What Is CreativeLive.com – Scam or Legit Online Education Platform?

By | July 10, 2018

Affiliate Member Review on What Is CreativeLive.com. 

CreativeLive.com and What it is.

Today we shall be discussing What Is CreativeLive.com exactly. We shall dive into what their service is about and how you can, not just learn from their courses, but also how you can earn via their affiliate program. This is in answer to the many requests from our readers who are looking for legit ways to earn online. We shall quickly answer is CreativeLive a scam? No, they are not. Is Creative Live Legit? Yes, they are. Thus, we are recommending them as a real way to earn online for those hunting for good and trusted online affiliate programs, while informing on their website’s services.


Here is what we shall cover:-

  1. Founders and History.
  2. Exactly what they are offering as their service.
  3. Their Affiliate Program and who can join.
  4. Final Thoughts.



Co-Founders of CreativeLive.com

Company:- https://www.creativelive.com.

Founders:- Chase Jarvis and Craig Swanson.

Created:- 31/03/2008.

Fee:- Have varying course fee’s but also have free videos as well to view.

Affiliate Program:- As mentioned, they have a Free to Join Affiliate Program for those looking to earn online.




Brief History of Founders and Expanded answer to What is CreativeLive.com.


Affiliate Linked Image.


OK, let us dig deeper into what is CreativeLive.com by doing a quick historical background check!

WHOIS provides details they are from Panama. This, strictly speaking, is not true. This is to hide details and scam site’s do this often. However, and as said, we know they are not a scam site. So, legit companies will hide such personal details as a spam prevention tactic. We know the company is bases in Seattle and they have a dual headquarters in Seattle and San Francisco.

Chase Jarvis, per Wikipedia, is a director, artist and photographer. Craig Swanson is an Entrepreneur and they Co-Founded their site in 2010 – though their site was registered online per above info. Their website is an online education platform and they have, what appears to be, a course on pretty much anything you could have an interest in!


They provide online inspirational, tips and creative classes in the following categories:-

  • Craft and Maker.
  • Music and Audio.
  • Photo and Video.
  • Money and Life.
  • Art and Design.

There does appear to be many videos available not strictly inside their categories. I searched for health related videos and actually found them! So, whatever your interest, you might be able to find them on their site.


Are their courses free?

All courses are Free to View as they are streamed! However, one must purchase the course video to view at a later date, once the stream is over. Weekly Free Live Online Classes are available for all, which is great! Should you miss the first stream viewing then it appears you must purchase the content.


Who’s it for?

It is for anyone that wants to up their knowledge in a certain area. Here are some course videos currently on offer:-

  • Wedding Photography Weekend.
  • Commercial Photography.
  • Fundamentals of Photography.
  • How to Break the Habit of Self Doubt and Build Real Confidence.
  • The Magic of Water Color.
  • The Art of Film Making and Editing.
  • Wired for Story: How to Become a Story Genius.
  • etc!

There is a lot to their site. Many thousands of courses for many tastes and interests.


What are the prices for these courses?

I have failed to find a comprehensive price list as it does not appear to be easily visible. However, they do have something called ‘Learning Path‘s, which is clearly visible, to the left on their site.

There 20 Paths to choose from with vary prices which are to help you to crush whatever goal you are reaching for, and here they are (plus prices) as follows:-

  1. Richard Bransons Tools for Success. Price:- $364.
  2. Becoming an Out Door Photographer. Price:- $206.
  3. Becoming a Wedding Photographer. Price:- $337.
  4. How to Light for Beginners. Price:- $181.
  5. How to Make Money as a FreeLancer. Price:- $249.
  6. Become a NewBorn Photographer. Price:- $422.
  7. Learn Digital Design. Price:- $145.
  8. How to Become an Author. Price:- $171.
  9. How to Start a PodCast. Price:- $158.
  10. How to Fix Your Finances. Price:- $314.
  11. Become a Confident Public Speaker. Price:- $230.
  12. How to Get Started in Photography. Price:- $128.
  13. Design for Small Businesses. Price:- $151.
  14. Become a Rock Metal Producer. Price:- $253.
  15. Learn Graphic Design Price:- $169.
  16. Learn to Draw. Price:- $184.
  17. Become an Electronic Music Producer. Price:- $206.
  18. Launch Your Craft Business. Price:- $235.
  19. Become a Freelance Designer. Price:- $229.
  20. Learn Visual Design with Parsons at the new school. Price:- $399.


