Review – Is ‘PnaMoney’ Scam OR Legit?

By | October 1, 2019

PnaMoney. icu is a Scam – Sorry for the bad news.

 Do not work at PnaMoney. icu – they are a scam site and they certainly are not legit. There are many 100’s of these fake ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’ Scam Network and they have been running this network since 2014. No one has ever produced legit payment proofs and there are only complaints about all of their sites. So that is the answer on www.pnamoney. icu. The following is to show you why further we say this and to show you how to earn online.

This maybe bad news to hear for some, but those interested, can find out how I am earning every month from having my own website. Read HERE – sign up through that link if you are interested. Please report any experiences you have had in our comments section or in our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame. Thank You.


do not login into!






PnaMoney. icu Exposed.

You see all of those sites linked to their reviews below? Well, they are the exact same as PnaMoney. icu. They are all closed down now. I am leaving them there as I up date this article to give you a sense of how big they are as a scam network. The following sites are new as of October 2019:-BduMoney. xyz, UogMoney, GsaMoney. icu, OnyMoney. icu, AohMoney, EdiMoney. xyz, YetMoney. icu, YakMoney. icu, LkaMoney. club, WbiMoney. Club, HneMoney. Club, PnyMoney. icu, EnaMoney. icu, VpoMoney. Club, EnaMoney. icu, and there are many more where they came from.







This post has been updated to reflect the new sites released in 2018. Simply click HERE to see the active but same scam run by the same owner as AoxMoney! Now PnaMoney. icu.



These sites are ‘Paid Ad Views System’ that does not pay out. No one has ever been paid by ‘Cob’ or any other of their scam websites. One you land on their website you will see a table of earnings for one days earning. The money is very high for one day’s pay and can be earned from day one! It is 10 cents per ad viewed and 50% commission on all your referrals viewed ads! 50%!! A glaring sign of a scam of ‘note‘!

This site is far too young to be able to promise those kinds of returns just for watching advertisements. A site has to be in business online much longer to be able to make such promises, and actually, a legit opportunity would seldom pay out so high anyways!

There exists THOUSANDS of these same sites by the same owners. They are from Panama, however, their real location is up for debate. Many are saying this is part of a Russian Scam Network. Other online resources are saying it is based in the US but real location is hidden. All very bad signs that tells me you should NOT trust these websites.

Should you click on any of those reviews, in the introduction, you will see I have proven beyond all doubt, that this and all the other sites are No good! It is easy to see I have proven this countless times I will just continue to tell how they scam you. Please share this post to warn others online as it is doing a lot of damage right now.



How ‘PnaMoney’ Scams You.

Once you sign up, which as stated is free to do so, you will encounter instructions to get started by just watching ads. All ads are about 30 seconds in length. They will advise you, that if you want to earn even great money online, then you should spread your unique affiliate link across all your social media accounts. You will go on to Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Instagram etc to drag in family, friends and followers in to this fraud.

OK, there is a minimum withdrawal amount, once hit, you may request your earnings. It is worth saying that they say you may get your cash with in one hour, so, the message they send you is a complete contradiction. They say it will take two months to wait for your money and you have to make 40 referrals before you can get your cash anyways. You may continue to drag in those referrals or you can buy them for $14. You must know by now – they are fake referrals.

Should you buy them or make them from your own effort, the end result never changes, YOU ARE LOCKED OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT! All communications, if any, will not make any sense or the email is fake! There is NO WAY to get your money even if they say they are sending it to your Credit Union – like one comment I received concerning zatmoney. club.





Final Thoughts.

So that is it about ‘PnaMoney. icu’. They are not legit and they will never pay you. So if you are asking how to cash out, please understand as it is one of the most common questions I get regarding this particular scam network, you can never cash out. This is the very thing that makes them a scam. It matters not if you paid for referrals = those were fake!



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