What Is CMA40.com? Is CMA40.COM a Scam or Legit?

By | December 31, 2017

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What Is CMA40.com, or Community Mutual Aid, and is it Real.

Need to know what is CMA40.com, or more commonly known as Community Mutual Aid, and asking is it another ponzi or pyramid scam, can you make money with CMA40.com and can you actually lose your shirt with them as well? Founded in 2016, and hailing from South Africa, CMA40 makes no guarantee of financial success after your donation, which really, is an investment as you wait to make a profit on it by new sign ups. At least they are honest but you have to read carefully to find that little detail. Please read this article carefully to the end, at which point, you will be fully informed and will know what is the best option for you.

First off, and to be fair, yes – it is possible to make money with CMA40! Possible, but the older the site gets, the RISK of NO PROFIT per INVESTMENT shoots way up! One of their slogans is to “Create a Dream”, which incidentally, is the same slogan as MLC247. Interesting language considering they are different sites.

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What Is CMA40.com and Reasons to be Excited and Cautious.

Before we get into what is CMA40.com, it is always wise, to do some background research. CMA40, hereby I shall mostly refer to them as Community Mutual Aid, has zero legitimate online ID details. This means no one knows the Founder or even what he/she or they look like. Signs of deception. But does that make them a scam? It is but one sign, but no, there has to be some more. They have a Facebook called (usual FB URL) /cma40. No such details available and admins face is substituted one of their site images. So, ID is out! Even Community Mutual Aid admit they don’t’t know who set it up, and apparently, created by a group of network marketers for “humanitarian purposes”. The goal is to help eleviate poverty through their site.

In, what I can only describe as their mission statement, talks about the rich controlling near all the cash on the planet and so they want to financially lift up the poor people of the World. Their website is heavily descriptive in their heart felt ideology of a community who give to others to help create their dreams. These people who ‘gift’ such cash will then have to wait for others to gift to them. However, there is no guarantee you will receive any financial help, as stated by Community Mutual Aid themselves. Its a bit of a risk. By its very modus operandi, they are a ponzi scheme. Whenever new sign ups ‘cash gift’ their up lines (their referrer), their referrer earns in BTC (only method available at Community Mutual Aid) and the Head of this program will earn something as well. Since the money flows upwards we can safely call this a pyramid scheme as well.


Answering what is cma40.com



There are three major drawbacks:-

  1. Cash Gifting is considered illegal globally due the amount of people who never received anything in return.
  2. Ponzi Schemes are illegal Worldwide as their is not any product or a service in exchange for monies. So basically, if you don’t already know, a Ponzi Scheme is when money is earned from new members. Money Paid by new members pays older members. When there are no new members to pay older members than the whole citadel crashes down. Problem here is, the longer they operate, the broader on the downward scale on the matrix you land, the higher the chance you will get burned. OUT OF 100% WHO INVEST IN SUCH SCHEMES:- 90% WILL LOSE!! N. B !
  3. Pyramid Schemes are illegal Globally as well and fails for the same reasons Ponzi’s eventually die away.


When such schemes see a distinct slow down in new members, they are quick to direct all Cash Gifts to themselves, shutdown the site and run off with untold donations. Problem, again, is NO ONE KNOWS WHO THE SITE CREATORS ARE..so…you have zero come back and NO chance of getting your money back – never mind ‘Creating a Dream‘ = more like a nightmare to come in time. Be cautions people.


On a Positive Note 🙂 :-

Should you join up early to a Ponzi/Pyramid Cash Gifting Scheme early on, then, YES you are probably in the money for sure! Just know, if this CMA40, Community Mutual Aid, is paying right now, they are/may only be giving ‘some’ money to their members and may be keeping quite a bit for themselves. This is selective at times as is common with such sites. I am NOT saying they ARE DOING THIS RIGHT NOW – but it is regular enough across such sites to be aware of.

While they started in 2016, surprisingly, they are set to expire their humanitarian mission in 16/11/2018! Why set up, what could be a life long mission, just to shut it all down in just Two Years? Again, another sign of a site with no intentions of staying the course, and will shut down and turn into a scam! WHY do I know this? When New Sign Ups Stop Coming In, who then, Will Pay The Older Members? Such business models are intrinsically flawed, and by design, set to failure and turn to scam. How Scam? Within the Death Throes of their dying site they will not pay the newest sign ups per investment. That really is it. I won’t detail all the BTC rates and referral program etc. I just wanted to show you the very ‘ESSENCE‘ of their operation so you are adequately informed.

It is of course up to you and I am not here to say not to join up with Community Mutual Aid. The choice is yours and I am merely detailing my research for you. I have not joined up with Community Mutual Aid and my data was sourced online.





To summarize, yup, early entries will earn cash – it is possible. The older the site becomes, the more members they will have, the incrementally harder it becomes to refer new paying members to them. Eventually, the well runs dry without new people to ‘create a dream’ leaving the masses severely disillusioned and financially worse off. Relative to investment, such schemes are caused suicides and financial ruination of millions of people worldwide. The choice is yours and I wish you well if you should join up with them. I don’t recommend them as they are too risky and may go under at any moment in time.




This is the part where you are welcome to interject and have your say! I am open to your opinions and objections if they are stated in a mature and respectful manner. All comments that just rant and rave will not be approved. Did your dream come true? Great! Please state so below so potential new members may join based on your success story. Do you feel you were hard done by and feel you are not getting any money per investment? You are welcome to place your story below to have a fair and balanced forum. While I have not gone into extraneous details regarding the logistics of their offer, I simply wished to show you how the cog wheels whirred, and am satisfied I have answered what is CMA40.com. Of course, though I do not recommend them, the choice is yours.

There are more certain and secure ways to Make Money Online From Home. Any questions regarding my article, and questions regarding Wealthy Affiliate, are welcome and open for discussion. Take care for now and I wish you all the best.

2 thoughts on “What Is CMA40.com? Is CMA40.COM a Scam or Legit?

  1. nanikana

    Hi.I just wished I saw this research before I lost almost everything I had to cma.u know after they introduced the forceful 30 percent upfront before u get what u invested n bonuses that’s where fear got in but there was nothing we could do.since they disappeared in July by not issuing orders and not responding to the messages sent to them via support we lost all our hope n At least I’m sure that karma will reach them if it hasn’t reached them yet.yeses lots of poor people gambled with their money n believed them Kantor they are just thieves.don’t know what to do or how or where to report them.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Nanikana,

      One can only hope someone in their inner circle grows a conscience and goes to the cops. Since there are so many online scams occurring any given moment in time it is difficult for all of them to be tracked down.

      You may place your experience with the BBB, but since the site is gone, it is up to you.

      I am sorry you had this awful experience with CMA40.COM and I do wish you better for the future.




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