What Is Buxp? Is Buxp A Scam Or Legit? Full Review!!

By | November 15, 2017

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What is Buxp and is Buxp Worth Your Time.

NO, it’s not worth your time, but they do pay out! I will show you What Is Buxp, is Buxp actually a scam, or a legitimate and profitable job! I do reviews into potentially suspicious sites, and Buxp. org, certainly has a few eye-brow raising problems! If you could squeeze 1000 hours into a day then you would make money that would be worth your time! Since there is not, then, I do not recommend this site, however, it is not a scam. It is just really difficult to make anything substantial.

I do know an online business company that can teach new comers to affiliate marketing how to make money online! It does not require cc to sign up to your Lifetime Membership Account for Free with Wealthy Affiliate! There are paid options not exceeding $49 per month. No nasty up sales and no pressure to upgrade. Comes with two free websites, 7 Day Premium Pass and training videos. Upload picture and fill out bio once in if you are serious about being successful online for the long term!



Exploring What Is Buxp and it’s Work and Pay.

Buxp is a Get Paid To (GPT) and Paid To Click (PTC) site. You will get paid to do surveys, sign up to offers and the like. You will be paid to click on video ads and perform various menial online tasks. You can also make money by making referrals to this site. A shocking fact I read on a site is this, and it is worth putting it on a line of it’s own, for emphasis:-

When a person makes about 100 referrals then they stand to make a mere $50! This could take nearly 12 months to achieve and I know, for myself, I would have left it in no time.

Besides, it is incidental now, as Buxp is NOW SHUTTING DOWN SOME TIME BEFORE JANUARY 2018!! We don’t recommend ANY PTC SITES due to severely low pay outs per time and effort. The money is not even worth your time to collect.

One can only speculate why this is happening.





Why Has Buxp. org Closed Down.

Well, I just Googled it! It is true that they closed due to PayPal not in use with Buxp.org anymore. A huge 95% of their advertisers used PayPal, and since it is far too expensive to invest in an alternative without guarantee of success, then they decided to shut down the site!

Another reason is due to a decline in PTC SITES and GPT SITES! This is due to people realizing it is not a good way to make money online and many are just outright scams anyways!

When PayPal withdrew, then their income collapsed causing a catastrophic result of closing down the site!

This is all there needs to be said on this review!







You are welcome to have your say below!

Were you a part of this site and how easy or difficult was it to make money? Did you encounter any problems with being paid? Are you sad or happy that they have or are going to close down very soon? You are welcome to leave your stories and experiences below. I always read and respond to comments. I am satisfied you now have the knowledge to What Is Buxp. Come back soon as I post daily. Consider signing up to my sites free newsletter as it will help you out wit the scammers! you may have noticed I wrote very little as they are closing and so no one should be considering joining a site that is closing or closed! Thank you for reading my article and stay safe online everyone. CHEERS!!

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    1. Scam Witness Post author


      I am sorry to inform you that I removed your link. This is unsolicited and is called spamming.

      No hard feelings 🙂 .

      I checked out your site and, a cursory look, seems legit.

      The best way to make your products known is by tapping into the nearly 4 Billion Active Users that use the Internet on a regular basis. Should you need some free training on how to do this simply ASK ME. I really can show you how.




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