What Is BuxVertise? Is BuxVertise a Scam or Legit? Review!!

By | November 20, 2017

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Review of What Is BuxVertise.

I am going to show you What Is BuxVertise, to answer is BuxVertise a scam? Perhaps you want to know if BuxVertise. com is legit or just looking for Bux Vertise reviews, in any event, this review will answer all of your questions. It should noted that this site under review is legit and paying out since 17/04/2014 with good online reviews and a positive online reputation. There is a ‘specific’ way to make decent money on this site, but like most PTC sites, it is nearly impossible to earn anything due to the nature of such sites.

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Let us now break down this particular PTC site!

What Is BuxVertise and How to Make Money.

BuxVertise is a PTC site (Paid To Click) where they pay in the form of points. These points are as low as $00.001 per click, which is one hundredth of a millionth of a BitCoin (BTC). 1000 Points equates to just $1! Minimum Payout is $10 which can take a lot of time to make just by clicking ads!!

At the moment we already know you get paid fractions of a cent for legit work! Not worth it to me but many do this as a way to make money online.

The site was created by Drew and Jesse, however, those names are not listed within WHOIS, nor is the registration address and the email is hidden. Most disturbingly, they have listed an address, let me explain, that is used by many other scam sites that I have reviewed! I feel afraid that BuxVertise may turn into a scam site one day as I have never seen the same address for ANY legit site online.

These ‘Points’ can be converted into cash can be paid out via the following payment processors:-

  • PayPal.
  • Neteller.
  • Solid Trust.

OK, the way to make money is just to click on at least ten ads a day. If you do not click on ten ads a day, and you make a referral that day, you will not be credited commissions for that referral. I think that is awful and very mean and only another reason why all PTC Sites are pure time wasters.




Your account is suspended and all commissions reset if you are inactive for 30 days or more!!


Is there a quicker way to make money instead of just clicking on ads? Yes! -well, so they say.



The Best Way to Earn Money with Bux Vertise.

I will jump straight into the best way to earn money without wasting your time and money on this PTC site.

As a free member you will work very hard to earn very little. I guarantee to you that you will leave the site before you reach the minimum payout as it is just a waste of time.

Roll In Buying Referrals!!

I do not ordinarily recommend you buy referrals as it is considered a scam for low to no good ROI! Many sites use bot software to mimic referral activity, not BuxVertise though, and many (over 90% of people) just leave days after joining due to the near impossibility of earning money.

The Three Memberships are:-

  • Free Standard User. You won’t make any money or too little to claim. 100% commission per referral click.
  • Buxer Membership is $5 per month. You will not make much and it will not be worth your time. 150% commission.
  • Eternity Member is $35 per month is where you will earn money – hopefully! 200% commission.

You will now want to buy 110 referrals! Not more or less but this amount is sufficient to make enough money to cover monthly costs and make some profit!

Cost per 10 referrals is $1.5! For 110 is $165!! That is a big investment and I believe, because most people leave after only a few days – if they stay that long – you will not make even your initial investment back!



Let everyone in the comment box below.



Other Ways to Earn Little Money!

Wheel of Bux.

One of the ways to earn little money online with BuxVetise is their Wheel of Bux! You get one Free Spin everyday allowing you the opportunity to win up to $5 a day! You can win free points as well and it is a fun and novel way at earning money!

Daily Raffle.

They also run a Daily Raffle. You must have clicked on at least 15 ads to qualify. The more people that enter the bigger the prize!

Icon Game.

You must have clicked on at 25 ads to qualify to play this game. I am assuming, as I did not have enough clicked ads, you have to click on a moving red dot to win something. Still, it is another way to try to earn a few extra points to convert to cash. Ultimately, all this is just a waste of you time and the little you may earn is not worth collecting. All PTC sites are such a waste of time and money too worthless to collect per time and effort.

Grid Ads.

Another way to earn is to click on a red dot within an image within their Grid Ads. This click will lead you to an advertisement. You do NOT get paid for this but you do get the chance of Winning Something! For the amount of times I clicked I won nothing so you have to be a little lucky or you will lose a lot of your time.


There are a few more other ways but I think you get the idea by now.






I would love to hear from you! The site under review has been around for a good few years now and I fully expect there are many people with different experiences! Did you sign up and make good money in good time? Do you feel like you were totally ripped off for time and effort expended? One and all are welcome to leave your experiences in the comment box below. I always respond to comments. There is now sufficient information on What Is BuxVertise for everyone to make up your own minds to join up with them or not. Thank you for reading my article and all shares are deeply appreciated as well!! I recommend you sign up to my sites newsletter as it up dates you on all scams and online opportunities. There are better ways to make money online but this one under review not recommended. Stay safe online everyone! CHEERS!!



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