What Is Daily Income Method? Is Daily Income Method a Scam?

By | January 14, 2018

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What is Daily Income Method and what has it got to do with Motor Club of America – A Known Scam Website!

Offering $500 per day using your IPHONE, I had to ask, What Is Daily Income Method, or dailyincomemethod.com, to find out is Daily Income Method legit or a scam? It is a website that pretends to show you how to do affiliate marketing to earn huge returns for a monthly fee of just $39.90 (one time) and $19 thereafter. DailyIncomeMethod is a Pyramid/Ponzi scheme and therefore illegal. However, it is a smoke screen for what they really want you to sign up to, and that is where we will be delving into! It is a total scam for you will be made to sign up to Motor Club of America (MCA – motorclubofamerica.com) and THEN you will receive your ‘automated system’ you wanted in the first place. SCAM!

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I detail the following:-

  • Process of being directed to MCA.
  • Reveal the highly un-automated system!
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What Is Daily Income Method and how they Direct You to their MCA Online Scam.

It is a matter of precaution to do a bit of back ground searching in order to answer what is Daily Income Method, even though, it is the same as answering what is Motor Club of America – same scammer! Online registration occurred in 2016, 30th of December. They are set to expire their ‘system’ at the end of 2019. Hit and run scam sites never last long, well, most don’t.

There is no address nor email to make contact for queries. Bad sign. Most notably, no founder name as well the worst scam sign of all! Incidentally, in my research, I found the owners name to be Mack Zidan, AKA “MACK MILLIONS”, both are fake names.

We know already the founder is in hiding and now I will show you why.

When you try to sign up to their automated system on their site, you will find a video, detailing you to sign up to MCA first! This is where the fee’s I stated in the intro for $39, buy in, and $19 monthly thereafter, to learn how to make $500 Per Day. Truth be toldYOU BE LUCKY TO MAKE BACK YOUR INVESTMENT!


Daily Income Method Scam Revealed.


Once signed up, the second step, is to get your hands on all that lovey automated lazy man’s way system of earning cash online daily. Actually, they give you some landing pages and email templates to capture emails and personal details from others. Should you be able to start making referrals then the Founder gets a commission every time – THIS IS THE POINT OF BOTH THESE SCAM SITES – and you will make a little incentive money yourself, I hope.

So, to be clear, you join up. You make referrals. Founder makes cash from your work recurring, Pyramid Scheme at play here, and since you now need to make some money by new sign ups, now we see another illegal business model at play, a Ponzi Scheme! Two World Over Completely Illegal Operations in the one SHOP! Just stay away from them continue.

With your landing pages and email templates, you got to run round the net, and share your link. I know this because I caught one member of my Facebook group promoting MCA! Unfortunately, I did not realize it was a scam at the time (LOL!) and let it be – every days a school-day haha. All traffic directed to your landing pages, which are dirt shoddy, will earn commissions and not a lot at that given the low monthly fee’s. So, sharing those scam links is all that passes for Affiliate Marketing with them. There is a lot more however!

You will go insane struggling to make any sign ups, as the website landing pages look so bad, it will put off near everyone who views it – FACT! I have seen those landing pages and they are not pretty and promote offers like TV membership etc. Weird thing is, MCA is trying to pass itself off as a vehicle break down road side recovery company – which THEY ARE NOT!

Ultimately, DailyIncome is just a way to drag in fresh money to MCA!!



A Few Notes on Mack Zidan.

Mack Zidan is a very well-known online scammer! He has made a career from pretending to be a millionaire while promoting the sites I have already mentioned.

He uses to have a video up on his Automated System Website, but, it has been taken down. It basically consisted of fancy cars, big houses and weirdly flaunting fists full of cash.

I am sure you have seen such stupid videos – sure sign of a scam!

ASPIRE, was one such scam he ran as well. He is not as wealthy as he pretends to be and works hard to get people into his scam programs. I will say no more and I hope you realize both sites are a ponzipyramid scam.



SCAM RATING:- 4/100! You will not make $500 a day EVERY promoting these scam products. You will even struggle to recoup monthly investment. People are NOT taught correct Affiliate Marketing Techniques – INSTEAD – Taught to spam all over the Net! No good – I do not recommend you sign up with either of these sites as mentioned above. There is a better way, click – >>HERE<< – to find out more.






Down Pointing Arrow.



Were you tempted or did you sign up to the site(s) I just wrote about? I would be very interested to hear from you and welcome your comments/stories/opinions regarding them. You may place your comments below in the box provided. Have you seen another similar site and not to sure about them? You are welcome to let me know and I will always get back to you with an answer. I will leave it at that except to say should you wish to pick a Free Bonus Below, just for reading my article, all you have to do is click 🙂 . Looking forward to all of your comments on What Is Daily Income Method. Bye for now.



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2 thoughts on “What Is Daily Income Method? Is Daily Income Method a Scam?

  1. Luna

    The name Daily Income Method sounds like one of the regular Scam sites. If they are linking with MCA now then that sounds like double scamming. I like that you have given valuable information to assist your readers so they will not get caught up with Daily Income Method.

    Wealthy Affiliate is a good alternative to the many scam sites. One can rest assure that they will get top of the line training which is the best on the internet. Wealthy Affiliate offers the best platform to start and grow a business online.
    Thanks for the review.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Luna,

      Yes, I could not believe what I was seeing with the MCA part, because as mentioned, someone posted it in my Facebook Group and I thought it was legit! HAHA! I better now for next time.

      With over 800,000 other Affiliate Marketers to Wealthy Affiliate’s Credit (from beginner to expert level) there really is no end of help for those that want to give it a go. Those that want to have a look around and learn the best way to make money online here = http://scamdetector.siterubix.com/ncsk .




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