What Is Cliquebook About? Scam or Legit? Reviews of ‘Suspect’ Sites!!

By | October 26, 2017

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What Is Cliquebook about and a History of Online Deception Revealed!

I have stumbled upon a potential online scam in the waiting. Welcome to What Is Cliquebook about as I do reviews and ask is it a scam, legit, real, safe, honest or a con online job! While payments are being payed out now, as I have uncovered in my research, the person behind this particular website has an unfortunate of ripping off his websites members – TWICE – with two separate online sites.

Both times payments were given out and all of a sudden the owner decided to go ‘dark’ and run with the rest of the money generated by honest user activity. Bad form and the ‘Internet’ does not forget nor do people easily forgive such things.


So, is it a scam at the moment? I can not say it is currently an ‘active’ fraud site just yet, but, due to the owners ‘parlance’ towards doing such things, I’m afraid to say, it may just be a matter of time. Just be careful, and if you have made money with cliquebook, take it and RUN!!

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WEBSITE:– clique book.net.

CREATED:- 17/10/2015.

FOUNDER:- While owners name is NOT on WHOIS, I was still able to find it! It is Nokolay Kosturkov.



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What Is Cliquebook About and its Compensation Plan.

OK, you can earn money by the following means, apparently:-

  1. View Ads – which I am not a big fan of!
  2. Ad Packs.
  3. Refer A Friend. I do not recommend you do this.

It is $00.02 per click and $00.02 for any referral clicks you get. Hardly blowing me away or nor do I feel that is worth my time and effort to work for.


What is cliquebook about

Reasons I am Suspicious of this Site:-

So, I just went to this site and it is littered with ‘blingy’ ads, which as I am scrolling, find very disorienting. It also just screams of ‘quick-cash’ and ‘get-rich-quick’ flavors. Not good and such things always gives me a bad feeling about signing up to such sites.

I clicked on their ‘Contact’ Page and it is the same as their Home Page. That is just weird and makes me not trust them even more.

I clicked on their ‘Privacy Policy Page’ and it has a HUGE blinking banner screaming ‘MAKE $1000 DAILY!

I would go absolutely go berserk if anyone working on my website put up such dirt just to have an ‘ad’!! Always gives out a horrible impression that hearkens back to the early days of the Internet where every ‘click’ was a scam job! You new comers to the Internet have it fairly handy in comparison to how things were…I must be getting old to have said something like that – LOL!! Never mind, let us continue.


I wan to you to inform, very briefly, the two sites that the founder, Nikolay Kosturkov, created and used to scam members. The two sites are Click4freaks. com and Clickit. org. Click4freaks is shut down and click it org is up for sale.

At the beginning of both of those websites Nokalay Kosturkov paid out to the members and until one that just stopped right tout of the blue. He did this twice and that is ENOUGH FOR ME! I, FOR ONE, could not possibly go with the website I am reviewing with a FOUNDER LIKE THAT!

It is running Two Years and I have bothered to see if the owner is back to those old tricks again, I do not care, and I ask you about your experiences with this site so far.

Are they paying? Yes? Good! Maybe the owner has changed after all. No? I would not be surprised. Let me know in the comments section to warn others or positively inform others.


Sneak peek:- Why not sign up to my Newsletter as I post daily on scams and sites that may look a little suspicious so you can make up your own mind. I will be researching and posting an article, very soon, on how to report internet crimes. If there is a great demand for this I will certainly compile a huge list for the Global Community that visits and supports my site! Just let me know in the comment section below.


SCAM RATING:- Given past misdeeds, I am not happy to recommend this opportunity just. 5/100%! I am willing to change this is IF I get an over whelm of positive comments about this website. Let me know.




That is pretty much it guys. I am not impressed with the owner for past sites and what he did to his previous members. If the owner has gone straight then he should pay restitution to past users, if, the founder has not done so already! The online world is hard enough to navigate through the myriad of scams without putting ones blind faith into a proven scammer! I hope that person has changed.



I value every ones opinion and I would love to hear from you! In particular, I would love to hear from the owner of this site under review. You are more than welcome to come and comment to try to repair your online reputation. I am willing to have discourse on this matter. Have any of you been scammed by the previous sites or actually making money from the new site by Nikolay Kosturkov? Let me know in the comments section below and be assured I always respond to comments. Thank you for reading my article on what is cliquebook about and am satisfied I have been fair and truthful. Come back soon to keep up to date and stay safe online out there everyone!! Claim your TWO FREE WEBSITES to learn how to make your own online business today if you are interested. I am always here to help you succeed should you wish to online.

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