What Is DealBibi.com – Is DealBibi.com Scam or Legit? Warning – Read Here!

By | January 17, 2019

Find Out Here The Answer To What Is DealBibi.com – Scam Alert!

Happy to see you looking for reviews on What Is DealBibi.com found at www.dealbibi.com. Is DealBibi com good, safe, real, genuine, legit, honest or Is DealBibi bad, crooked, scam, fraudulent, dishonest? This Deal Bibi Review is to warn you off from buying that fake online store. Do you think DealBibi is safe and good? Those that were scammed by them are welcome to help alert others by leaving your scam reports below this article. Thank you to those that will. The more negative reviews they get then the quicker they will be forced to shut down their site, if they are crooked.

Those people that have already used their payment details to buy from the site in question probably should contact their bank. Cyber-crooks are always after your banking details and so now they may be at risk from fraudulent attempts. You should also seek a refund as the quality of the item, if anything is delivered to you at all, maybe substandard, inferior, shoddy and even they may send you out counterfeit products. Since these products maybe so low in quality then you have overpaid by much and should then feel justified to apply for a refund. But first, let us find out more about them before calling them a scam or not.




What Is DealBibi.com – Buyer Beware!

We know already the answer to What is DealBibi.com – they are fake and not real. Those that know of other fake shopping sites are welcome to leave their URL’s in the comments with some few details as to why you think they are not good. Regarding the site at hand we are now going to do a background check. There are basic kinds of info that should be available from sites that sell online. Such data should be who the person is who owns the site, contact information where their business is to be found in the real world. Where this is hidden then that is our first clue we are dealing with a deceptive and highly malicious site.


DealBibi.com Review

Don’t buy from www.dealbibi.com!


Their site was registered online in 2018/04/29 and only they have decided to have it online for just 1 year. Now, businesses that are real and serious about making profit online will normally set up for far longer than this time period. It is a worrying sign because scam sites are known for setting up for similar periods and then vanishing without warning.

96 Mowat Av, Toronto, ON, M6K 3M1, CA is their address. That address is already taken by many other sites online and so one has to ask how can that be theirs? Clearly it can’t and so that is a bad sign already.

I do not see any information on their site about their location and ownership information. That is more proof that we could be dealing with a deceptive site. There is no reason why all such details need to be invisible and is not common practice with legit sites.




DealBibi.com Scam Signs – What Has Your Experience Been?

They have logos that are called trust seals. When you click on those seals then it should open in a new window and there you should see assurances that you are dealing with a good and trusted site. That is not the case when you click on their trust seals and no ethical site would have this occur.

  • NO founder name located on their site and no images of the people who own that online property.
  • There is contact address and little to none contact information, I mean, I did not even see an email address.
  • Using sites that you are not sure about could leave your payment details at risk. This is why you should take a look at your account and make sure they have not taken withdrawals not authorized by you. And so you must speak to your bank if you notice anything unusual such as monthly recurring charges etc.
  • There are 1000’s of online sites that are promising too-good-to-be-true offers and so you always look for reviews on them first before making any purchases. This may prove especially useful if the site in question is still new and or you have never heard of them before.
  • I notice that their check out page, when I tried to put something into  my cart and so pretend to pay for it, then it shows all of those fake seals. And so now you see that no trusted and ethical site would try to con  people into thinking they are good and trusted with such fake seals.
  • Did you receive your order? Did you find that your order was of low quality, substandard, shoddy, inferior, nothing like what you ordered? Or perhaps nothing was sent to you or just an empty envelope or bubble wrapped empty parcel? I would love to hear about that below.
  • Maybe you have noticed that support is talking to you funny like asking you to be patient on your order, to understand and to sympathize with them even though its their fault they are late with your order? Well, that is common. But also look out for broken English and too many grammatical errors that may also imply you maybe dealing with a company operating overseas.






Do You Have A DealBibi.com Scam Report? Feel Free To Leave Your Experiences Below In The Comments To Help Others – Thanks.














Final Thoughts.

I could be wrong with my verdict, but if I was on their site and thinking of buying from, then what has been covered would be enough to put me off. So I don’t recommend you buy from that site if you are in any way unsure about their legitimacy. Those still with doubts are invited to continue on with your research until you have fully satisfied yourself with an answer.

That is all and thanks for coming by to have a look at our article on What Is DealBibi.com. Those with questions, stories, opinions etc are welcome to place all that in the comments below. Thanks for coming by and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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