What Is CelMoney.Bid? Be Informed about CelMoney.Bid.

By | June 4, 2018



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Know What Is CelMoney. Bid Before You Join Them – It WILL Save You Time.

Those whose scam-radar has been triggered enough to ask What Is CelMoney. Bid have found the right article. We will answer Is CelMoney. Bid a pure scam-enticement-operation? Is Cel Money Bid a really genuine job? This is a NON-MEMBER REVIEW that will also answer, or try to, owner info with pay and work on offer. We will begin by saving you some time, by saying, CelMoney are cyber-robbers. They rob people of their time and efforts including some money! They are a scam with 1000’s of these site’s operating to defraud its members.

We can’t recommend what we know is just another “Paid Advertisement Viewing System” con that never pays out. We do recommend to people to work for themselves. Anyone can do this. We recommend you give our review into Wealthy Affiliate a quick read to learn how to set up your own online business with a $0 Start Up. Click >HERE for #1 Pick Review< or >Sign Up Here< for a free account. Paid options available.

Those that were tricked by CelMoney are asked to report their experiences below. Those that are still working for them – are advised to just stop – you will never get those earnings.


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CelMoney Bid Mysterious Owners, Fake Pay for Real Work.

CelMoney Bid Under Suspicion.

CelMoney Bid Falls Apart Under Review.

CelMoney Bid owners have zero info regarding who they are online. The original site owners, from the earliest of these site’s, come from Russia and started their illegal work in 2014. CelMoney was made 19-05-2018 and will only last a year. We have observed several of their site’s shut down in mere weeks which makes their online companies very unstable. They can vanish anytime. Only site’s that are legit, who offer paid work to others, will have owner ID attached to it. Those that don’t should be a cause of concern.

Should you wish to see the list of site’s we have already found in 2018, you may click here on our What Is OceMoney Bid Review. Opens in a new page so you may come back here. Alas, a review of one is a review of them all. Those reviews, many of which, contain additional data you may find interesting.

We have also observed, these site’s come in 3 languages.

  1. Russian.
  2. German.
  3. English.

There are 1031 copies in English with the last one being FruMoney Site. It appears additional ones were released around the 2nd of June 2018. This is common. They are always releasing new ones that are pretty much identical.

That is all we have on ownership.

Work They Pretend to Pay You for.

It is free for all new memberships and to begin to work. You are presented with ads to click on and view and then you are expected to fill out a code. This code action is not described on their site. Money is given into your CelMoney account immediately. Do watch out for YouTube videos that promote these site’s. There are many.

Referrals and all the Commissions you are Promised.

Using the affiliate link they give you, you are advised to share this link. They say to share it via your social networks, texts. Word of mouth, blogging, videos and any way you can. For every sign up that begins to work then it will appear you are receiving commissions from them is promised from their earnings. All fake.

Daily Take Home Pay.

10c a click on their site is not real. Here we find one of the biggest lies in their logic. Paid to click site’s will only dish out minute fractions of a cent per click. Some places will give out 2 or 3c per ad but these ads can be time-consuming making it nearly impossible to earn anything. Guys, I earn more in my sleep, than what ‘CLICKERS’ earn in a month! PTC site’s are not good for earning and is why we do not recommend them ever. Learn to Work for Yourself!

I am very passionate about that last statement and I can show anyone how to do it – just ask 🙂 . Does require small financial investment to really succeed and quicker. Anyways, lets continue.

The minimum payout task is really where things start to get tricky. Here you need to look after your money the most.



Cash Out Dissapointment.

$150 is the promised land to receive you money. Application is easy but then they say processing monies takes 2 or 3 months. Insane. SO, they want you to use another method which will cost you $10. Then they want 40 referrals you may have or have not made by now. Should you not have those sign ups then they can sell some to you. This will set you back by about $9 – sometimes they may try to sell you more for higher money.

Once paid, you might be ‘blessed’ to speak to MARTIN WOOD – PROJECT MANAGER.

He will spout some nonsense about the ‘system’ has crashed and asks for payment once more. He will promise to release your monies then and he will seem very apologetic. All part of the scam. Just trying to make more money from you before they boot you out of their site.

Eitherways, you will either stall at the payment point and then go no further or pay and be booted out. No one can deactivate their account as that is kept alive for the site’s duration. When site is gone then you account is gone.




CelMoney Bid Threats to Members.

CelMoney Bid Malware Threats.

So, the email address you gave them when you first signed up, very well may have been sold onto scammers on the Deep Web. This means you may notice numerous odd looking emails flooding your inbox. Don’t click on them and report them and then delete them. This is called SPAMMING. Below you will see its definition on dictionary.com – opens in a new browser:-


Those emails may look like they come from:-

  • Your Bank – they maybe your login details etc.
  • Local Super Store – Looking for Your Card Details.
  • IRS – Trying to get some Money out of you for Your Taxes.

Those are the most common ones I have observed. Just know, your bank will never ask for you password. IRS is not emailing anyone they maybe money and your local super store will never ask for your card details over the phone or via email. This is called ‘PHISHING’. Below you may see an article on Phishing:-

What is Phishing? Thank you to avg.com and opens in a new window.

There is potential as well they have downloaded malware to your device. These programs will hunt for passwords in your cached browser so don’t store them there! Below you will see one more article to help you understand malware and how to fight it:-

What is Malware? Thank you to paloaltonetworks.com and opens in a new page.





Those that were scammed by the site just exposed are very welcome to leave their experience below. Those that have any questions about anything here, or on our #1 Recommendation, are welcome to ask us that as well. We hope our article on What Is CelMoney. Bid was helpful and saved you some time and potentially money. Looking forward to all of your comments to come. Check out our #1 Pick before you go below.



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How to Work from Home Online and for Free! Again, the Free Option is possible, but you will work harder and for longer.

Looking forward to working with you all 🙂 .


– Philip.


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