What Is CashMineGlobal.com? Is CashMineGlobal.com a Scam!

By | March 14, 2018

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Answering What Is CashMineGlobal.com or CMG


Detailing What Is CashMineGlobal.com and Classic Scam Signs.

Anyone who needs to know What Is CashMineGlobal.com, is CashMineGlobal a fraud, is Cash Mine Global safe and legit, or if you just need a general review of CMG, then you have come to the right place! An attempt will be made to find out who owns this website and chances that a profit can be made via their work offer. I strongly suspect they are a Ponzi and Pyramid Scheme masquerading as a legit way to make money from home. Should this be correct, potentially over 90% of their participants will lose their investment. This is a Peer to Peer Donation Platform that can collapse at any moment in time due to their business model.

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What Is CashMineGlobal.com, Owner Details, Offer Description and Signs of a Scam.

Before we get knee-deep in answering what is cashmineglobal.com, it is good practice to find owner details. WHOIS displays such details and it is easy to see CMG was made January 2018 and ends in 2019 same date. Should you encounter any problems with them, tough luck, they don’t have an email registered. Unsurprisingly, there is NO FOUNDER NAME! All classic signs that they are operating an illegitimate online money making enterprise – that is not even the tip of the iceberg!

Their website is pretty convoluted but I will try to explain what they offer.




CashMineGlobal.com May Be A Ponzi Scheme


People are allowed to join for Free which but you must provide your Full Name, Phone Number, Optional Phone Number and then create a Password. New members are expected to make a Donation of no less then 10K, and to a max of 50K! First donation gets you back 50% and all subsequent payments will return 100%! Of course, this is totally unsustainable but the choice is yours. Remember as well, all such schemes like this are illegal.

When signed up, these guys have Two ‘Buttons’ for donations and Three ‘Buttons’ for receivers. The Green Button mean payment has been sent saying “I HAVE SENT PAYMENT”. Yellow Button is to request a little more time to make a donation. For receivers there is an additional Red Button that is clicked when no payment has been made to you by your matches. This not to be clicked in “HASTE” as they describe it.

Receivers are allowed to give as much time to donate as they see fit. It is certainly a new twist to an old scam.

HOWEVER,! Should someone click the Green Button (I have paid), when they have NOT PAID, then that account and the Receiver’s Account are both deleted. This makes no sense and is just an excuse to not pay people. Such schemes always build create convoluted ways to NOT PAY some or most of their members. The only way to NOT have your account falsely deleted as a receiver, is to provide proof of payment (POP).

This proof of payment to the receiver must be made by the donator…the receiver’s account is deleted because ‘someone’ did not donate to them…someone explain this to me how this is fair on the would be receiver? TOTAL B. S !



It is supposed to take just 24 Hours before you are matched and make a return on investment. However, when you first land on their site they say your money is doubled in 2 weeks. Another contradiction and indicative of an untruthful website.

They want people to “GF” – Give Fund – and such made up terms is always indicative of nonsense.

Another lie is they say they are the Worlds most organized:-

  • Mutual Aid Fund.
  • Crowd Funding Platform.
  • Donation Exchange.
  • Social Financial Platform.


Those are fine examples of generic statements and its just used to fill out content on their website and make every thing seem OK at a quick glance.

Their Facebook Page over 150+ followers with few responses and no reviews – that will change when people wake up to this illegal online program.


Have they got an Affiliate Program and a Re-commitment Policy?

At the very bottom of their website to the right, they offer 3% for every referral you make to them, that participants on their platform. 20% RE-COMMITMENT IS EXPECTED FROM ALL MEMBERS! The System then recommits 30% as well, basically, they can either charge you 20%/30% out of YOUR PROFITS! This is just to keep their operations alive so they can hang around longer to rip off more people. When New Sign Ups run low, this re-commitment nonsense is meant to help make more payments to older. that is basically THEFT OF YOUR MONEY – that’s it at the end of the day. It is a FORCED FINANCIAL INVESTMENT IN ANOTHER’S ONLINE BUSINESS. Makes no sense to me, however. Not that it really matters because MOST MEMBERS won’t see a penny.

Should they be paying out now, because they are still quite new, it is only a matter of time before that all changes. Expect many member complaints about CMG for non-payments and REFUND REFUSALS. Remember, this is only my opinion based on extensive experience in exposing online scams – you are welcome to Google and do your own if you disagree.


What is the M2M CODE?
Seems like you can transfer your earnings to other members as well. PLEASE DON’T DO THIS! LOL!! Potentially Fake Sites, as I strongly suspect CMG to be, have been known to create many member accounts. These member accounts are set up with the purpose of making money for the Founders. They will receive genuine members donations and this goes straight into their accounts. I suspect, when someone is not CONFIRMED or VERIFIED, then you have just donated to one of these fake accounts. Of course, it is not possible to know if this is occurring with CMG.



How Will It All Collapse?

