What Is UwaMoney.Club – Scam/Legit Paid Advertising Viewing System?

By | October 14, 2017
Russian PTC Template

Mass Produced “Paid Advertising Viewing System” Russian Template.

What Is UwaMoney. Club and Your Early Warning about them.

Thank you for coming to my site today for your answer on What Is UwaMoney. Club (htt://uwamoney. club). The real quesition should be “What is the Paid Advertising Viewing System”! There are thousands of these PTC sites circulating and none pay out. Those asking is UwaMoney Club real, Is Uwa Money Club fake and scamming people, will find those answers in this UwayMoney Review. These sites are started up for one year and then shut down after online rep is too bad too continue. They simply start up many more in its place. A long running scam since 2014 with no signs of slowing down. This article was originally about datamoney. club and we are updating it to keep you all in the loop on their new sites.


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What you will gain from this post:-

  • The type of work people are being conned into doing and the huge money you are told you will earn.
  • How this is a SCAM!!
  • Scam Rating.
  • Final Thoughts.
  • Farewell Note.



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UwaMoney. Club’s Plan to Scam.


Compensation Plan datmoney.club

UwaMoney. Club is a ‘Paid Ad Views System‘ that pays you for watching ads. They say you will earn 10 cents for viewing one advertisement, and for every referral you make to them, you will (not) earn 50% commissions on the ads those referrals watch. Basically, the more ads you watch, the more money you will make. The more referrals you make – the more money you will (not) make. However, don’t forget, it is a scam, and they don’t payout! Actually, no one using this site to make money online watching ads and making referrals, has EVER BEEN PAID! This is the bloody problem!

Let’s consider the logic. A website gets people to watch ads for money, but, they must first attract
advertisers‘, who have to be intelligent enough to understand, the ‘viewers’, ain’t buying their product, because, all the views want to do is to get PAID – not to spend money! What advertiser would sign up to that – well – non-scammy advertisers I mean. Thus, there are no advertisers – not real ones that pay you – but them! This means all the money a persons work for only makes money for this site – this site keeps it!!

SO, here is what they say you can earn (on average) per day. If you got a spare 3/5 hours every day to watch ads then you can expect to earn between $50/$300 per day! This amount increases a lot, if you make referrals to whom, have a ‘passion’ for watching ads, as a means to make a living online for the real world.

When someone signs up to these guys, and it is free to do so, they are instructed to get ‘busy‘ watching ‘ad units‘. Should you want to make more money, and who does not want to, you are advised to share your affiliate link on all your Social Media Accounts! Disastrous!! FRIENDS! FAMILY! They are all pulled in to this horrible time-wasting situation online.

Almost there. When you have earned enough to withdraw your money, which is $150 at the minimum withdrawal amount, you will encounter problems! At this point of the scam the victim will receive a message advising them they have to wait two months to receive payment. Yet, in the description on the Home Page that informs New Users, they will receive payment within one hour of requesting it. The message is confusing and leads the fraud victim to be LOCKED OUT OF THEIR ACCOUNT!







The Russian Scam Network Connection.


A quick look-up on WHOIS shows me all I need to know about any site online. This dat money club’s site details say they are from Panama. The Founders names are hidden and there is contact email address. There appears to be two phone numbers but who knows if they are even real. There exists thousands of these sites, offering the same service, that are exactly the same every way.



The sites comes in two languages which are English and in Russian. I have independently verified from several sources that it is a Russian Scam Network. Since the English on their English sites are so bad, and I am assuming their Russian is perfect, this must be why my sources are saying this. Otherwise, no one really knows who they are. I will probably do a video on this site today and post it here to show you the two types of sites.


By the way, per www.surbl.org, this website in review, is BLACK LISTED!!


Datmoney.club black listed.


It is only a matter of time Before UwaMoney. Club goes the same way!


SCAM RATING:- These sites waste your time. They even try to sell you fake referrals for real cash. The Worst thing is they even sell on your details to HACKERS AND SPAMMERS! 0/100%!!

Final Thoughts.

That is about it for this article. I hope you found this article before you started to work for them. I am currently trying to land 12+ new articles on these sites per day to reach as many as possible to do damage to this scam network. From what I can see this website is doing the most to get them shut down as a “Paid Advertising Viewing System” Scam! Should you see that phrase, or the site template above in the image top of this post, run!

I highly recommend you stay away from this site and all the other sites I reviewed that are listed in the introduction to this article. They have never paid anyone for their work! They are a malware and phishing scams sites and this one is going on my Scam Websites List. Founders can not be located and no contact details. They sell on your details for profit to other fraudsters. All the English websites are riddled with grammatical errors, which, are the same from one site to another. Please share this post to help others avoid this scam horrible and dangerous work from home con. If you are looking for an honest way to earn online then read my review below or, once again, Sign Up Here!!


I would love to hear from you! Have you been scammed by this or another site? Leave that story in the comments section below to warn others. Have you tried to earn money online before but you found out it was just another affiliate program scam? Let me know as I know I can show you how to achieve your own online financial goals. That is all we have time for on What Is UwaMoney. Club! Those wanting to work online legitimately can sign up HERE for a free online business start up! No CC to Begin!

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