What Is BuxCap? Scam or Legit? Reviews Of ‘Suspicious’ Sites!!

By | October 28, 2017

Scam Witness Investigates Online ScamsWant to Earn Free Cash Online? Then Lets Find Out What Is BuxCap To Know More.

Looking for reviews on the sites like BuxCap. com, need to know what is BuxCap and if Bux Cap is safe and legit or a scam? Then you have come to the right place for such a review! This a PTC site (Paid To Click) where you view ads and you get paid for this. You also get paid when a referral clicks on your link, the money is even better, if that referral actually signs up to paid options. So, Bux Cap is ‘very’ willing to make payments to people – however, they have made arrangements to do such in 2045!! This is more than suspicious – that is a scam!

I will more than prove that this site is not legitimate below. Now you know this, and you still want to learn how to make money online honestly, then go ahead and read my review on Wealthy Affiliate. Should you like what you read you can sign up there.


Review of What Is BuxCap with Proof of Deception.

Bux Cap is just another watch ads, refer a friend and earn even more money that way and doing online tasks for additional profit. The Internet is packed full of these scam sites! After doing my own research, I was able to find two sources, that contradicts the validity of Buxcap. com.

WHOIS details of this site under review is not true. Here are the details they submitted, see below:-


What is BuxCap


At this point I had to wonder if, actually, I may have been wrong about this site. But, I do remember that fake sites will ‘buy’ a postal address, to place on the Internet, to ‘seem‘ more legit and trustworthy. OK, I decided to do an IP address to see where the servers are located. SEE IMAGE BELOW:-


What is BuxCap

(courtesy of ipaddress.com.)


By following the IP address of BuxCap. com I was able to find the TRUE details of their exact location. As you can see, the addresses are slightly different!!! It is worthy mentioning, the email given in the WHOIS details, was w3adz. com – owned by the same people, and I have no doubt, is just another ‘sister’ scam website. These two website will being going into my ‘Scam Sites‘ section as part of my scam websites list.

By the information given by the second image, the owners appear to have other websites that attract a large audience. Please share this article to help others stay safe, as this particular group of scam sites, are doing quite good for themselves!!

Just for fun, shall we get ourselves a Live Satellite Shot of their Location!? Just out of curiosity to see what these guy’s lair looks like. We do this by looking at the second image, and taking the first FIVE/SIX numbers (longitude and latitude co-ordinates) and go to geoimr.com – see image below, courtesy of geoimgr.com:-


Whsat is BuxCap satellite view


For a site that was started on the 2/5/2017 – their scam sites are getting some decent traffic per month!

The Founders Name is Joseph Holmes as well, but, that probably is Fake.

SO, now you have the evidence that it is deceptive in nature. *NBR (netbusinessrating.com) has rated ‘Bux’ as a SCAM!

*SCAMDETECTOR.ORG HAS RATED BUX CAP AS – ‘not recommended‘ for reasons for setting payment date for 2045!!

Two extremely well-established and highly trusted sites, that monitor other websites for fraud, NOT endorsing Bux!

Including my own research done by myself, we now have enough information to know all we need to know, let us now continue to see what kind of payments they offer to people – if you still want to sign up with them!


Compensation Plan.

Briefly, you will receive (not) 2 to 5 cents per click. 2 cents per referral click link. $5 if one of your referrals actually upgrade to this nightmare of a scam site.

They do appear to have made some payments. Fraud sites will make several payments to prove to others they are legit. Should you ever to a PTC, survey site with financial figures at the top of how much they have paid out, JUST RUN!! It is typical of scam sites to do this, especially, if the amounts are HUGE, relative to the time in business.

Minimum withdrawal amount is $2 and you can get paid by Payeer, SolidTrustPay, Payza, coinbase and many other forms I, personally, have not heard of.

OK! All the above concerning pay for work is incidental and unnecessary – your not getting paid.

At the bottom of the page of this website under review, I noticed a link. I clicked. I now know, during the writing of this review, ‘stumbled’ across the home of what could be a conveyor belt of a host of new scam PTC sites coming our way!!! The site was AdNetwork.com. They have other sites that they seem particularly proud of. I WILL be keeping a very close eye on these guy’s for a long time to report on their online behavior.

FOR NOW! They already do not have a great online reputation, which may just change and could be teething problems, but until that happens – and given the overwhelming evidence not in favor of them – I have to declare they are a Scam Network in the MAKING!!!

I ran through the same IP ADDRESS PROCESS as above and the SERVERS are coming from the same location, Denver, Canada, Saint Quentin. I will do an investigation into AdNetwork.com very soon and I would advise you to sign up to my websites Free Newsletter to keep a head of the scammers.

LASTLY, I did a WHOIS lookup on adnewtwork and it is the same as BUX!!







The websites look clean and actually, unlike the usual scam sites I investigate, look quite professional. Especially AdNetwork! Very professional and HIGHLY BELIEVABLE! Do not sign up until the ‘Internet’ starts to trust them more.



I would love to hear from you! Were you scammed by Bux or any of its affiliated sites? Another PTC site perhaps? Please leave your experience in the comments below to help warn others about them. Not sure about something online then I welcome you to ask me as I will look into it for you and perhaps do a review on it. I am satisfied I have given you enough information about What Is BuxCap and I am sure you will make a decision that makes sense to you. Please don’t forget, if you are sick and tired of running into scams online, then please consider reading my review below of Wealthy Affiliate – Lear to Earn for Life! Thank you for reading my post and please come back soon as I post daily. CHEERS!!


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