What Is CashCamel. Info? Is CashCamel A Scam? Full Review!

By | December 4, 2017

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What Is and CashCamel. Info and Why It Is Suspicious.

Should you be looking to know What Is CashCamel. info, asking is CashCamel. info a scam or real? CashCamel is a copy and paste job of the same owner of CashCamel. Net, which, has shut down with complaints of no payments and leaving its members stranded without pay! CashCamel, given its owner ran a previous online scam, should be approached with great skepticism and caution. Cash Camel is a PTC Site (Paid To Click) where it will take you too much time to earn anything worth withdrawing anyways. I will now show you, in detail, what and who they are, pay and work. I do not recommend this PTC Site.

We will be giving Cash Camel a fair go and will place them in my ‘OK‘ section, though I fear, it will only be a matter of time before even more complaints of no pay surface – as they are right now! Should you be looking for a way to make money online without fearing that you will be scammed, and you have a few moments, then why not check out my #1 Recommendation. They are Wealthy Affiliate that give you Two Free Websites and Ten Videos in Affiliate Marketing.

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What Is CashCamel. Info and Good Reasons to Avoid Them.

I will now break down what is CashCamel. Info by starting off with finding out who they are. Per WHOIS, there is no name for the owner, no online business registration details (not even a fake one) and the email is hidden. Not to worry though, I found out that the owner is Kristopher Armes. That is name given for ‘.net’ deleted version of this online scam, so, one is left to assume this is the same guy. We will be ‘TWITCHING’ to call it a scam site based on no details as no legit online business would fail to submit such vital info. However, Time is a Great Story Teller, so I must wait before I say this.

Scam Detector.info is my source for the CashCamel. net, linking it the site under review, info if you want to verify it for yourself. This site says there are complaints of no payments and categorized it as ‘Not Recommended’. This is not good as CashCamel has only been online since 11/07/2017 – a near record-breaking time to ruin your own online reputation – BRAVO!!

Aforementioned, Cash Camel is a Paid To Click Site where its Home Page is littered with other PTC Sites! Its design looks like something from, what I like to term, ‘The Golden Age Of Spam Links‘ from the 90s! I certainly will be looking into the sites they recommend and to see what kind of ‘friends’ they keep. These PTC links may also be very legit – more research is needed! Their site currently has 926 members with only $36 paid out per their site. $36!! I have made much more than that in my sleep. Incidentally, all PTC Sites are not good ways to earn online as the money they pay out is worthless per time and effort.

Below, I will detail the work and pay part of this site.


CashCamel.Info Login Page



Is it worth it? NO! PTC Sites are notorious for taking ‘forever’ to earn anything that is worth collecting. We will be always surprised to see people being so happy just to make $4!! It is just not enough and it takes too long. Most people leave after only a few days of work after realizing it takes too long. This way the site gets to keep a lot of its inactive members monies. There are better ways to Make Money Online!

It is Free To Sign Up to them. They make of a point of saying they aren’t an MLM, PYRAMID SCHEME and you won’t’ get-rich-quick them as well. So, we must give them credit for that. At best, you may make only pocket money (a few dollars monthly for many hours of clicking ads and making referrals). You earn 10% on Referrals Activities but do not state how much you earn for each ‘click’. Legit sites will pay somewhere on the scale of $00.01/.03 for 30 seconds of an ad. Some only pay $00.0001/9 per ten seconds of an ad. Either way, its is not worth anyones time. We will be sure if I signed up I would find out this information, however, my ‘gut’ is screaming ‘NO!’. Do you know? Should you have signed up and know this information it would be great if you could let everyone know in the comment box below. Thank you. Minimum Pay Out is $00.05!

They run various contests and offer advertising space as well. They also offer Traffic Exchange as well.This is bad news and if you are with Adsense, and they notice you are using Traffic Exchange’s, they may ban your account for life! These exchanges are non targeted traffic where people are not interested in your product anyways. This way of driving traffic is considered to be a scam due to the low yield on ROI!! Not recommended for sure.

You can visit their site if you want the fee’s for advertising, but since I do not recommend these guys I will not be listing that data here.

Lastly, their Contact Page, is a space where you submit your email and leave your query. You JOKING? I can’t call this a ‘Phishing Site‘ just yet but normally there is an email address for this. This seems to be a relatively new trend and I do not recommend you make contact with anyone by this method. If you have already signed up, its not pertinent, but is another way they can collect emails.








Everyone is invited to be heard! The site under review is very new and I would be very intrigued to chat with New Members. Should you happen to be one such new member I would like you to leave your experience below to help others be better informed. Have you been paid and was it worth your time? Perhaps you need to know if another site is legit or not? You can ask me and I will look into it for you. I believe you have enough information on What Is CashCamel. Info to make a good decision regarding these guys. I welcome and deeply appreciate all shares of this or other articles on my site. Be sure to sign up to my sites newsletter to keep informed regarding online scams. Stay safe everyone! CHEERS!



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