As mentioned, I strongly suspect them to be a ponzi/pyramid scheme that is depending on new people to join them all the time. New members have to donate their member to older members = 2:1 Matrix System. One invests then two others give that person the same money just invested. Now we got Two More People that has to get the same. This is the creation of debt, by system to their members, that can never be paid off. WHY? Not enough new sign ups as there are only so many people on the planet to participant. Of course, such schemes tend to collapse in a couple of months. Even though some have lasted years.

In time program becomes over burdened with members they can’t pay complaints will start to surface. SUPPORT, with such schemes, have blamed members for not continuing to donate or confirm or some such nonsense. No more new members than there is no more new money to make payments. Whatever money is flowing into the System is given out sparsely to a random select few. The rest goes to the Top Tier and Founder. We see the Money goes upwards like this then you know you are dealing with a Pyramid Scheme. Here, also, is how damaging a Ponzi Scheme can be as well.


Signs of a Fake Website.


Scam Signs for CashMineGlobal.com or CMG


Below, is a list of the all the signs that tell me they are a scam. I strongly suspect this and do not recommend you go near them – unless you want to risk your own money:-

  • An online opportunity that only wants to stay online for 1 year? Makes no sense and sign that they are no good.
  • Privacy Policy Page is nowhere to be found. For those that do not know, Search Engines will active hunt for such a section.
  • Frequently Asked Questions is sparse, but, at least they have some.
  • Terms and Conditions stipulates your legal boundaries and freedoms. They do not possess such a page.
  • Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes – more than usual – because we all make mistakes. Anyways, over-abundance of such is a sign that you are dealing with scammers.
  • No owner name for their website.
  • No email upon website registration.
  • Could not locate a Forum for their members. Wealthy Affiliate has a Forum that is active 24 hours a day, even on Christmas! Here members can seek help and advice when needed.
  • Drastic lack of real information regarding investment levels and returns. Only generic version given. Such lack of transparency is never a good sign.

Do we really even need to say anymore?


DISCLAIMER:- In my opinion, they are not legit and indeed illegal and do seek out new victims. They know it is only a matter of time before there are no more new members and no money to pay out to anyone. Still, this does not stop the founders from getting paid. The intention of this article is to help alert members of the online community of a potential online threat. Those that disagree, are welcome to do so in the comment box below, or can Google it to do their own research.








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4 thoughts on “What Is CashMineGlobal.com? Is CashMineGlobal.com a Scam!

  1. Cyberprince

    CashmineGlobal is never a scam and can never be

    CashmineGlobal was built with love of the people at heart and was created so that people start earning again part time
    I personally has received my cash and profit and has redonate once more
    Regards the whois domain you talked off …have you forgotten whois offers privacy on domains which would automatically hide all domain owners details???.. I has a blogger knows about this and expect you to know that also
    Kindly make your researches well before judging

    Have a nice day sir

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Cyberprince,

      Yes, I understand the WHOIS Privacy function well, however, legit sites DO NOT hide OWNER DETAILS on their website as well. Bad Sign, but, not always.

      So, I am delighted you got paid CyberPrince = I really am. However, do understant – as I am sure you do but probably don’t care to hear it – For you to get paid, SOMEONE is going to lose. Actually, I believe many are.

      So the nature of such a business model can only lead to its collapse and the absent-ism of payment to members. I DON’T CARE HOW MUCH ‘LOVE’ was put into CashMindGlobal com – it means nothing if people don’t get paid and actually this is why Ponzi Schemes are illegal = Most lose money.

      Please, just call me Philip 🙂 . We can disagree but I am no one’s ‘Sir’ – Phil or Philip is just fine.

      I’d caution you with redonating though – just be happy and leave it alone BECAUSE it’s only a matter of time before they collapse and then where is your profit?

      Very Happy to hear from you CyberPrince(Is that your ‘REAL NAME’ – lol?) – take care – OH! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!! 🙂 .



  2. Smart Newlite

    Nigerians are the funniest set of people. The fact that something doesn’t fit into your ideology doesn’t make it a scam.
    All, over the world, p2p is well known as a means through which people meet and finance their needs. More than often, intentions are misjudged of your submission is one. People are on the site for crying out loud and you are here saying what you don’t know.
    It is not in your place to say this. Get your fact right before terming all sites you see as “SCAM” as claim.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Smart Newlite,

      I am basing this article on the scam signs that are generously evident all over CashMineGlobal com! I don’t believe I am wrong, however, I have been wrong only once before.

      This article, if you read it thoroughly enough, is based on my knowledge and experience and opinion – am I not allowed to have one per you?

      I don’t want CashMineGlobal to be a SCAM – Why would I? Honestly, I wish money would just continuously materialize magically indefinitely, but, real adults know that is a fantasy and a lie. Get your Facts right before blasting me – we can disagree but let’s pretend we have some maturity to do so.

      So, it certainly is not in your place to tell another human being where his/her place is and certainly I WON’T have another, who is endorsing a clear and evident scam site, tell me where mine is – Good Luck Trying 🙂 .

      However, I do respect your opinion immensely and I do hope I am wrong – for the sake of their members.

      Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Smart and take care of yourself.




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