Their 20 Paths gives us a good idea regarding their training course content on their site is about and the general pricing for their digital products.

I have seen course videos starting for $19 for 19 videos, $50 for 50 course videos etc, so it is more than worth digging deep into what they have on offer! Additionally, each learning path will list the videos that are part of that course.


So, we have done a cursory cover on their site and on what they are offering. However, there is a way to earn with them as well, and their affiliate program is legit for those interested in joining up to them.


Below we will cover their Affiliate Program!




Earn Commissions from CreativeLive’s Affiliate Program!


Legit Affiliate Program to Join!


I stumbled across CreativeLive as a recommendation on another blog, as a real way to earn some cash online by referring others to them.

You may get paid, best to my understanding on their Terms and Conditions Page, by helping others find courses at CreativeLive or simply referring others to them via your own affiliate link.

It seems you must FIRST sign up to shareasale <<— which you may do so right there —>>> and find then CreativeLive. Once you find them, there is a short and easy to fill out form. They will let you know if you qualify for their program. Their response, for this site’s application, was fast! Good sign they are maintaining and serious about their affiliates. Also, those looking for a stream of merchant (sellers) affiliate programs, may join shareasale and find such programs there.

There are, from what I can see, a host of Affiliate Resources you can use to promote their site. I see there are over 300 Banner Links, long list of text links etc that one can use to harness the earning potential.



It appears you have to have your own website! However, don’t fret if you don’t. You may collect Two Free Websites <<– right there, to land your affiliate links to earn commissions. I will personally show you how.


What if I don’t want a website, can I still earn?

Yes! At the very bottom of their site, you will see an option to refer a friend. You may refer multiple friends via email and earn $15! Seems like they have thought of those without site’s as well.  However, it does not appear to be part of their recurring commissions based affiliate program – I believe it is one time payment!



For each Valid New User Registrants you are given $1! Not a lot but it is a start.

Affiliates receive 20% revenue shares for new customers purchases. Average order is over $100 per their site.

Repeat customers will earn you 10% revenue share and commissions are based on the lifetime of each new referral. Comes with a 30-day cookie – that simply means, should someone click on your link, and purchase within 30 days then you earn commissions. Should they purchase after 30 days then you don’t earn commissions.


Who is their Affiliate Program For and NOT for?

Per their TOS, the following regions may not qualify for their program due to tax reasons:-

  • Vermont.
  • Nevada.
  • Pennsylvania.
  • Missouri.
  • New Mexico.
  • Minnesota.
  • Arizona.
  • Maine.
  • Arkansas.
  • Connecticut.
  • Hawaii.

I think that is them all.

Those apart of the program, and then move to any of the locations above, will have their Affiliate Status Terminated upon the date of new residency in anyone of those regions. You are advised to contact CreativeLive via the shareasale website immediately.

As for everywhere else, it seems good to go for! You should do your own research in this to be assured that your region qualifies as well.


What websites will receive a reduced revenue share?

Affiliate Websites that are mainly about the promotion of:-

  • Coupons.
  • Incentives.
  • Discounts.
  • Deals.
  • Cashback.
  • Rebates.

Such websites will receive just 5% on sales by old or existing customers. This is per CreativeLive’s TOS.


Can I earn by promoting their offers and by referral commissions?

Just to be clear on this you CAN earn by referring others to their website as a new affiliate and by referring others to their services. You will be given your own tracking link to do this. This is per their ‘fine print’ TOS.



Any other ways to Earn Online?


Ask us in the comments how to work from home with a $0 start up!


Absolutely! There are many ways to earn a part time to full time income online. The links below may interest some of you:-


Earn Money by Blogging.

Article to show how easy it is to earn a full time income online from having your own website and adding content. Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience in this, I can and will show you how every step of the way. Comes with a Free Sign Up Account.


SpeakWrite Transcription Jobs.

Here you can find out if typing online is to you taste.


Affilorama Training Platform Member Review.

Affilorama can teach you how to make good/big money online.


Wealthy Affiliate – Legit?

Training Platform that shows newbies how to earn $10,000 a month! Long Term Goal with many free resources for newbies to help make their own websites.



Final Thoughts ?.

CreativeLive is a long-standing and trusted online company that promotes their own high quality digital training course, in what seems, to be a never ending list of interests. This allows them to create many and diverse course content to reach a greater number of people. They also, as we have just covered, run an affiliate program with a fair commission structure. I would advise those interested in their program to read their Terms and Conditions to be clear on your eligibility etc and not just depend on this one article from our site.


