What Is CashEast.com? Is CashEast.com Real or a Scam? Full Review!

By | November 10, 2017

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Analysis of What Is CashEast.com.

Should you need to find out What Is CashEas.com and to know is CashEast.com Real than you have come to the right place. I do reviews into suspicious sites and Cash East is definitely one to be careful with. The creator of CashEast has created many others, some of which I have reviewed, and none have a good reputation for paying out. The jobs to be done are called ‘tasks’ and the tasks take as little to 30 seconds to do. Payout for such easy low skilled work is far too high – I will show you why you need not sign up with ‘Cash’ to make money online. They do not payout!

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Detailing What Is CashEast.com for Online Safety.

CashEast.com is free to join and they offer very high payout for jobs like placing your links in forums, blogs, Facebook, YouTube and on Twitter etc. When someone clicks on your own affiliate link than you receive a breath taking $10!!

This is ridiculous when you consider no advertiser would ever pay out $10 for just one stinking ‘click’! I do not even need to do extensive research to tell you with absolute confidence no online company on the planet pays that out for one click. If you know of one, that is legit, I WANT TO JOIN IT – That really is free money.

Unless the site under review is run St Vincent De Paul, then I am afraid, it is not real, legit, safe or genuine in any way shape or form.

A glance at WHOIS and I can see this site under review was established on 27/3/2017. The Founder is not named. The email is dirt fake. Website address is fake and is a popular fake address I keep on seeing with such scammers.

When you land on Cash East’s home page you will see, as of the date of the writing of this article, the total earned and the total paid out is clearly visible top right of their site.

Total earn is $67406.

Total paid out is $88625.

Can someone tell me what is wrong with those numbers? Let me know in the comment box below if you can see the absurdity of this claim.


What is CashEast.com?


I do believe those numbers change daily and I am sure if you go to their site right now those numbers would be different from what you see in the image above. These guys can not even pull off a decent scam by getting their numbers right – LOL! Actually, this is deliberate.

Sites will display such gross errors to weed out those that don’t notice to those that do notice.

The ones that do not notice will be exploited to the hilt! It is common and these are ‘errors’ are placed deliberately to find out who is easier to take advantage of online than those who are more observant.

Most commonly, people below 25 and people over 50 are most at risk from online scams!



Dismantling the $10 Per Click Myth.

This cheap looking site promises you that anyone can earn up to $300 per day! If a site can pay out such high amounts of cash, to every participant all the time, surely they got the cash to have a better site!? Since they appear not to have such financial resources, where does one think, they are getting the cash to pay out so high for one referral click?

The logo’s they use, on the bottom of their home page, they say that those logos are not theirs and have nothing to do with them! Is there not some legal infringement going on here? Again, many do not read the fine print and this is one of many reasons why such online cheap scammers get to live on the brighter side of life at the cost of the rest of us! Read the fine print everyone. Especially, if the pay out is as high as $10 PER CLICK!

What if the pay was only $1 per click? That is still far too high!!

Legit sites will on pay just a 1 cent! $00.01! That is accurate and rings true to more legit online ad viewing and survey taking sites. Very few pay beyond that. However, I did find one that pays $00.03 per question answered on a reputable and long-standing survey site. You may want to look into that further with my review into paidviewpoint.com or you can SIGN UP HERE and see for yourself. Do not worry, I have personally verified them as legit and I place my online reputation on that, of which, I have worked very hard to establish.







I would love to hear from you! This is the part that you get to have your say. Were you scammed by the site under review? You are welcome to leave your experience in the comment box below to help warn others. I am a big fan of engagement with people who read my articles, and I take it as an opportunity to repay that support, so if you have come across a site that you are not sure about – than – you are welcome to ask me in the comment box below. I will research the site and get back to you to let you know if it is safe and legit or just another boring scam to stay clear of. I certainly am sure you have all you need on the question of What Is CashEast.com to help you make your own decision in this matter. This site posts daily and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you Subscribe to my Websites Free NEWSLETTER to assist you in out smarting online scammers. Come back soon or else I will miss you. Stay safe online and look out for each other by sharing my article to help stop these horrible scammers from living off of the rest of us! CHEERS!!!

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