What Is TomMoney.Club – Is Tommoney.Club Scam or Legit?

By | December 9, 2017

What Is TomMoney. Club and are they Good or Fraudulent!

Those that need the real answer on What Is Tommoney. Club have landed perfectly. Those of you asking Is Tommoney.Club fake, dishonest, fraudulent, scam or asking Is Tommoney genuine, real, legit, good, honest and paying out will find out all about that site here. This Tom money Club Review is going to set you straight if you think they are a good site, because they are not! Part of a huge scam network since 2014 going by ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’. Below is my research to help you make your own decision.

Have you come across TomMoney and thought the pay out was too good to be true? You are right! I will show you What Is Tommoney, why Tommoney is a scam and not legit. I have found and done many reviews on the sites from the same owner of Tom Money Club and they all do not payout. Tom Money is not real and they will waste your time, possibly download malware, sell on your sign up details and even try to get cash out of you. The people behind TomMoney have 1000s of exact copies of the same scam! Going straight into my ‘SCAM SITES’ part of my site for sure!

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Tommoney.Club Site




What Is TomMoney.Club – Paid Advertising Viewing System EXPOSED Once Again.

I will detail work, pay and expose how they scam you, thus answering, what is Tommoney. Club for one and all. WHOIS details expose them almost straight away as an online scam Paid to Click site because there is no name for the creator of the site, no email and fake registration business address. All very common and excellent indicators of an online scam. It was created on 15/9/2018 as well.

The owner(s) have been going for years on end with 1000’s of other same sites running the same scam. Literally, their sites are so exact even the wording is the same. Furthermore, the coding, color, figures of which you will see when you go to their home page, admins and even website errors are replicated without shame – as if No One Would Notice!


Home Page of DavMoney.Club




Before we get further into the scam process you may wish to have a look at anyone of these reviews to prove to you they have many sites:-

These sites I have reviewed are (you may scroll down if you don’t want to see them) ketmoney. club, pekmoney. club, sagmoney. club, submoney. club some of these sites are being redirected to submoney now, admoney. pw, vawdengi. site, faxdengi. club, jamdengi. club, docdengi. club, ahadengi. club, voddengi. club, runmoney. club, cumoney. club, dummoney. club, hudmoney. club, webhost. site, soxmoney. club, fepmoney. club, nowmoney. pw, zendengi. club, advmoney. press, duhmoney. club, findmoney. club, bormoney. club, romdengi. club, cobmoney. club, datmoney. club, suremoney. club, kabmoney. club, mesmoney. club, skymoney. site, hurmoney. club, petdengi. club, kavdengi. club, wotmoney. club, vobmoney. club.club, razmoney. club and finally heymoney. club all run by the same people running the same scam and are only a handful! Should you know one not listed you are welcome to leave them in the comment box below to expose them. Thank you.



How The Scam Works.

It is Free to Sign Up to Tommoney. Club and remember those sign up details WILL BE sold on to third parties for a profit. The work is easy as all you got to do is watch ads, or ‘ad units’ as they call them, for $00.10 for 30 seconds a time. They say you can earn somewhere between $50 to $300 a day and some say even $50 an hour. 1000 ads, if you got the time, that are watched can net you $4800 monthly. Of course, no one has ever been paid with any of these sites or ever will, and certainly not with TomMoney, as well.

Another way to earn is to refer others! Please do not do this, if you are, please stop and warn all your friends where you put that affiliate link – remember – they do not pay out and so there is no point anyways. All referrals made will earn you 50% of their earnings but that is not true. Let us now see how they scam everyone. You are advised to make such referrals by copying and placing your affiliate link on sites such as Twitter, Blogs, Forums, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and where ever you have an account. Even Your Own Website if you have one.

The Minimum amount they pay out is $150. You can apply for that cash at this point and here is where its gets tricky and suspicious. In their Home Page description they clearly state all payments are done within one hour! Actually, when you try to get your cash they say it takes two months for it to process. You can use the ‘Express Option’ but then they say you have to make 40 referrals to them first. You can buy those referrals for $14 but they are fake and you will still get booted out of your account! Pay or not – the end result is the same!

All these sites are part of an online Russian Scam Network and should never be trusted! Please feel free to share this article to help warn others.

A better way to make money online is to make your own website, learn to create content, SEO and drive traffic for free! Websites make more sales than anything else online and is far better use of your time then to be jumping all around the net in the hopes people ‘click’ and sign up. This is why as they I always recommend Wealthy Affiliate as they can teach anyone how to be an Expert in Affiliate Marketing in a relatively short amount of time.







Final Thoughts.

The site just reviewed is part of a wider Russian Scam Network that has gone viral and operating since 2014. No one knows who the owner is and they produce nearly identical sites ever few weeks. They won’t ask you to confirm your email and will try to make you pay a cash out fee at the end of their scam. Stay clear.

Perhaps you signed up already and found out they are not legitimate? Should this be the case you are welcome to warn others in the comment box below. I sometimes get asked when so-and-so site pays out – the answer is always the same – they do not payout!

Have questions on What Is TomMoney. Club? Go ahead and ask me below. Need information on how to get started online for free? Click that link for full info. I help many people a day in their own quest for financial success online. You can claim your account anywhere on this article that has the relevant links. Thank you all and looking forward to all of your comments to come below.


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