What Is Develop Dollars? SCAM OR LEGIT? Reviews of ‘Suspect’ Sites!

By | October 25, 2017

Scam Witness Investigates Online ScamsWhat is Develop Dollars and is Develop Dollars Legit or a Scam.

Should you need to know what is Develop Dollars then this is the only review you need. I answer questions like is developdollars a scam, real, safe and legitimate. My reviews answer all these questions and now let us see if developdollars com is a good online job. I have done two other reviews of sites that are exactly the same as the one under review. These reviews are WeLive.me and DollarZip.com and are owned by the same people promising high money for easy work. Actually, the whole site is the same barring site names, right on down to the source code.

Should you want to continue to read why, in full, developdollars is a fraud, then by all means please do. However, now you know it is a scam and you are still hungry for online success I would recommend reading my #1 Recommendation Review on Wealthy Affiliate. You can also Sign Up Here to save you some time.


WEBSITE:- develop dollars. com

CREATED:- 16/4/2017.




#1 RECOMMENDATION:- Wealthy Affiliate



What Is Develop Dollars and its Deceptive Ways.

Develop Dollars is not a good opportunity nor is it safe for your personals details as they sell them on after they are done with you. The work is very simple. You are encouraged to share your developdollars affiliate link to places like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and perhaps even blog about it. Should you can even find a positive review on these guys be assured it is all lies.

The Founder can not be located which is enough to tell me this is a scam. Contact details for website are fake and or hidden, again, only fraudulent websites behave like this and online monitoring sites will eventually view ‘Dollars’ as ‘suspicious, I have seen this happen many a time.

For every one that ‘clicks’ your link you get between $5 to $10! That is a HUGE pay out for some simple work and no company on Planet Earth would pay such amounts when you can get nearly 50 clicks for a dollar or two. So, why would any company pay that when they can get it FAR CHEAPER else where? Not real and Fake!

The perpetrators behind this site sets up so many other websites and all are exactly the same. The only difference I can tell is sometimes there is a different image on the home page, and obviously, the name is different as well.

Should you someone falls into this online fraud you will soon be on as many social media platforms to try to get others to click. What makes me dismay a little is if people knew how to build their own website, they can drive traffic to that website to make a profit, not just posting a ‘link’ ‘somewhere’ HOPING for clicks! That is a desperate way to try to make some money online. I have bumped into many online who do this, some time later, it is the same people promoting some other scam websites opportunity! I feel like shaking them as saying ‘YOU WILL NEVER MAKE A LIVING ONLINE THIS WAY!’

DO NOT BE FOOLED by ‘glossy’ websites that try to convince you people are actually earning money for doing easy tasks on the internet for huge payouts. Such companies come and go and only a few scams from the early 2000’s still scamming around such as wowearnings. com. Most of these new websites last for approximately a year and then they vanish just to have several more pop up in its place. Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005 and has countless positive reviews and an excellent online reputation for training new comers to the industry up to Expert Level, and paying people on time and very well indeed!! Or course, it is all down to learning WA’s training and working on it when you have time to do so. Over time goes by you will find you can ‘attract’ free traffic. You can start your training right now with Ten Free Affiliate Marketing Videos which comes with Two Free Websites!


Clearly, I am NOT recommending you wasting your time with these guys. Of course, it is your choice but it is nonsense. I would be very interested to learn about your experiences with develop dollars, if any, to help warn others about them. Just leave you story in the comments section below.




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I do not endorse developdollars and I think, in my humble opinion, is a sheer and obvious deception. Let us recap on what we know. There are multiple copies of the same website running the same scam. That is weird in itself. Details of Founder can not be found or are fake. Why? Huge pay outs just because ‘someone-online’ clicks on your affiliate link! No! You can not squeeze money out of the ‘internet’ by so such easy means. Stay clear of it and you will be fine.



I value your opinion and I would love to hear from you! Have you been scammed by develop dollars or a similar site? You are warmly invited to leave your experiences in the comment section below to help warn others. You not to sure about something online promising riches for easy work? Ask me and I will look in to it for you. I hope you are happy to the answer from the question of what is Develop Dollars and have enough information to make a decision that is best for you. Remember you an sign up to my offer to learn how to earn online for life. Thank you for reading my post and I hope you come back again soon as I post daily! All the best for now and stay safe online. CHEERS!

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