What Is BuxInc.com? Is BuxInc.com Legit or a Scam? Full Review!!

By | November 10, 2017

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Investigation into What Is BuxInc.com and Is It Genuine?

Are you looking for What Is BuxInc.com, is BuxInc.com legit or is Bux Inc a scam? I do reviews into suspicious websites and I am afraid the news is bad. This site is owned by the same people or person that own the following sites that I have reviewed and proved to be fake and defrauding people online.

These reviews are:-

PayChair.comDevelopDollars.comDollarMilk.comDollarBirth.comDollarTent.comDutyTimes.comMoneyIsMust.comDutyRevo.comEarlyPayJob.comDollarTell.comDutySpace.comDollarZip.comDollar2ReferPayJut.comDollarsTeller.comBucksTip.com all of which I have conclusively proven to be scams that do not pay out to anyone!

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A Quick Review into What Is BuxInc.com.

BuxInc.com offer some of the craziest payouts I have ever seen for watching a 30-second video online!

It is FREE to sign up to them and once in you are instructed to started watching video ads. After each ad they will credit to you account a huge $5! You only have to watch these ads for 30 seconds and then you discontinue it. IF my memory severs me correctly, from another of these sites I listed above in the intro, there is more to this before payment. You must also share that video to one of you social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube to qualify for you $5.

Bux was created on 19/12/2009 and is one of the oldest scam sites online. The Founder can not be located with fake address and email is hidden. These details can easily be found at WHOIS. Interestingly, all these fake sites are from Panama with the same fake PO BOX number. This is important as I cover other scam networks that are using the same address!! Fake addresses can be bought online for a few dollars to give a site some ‘legitimacy’ and trust!

Already we can clearly see the owner or owners of these sites are hidden themselves suspiciously well. But why?

Go a head and Google Bux or any of the other sites in the intro and you will find nothing but complaints of no pay outs everywhere! Do not sign up to them.

They hide so well so the authorities can not track them down and send them to jail, because, what they are doing is criminal fraud!!


BuxInc.com and what is it?


Bux also promises a very large 50% on all of you referrals commissions. That is half of $5! Since nowhere does it say ‘affiliates’ only get paid $250 per 30-second video anywhere on their site, one has to ask where does the additional $2.50 commission bonus come from? Does it come Bux Inc? Does it come from the Advertisers? Well, the advertisers are already paying out $5 for so short a time. So it must be coming from Bux? Well, Bux needs to earn their commissions and I am sure it is not more than $2.50 per video watched? So, now we see it is all B.S!

NOPE! These guys way of thinking does not even make any sense for the following further reasons.

Only legit sites will only ever payout a mere $00.01 to $00.03 per click!! That is a fact!!!!

Anything over that is very suspicious and warrants further investigation before signing up.

Advertisers can get 1000 clicks on their ad links for just $5 from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. So, why would anyone pay so much higher for just ONE CLICK!? That, for me, is the piece of the logic that is the linchpin in their whole entire operation, and proves beyond all doubt, this Bux site is rubbish, scam, fraudulent, fake, not real, not genuine and an utter waste of you time. But, the news does get a lot worse for those currently stuck on their hamster wheel of hope.


The Minimum Pay Out Swindle!

These guys offer to advertise you product for as low as $2.50. Since the site under review is dirt, and Google knows it, it is considered to be in a ‘bad neighborhood’. If you place any of you links on their site Google will judge you activity by the company you keep. Do not do it!! Further, a ‘bad neighborhood’, in the online sense per Google, is all those spammers and scammers that reside there. You don’t want Google thinking you are one of those guys, do you?

SO! The minimum payout is $5000! That is absolutely ridiculous!! That is too high and I am afraid you may be seeing Hell freeze over before you even get there. However, many die-hards have achieved this, and have been very disappointed!

You may be invited to complete some surveys or offers before the money is given out to you. This is common practice. Problem is, they want you to PAY MONEY FROM YOUR OWN POCKET TO DO THIS! The site will get a commission if you do this. They also get commissions on all the videos you have watched and all the videos you referrals have watched! If you referrals to pay, as well, to complete those offers and or surveys, they will also earn a nice commission from that as well.

Ultimately, you are locked out of you account! SCAM OVER!! There is no way to get you money as the whole operation is fake and criminally fraudulent!

Wealthy Affiliate has never done this to anyone and I know I can show you how to build you own business and teach how to create a site that generates an income for you! Any questions, just ask me in the comments section below.







I would love to hear from you! Did you sign up to the site under review or anyone of the other sites? I welcome to have you say below in the comment box to help warn others? Did you do the impossible and actually make money from these guys? I’d be amazed but you are welcome to leave that bit of good news in the comment box below as well! Do you need if a site that is offering you a too good to be true opportunity is real? Just ask me in the comment box below and I will research it and let you know. There is enough information on the question of What Is BuxInc.com to help anyone to stay clear of them. I hope you consider sharing this article to help warn others online. I post daily and so you are welcome to back soon and often to help you stay ahead of the scammers online. You may Subscribe to my Websites FREE NEWSLETTER to help alert you to current and damaging online scams that are operating right now! Thank you for reading my post and stay safe online everyone! CHEERS!!

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