What has been your experience with CreativeLive’s courses? – Would you recommend them.

Should you be a paid user of them then we would be happy to hear your experience/stories/opinions on their service.


Have you got any complaints about them?

Do let us know if you feel you were hard done by in some way to help better inform others.


Have we missed something?

Should there be a key feature we failed to mention then you are welcome to let us know about it below. We will add it to our article (where valid info is suggested) to be more informative.



As with all good programs we recommend, it was a real pleasure to research and write on the site just covered. Those looking for ways to earn online, that do own a website, can feel safe (in our opinion) in joining their program. This, as said, can be done by joining up through shareasale and using their Search Bar to find CreativeLive’s Program. We wish to thank you all for stopping by and ask you if you know of another program we should be recommending as well? Then do just land the URL below and we will investigate. Should you have any questions on what we have have written then do ask us below.

The banner below is our #1 Free Account Sign Up for those interested in making money online. That is all for now regarding What Is CreativeLive.com and we are looking forward to all of your comments to come – take care guys 🙂 .





*Note:- This article contains affiliate links. Should you join and purchase through us, commissions maybe earned by this website, by means of funding it.

10 thoughts on “What Is CreativeLive.com – Scam or Legit Online Education Platform?

  1. Crystal Lim

    Always love your articles! Thanks for the constant sharing of these good resources with us.

    I am the kind of person that loves to learn about everything. No need to be deep, but just a tiny touch on it makes me feels so happy! I just looked at the website and I can see there are soooooo many courses that are sold at a super affordable price! I think at the same time of promoting it, I am going to use it as well, haha!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Crystal,

      Haha, YES! Definitely promote their site because they are really amazing and I am very happy to help in this regards Crystal.

      Thank you very much as well on your compliment and it is always a pleasure to receive a comment from you as well Crystal 🙂 .

      – Philip.

  2. Lee Ann

    Thank you very much for this information. Being someone who wants to work from home, I have learned to do research before typing one letter into the “get more info” or “sign up here” box.
    Like you I to have all but given up on finding a legit work from home opportunity.

    I had heard of CreariveLive but when I checked it out, I obviously didn’t go to the right place. It just goes to show how us beginners need guidance from others like yourself.

    I didn’t realize that there were other categories that weren’t listed. This is definitely good to know. I may go back and give it another shot.

    After reading this information, I do feel better about signing up with them. I was nervous that my area wouldn’t qualify, but it seems my location is not on their list. Another good point to know.

    Thank you for your information and I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Lee Ann,

      Thank you very much for your lovely comment here today. CreativeLive is a very extensive program with many plus’s. I have hardly read a bad word about them.

      Thanks again.

      – Philip.

  3. carol

    I came across CreativeLive many months ago. I really like the courses they offer and thought of doing one. After signing up to promote their affiliate banner I got an email offering me a free lesson of my choice. However, when I was ready to take the lesson, I could not access it even after several attempts. That left me to wonder about their legitimacy, so I no longer promote their banners.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Carol,

      Thank you very much for your experience with CreativeLive from a paying members viewpoint. Most invaluable.

      I am surprised the email link was not valid – how you ever tried to contact their customer support on this issue?

      Thanks again Carol – Philip.

  4. Andrew

    The creative live programme looks to be like a lot of the other platforms on the internet, looks good in the promotion but not too legit when you join. It is up to the individual to assess whether it is genuine or not. I personally am very wary of such programs and i tend to stay away fro them, but i do read what they have to offer and nothing else.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Andrew,

      I hear what you are saying for sure. There are many sales after sales but it is specifically and expertly engineered to many areas of interest. They also do bundles on courses to help members save on their training. Personally, I find them very exciting and have full confidence in their site.

      Thank you for your comment Andrew and I really do appreciate your time on this CreativeLive.com.

      – Philip.

  5. Clark Ludahl

    Reading your article about CreativeLive.com makes me want to look further into all of the educational courses that they offer. Thank you for writing your post and making more of us aware of the on-line educational opportunities that exist.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Clark,

      Yes, I really could not believe all the courses they have on offer. I feel, no matter how specific your interests are, you will probably find some courses on it. Some courses, as I mentioned, are very cheap indeed!

      Thanks again Clark for your comment and I really do appreciate your comment here today.

      – Philip.


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