speak’ is always a sign to scamwitness.com that we are dealing with fake entrepreneurs. Other signs of classic scammer speak is they use abbreviations like ‘PH‘ (Provide Help) and ‘GH‘ (Give Help – same meaning PH). Be certain to understand that they require you to RE-PH of your earnings of 25%! This is classic Ponzi website behavior and I have seen it many times. This RE-PHing is to keep their illegal system online for longer and I can’t see how it is NOT stealing. Anyways, let us quickly answer what is a ponzi/pyramid scheme.

A Ponzi Scheme, named after Charles Ponzi, is a ‘business opportunity’ where money is paid to one’s referrer or up line. Much money is promised in return, which comes from new sign ups, and is then paid to you via your own down lines. Their system will also provide new sign ups to be matched to pay you. Most notably, a ponzi scheme has no actual digital or real world product or service. It is just money being pumped into their system in the hopes you will double or quadruple your investment/donation. Early members tend to earn very well but far too soon most members (90%) will earn nothing.

A Pyramid Scheme is when most of the money flows to the top-level members and Founder(s). Payments will be made to new members and older ones but these payments do tend to become spotty and sporadic.

So, how is Diamond Castle a Scam?


How This Scam Operates.

How they scam people be actually how any ponzi/pyramid scheme scams their members and this is why I do not need to be a member to know what is going on and how they will cheat their members. We must first consider what they promise as your Return On Investment. 100% returns is stupid and actually creates a Ginormous DEBT in their system! Now they must recruit, or hope their members are making good referrals, in order to get fresh cash to pay the older members.

Some do make great cash this way as has been reported on this website. However, for every ONE happy person their appears to be countless of complaints of no payouts etc! Just check out the comments section in What Is MLC247 review I did and you will see terrible complaints of mothers not being able to feed their children, no school fee’s etc because all their money was lost to a ponzi scheme!!

Also considers that just 13 down lines and we have maxed out the population of our planet! This is important because they can never keep their promise to EVERY MEMBER as, sooner or later, they will hit a Saturation Point! This is the point where they have too many members and not enough money to pay everyone. Happens all the time and is why such schemes tend to go under even in a matter of months.

Aswell, one should be highly aware, such schemes have been known to make an incredible amount of fake accounts and receive your donation to them. This is why, I believe, so many people complain of not being confirmed in such schemes. I would like to ask current/former members this:- Have you been paid? Has support been helpful or rude? Have you not been confirmed for any donation? Do let us know as many are already researching about this current ponzi scheme and your input could help a great number of people from being scammed.

While they may still be paying, don’t hold your breath on that one though, their business model is illegal in three ways:- It is a ponzi scheme (illegally globally). A pyramid scheme (Illegal in most countries). And a cash gifting scheme (certainly illegal!). To the power of 3 are you risking your own money in vain hopes (for most anyways) of getting returns. Ultimately, sooner or later, they will shut down operations and leave with most or all the cash. Members will be left without returns per time and investment and will end up being financially worse off.


While all efforts are taken to be accurate and informative we welcome our readers to do further research of their own. We do not make any claims to intentionally distort any online site’s reputation but merely seek to warn the online community of scam site’s. Where mistakes occur we will surely fix them – once proven to be as such. Nothing here is intended for legal use and is just my opinion based on online research and I am willing to be proven wrong regarding the website just been exposed. Please leave all corrections, stories and opinions below in the comment box where they will be approved and responded to in good time.






THIS FORUM IS NOW OPEN! We welcome your complaints, rants, gripes, opinions, stories and experiences regarding the website that has just been reviewed. Of particular interest would be to those that HAVE been Paid and of course to those that have not been paid. Those of you whom have found a similar site and wish to report them here are more than welcome to do so. Should you have any questions regarding another website then you are invited to ask whereupon you will receive our research. Thank you for stopping by and reading this review on What Is DiamondCastle.Net and I am very much looking forward to all of your comments in time. Please do consider signing up to this website’s newsletter and our number 1 work from home recommendation below. Good bye for now everyone 🙂 .



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