What Is DiamondAdz. com? Is DiamondAdz. com a Scam or Legit?

By | December 19, 2017

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Exposing the Truth on What Is DiamondAdz. com.

I came across DiamondAdz. com and noticed a number of signs that made me ask What Is DiamondAdz. com, is DiamondAdz legit, safe, real PTC site or is Diamond Adz an utter scam fraudulent site? My review of DiamondAdz will answer all of your concerns regarding this seemingly looking polished and professional website. DiamondAdz was registered 22/11/2017, per WHOIS, and I already have doubts about it – solely based on their site information and, at times, lack thereof. I can not right now recommend them as safe Paid To Click Ad Site, as I soon will explain why, and have to call them a scam site for now. This ‘rating’ can change as more information surfaces based on user experience and other reviews etc. I am willing to be proven wrong.

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What Is DiamondAdz. com and Why I am Cautious of Them.

In an attempt to find out what is DiamondAdz. com I went to WHOIS. The creator appears to be someone called Naja Naji. This is Arabic and loosely translates as ‘wholesome and useful’ along with other descriptive positive words. Registration site address is absent and email contact is not available. Not a good start for a site that is trying to pass itself off as safe and honest! Honest sites will always have FULL TRANSPARENCY to ownership and so it is common practice for online tricksters to hide their ID online.

I could not find ANY reviews on DiamondAdz or any YouTube videos either – at the time of writing this article. I could not find any social media accounts to DiamonAdz on Twitter or YouTube but did find oneDiamond Adz‘ on Facebook. That person has had a Facebook account since September 8th 2012 with no friends list and no posts except one. Only info is this person is in ‘In a Relationship’. Slim connection, but like I said, there is very little on these guys so far online. Do you know more? Please let me and my readers know below in the comment box to have a true perspective on this site. Thank you.



Exposing What Is DiamondAdz.com from their Home Page



I will detail the work involved, as far as their Home Page reveals, and the amount of money they offer for a lot of time-consuming work that will only ever result in pocket change! Oh, and why I think they are a true scam site!




Everything under this heading is from their Home Page and gave me reasons not to sign up to them and try them out. The work, though no where do they call themselves a PTC site (because PTC sites are becoming synonymous with the word ‘scam‘ online) this is exactly what they are. You get paid to ‘click’ on advertisements. They say you click on the ads ‘they’ show you, however, they do not state if they redirect you to other sites – which is probably the case. Problem with this is other sites may be malicious and only looking rob your online ID for criminal enterprises.

You may wish to advertise on their site as well. Problem with this is you may be only advertising to its members, whom – guess what, don’t want to buy your product but just want to ‘click’ to earn some money. Ergo, advertising on sites like this is pointless and your ROI will take very long to happen – if ever!

And of course, the ‘classic’ earn commissions by making referrals to them.


Let us now take a look at the PAY!

First off, the ‘pay’ is terrible! Per click on their ads you earn a mere $00.010! Someone correct me but isn’t that 10 hundredth of millionth of a cent? I am really asking for those that are numerically better than I. I call that kind of pay ‘Atomical Cents‘. Why, because you would have to use the Hydron Collide to smash that cent up to get paid the amount they are offer 🙂 🙂 . I am joking a little but it does lead to the fact that ads take between 10 to 30 seconds to view, and given that time scale coupled with that pay, you could spend 12 months of your life doing this and still come out with only a few dollars!! As one wise woman once said :- “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!” – My personal hero.

Should you be successful in making a referral you will only still make a tiny $00.010! Hardly worth getting excited about. They state they have ‘guaranteed’ daily ads and a ‘Grid Game’ which I have tried and I was still no better off financially speaking in this fashion of online work. There exists on their site three contradictions/nonsensical statements I want to inform you off.

First off, they say their is a “HIGH PROFIT RATE“. How so when the pay is so bad? Secondly, Diamondadz say you can get “thousands of royal visits”. What does that even mean? I Googled it and all that came up was about the Royal Family! Perhaps they got the inside track somehow lol. Thirdly, “Initial Upgrade is $10”. Sounds reasonable – right? “Initial” tells me there are more up sales and they price could keep going on up! They offer a 7-Day Gold Memberships and a PB (as far as I know that means Private Business) for just $00.50.

Per their Home Page they have Paid Out Zero Dollars, as of the date of this article, with a member count of 2! Finally, ALL PAYMENTS ARE WITHIN 24 HOURS! Only time will tell I guess. No Terms of Service, thought they have a ‘button’ for this. No ‘Payment Proofs’ though they have a ‘button’ for this. All that comes up is the forms of payment methods they use to pay you by.

Of course, if you want to join up and find out for yourself – that is up to you. I, however, am staying WELL AWAY from these guys!








It would be great to have your input! Did you look into the site I have just reviewed and have some experience with them? You are welcome to share your thoughts on your experience to help warn others, or, tell me I was wrong! All comments are approved and responded to. I am happy to have provided enough information on What Is DiamondAdz. com and my opinion on it. Please be respectful in your comments and I will reciprocate in kind. Thank you for reading my article and you are welcome to share what I have uncovered, given, the limited data online regarding the info in this article. All the best for now and looking forward to all of your comments. Take care of yourselves online everyone!!





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