What Is Bux.to? Is it a Scam or Legit? PTC FRAUD REVIEW!!

By | October 12, 2017

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What Is Bux. to with Customer Complaints of Fraudulent Behavior.

Welcome to What Is Bux. to and I will show you if it is a scam, legit, safe, genuine, real or fraudulent in nature within my review. This is a PTC (Paid To Click) Paid Ad Views online work. Online since 2/10 /2007 but has a ton of customer complaints about late or no pay! There are two ways to make money with these guys but, by the time you read to the end of this article, you may just think it is a con. Other PTC online jobs I have covered are nowmoney. club, hurmoney. club, advmoney. tech, voddengi. club, vawdengi. site, romdengi. club, ahadengi. club, faxdengi. club, fepmoney. club, mesmoney. club, docdengi. top, cumoney. club, razmoney. club, kavdengi. club, jamdengi. club, zendengi. club, normoney. club, wotmoney. club, suremoney. club, findmoney. club, duhmoney. club, webmoney. host, submoney. club and the list is growing! This site is shut down so Here is my #1 Work From Home Recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate or Sign Up Here for a real and genuine way to make money online. Now, let us find out what is bux. to and if getting paid to watch ads is a good idea, if, they were still around!


Here is what you will gain from this article:-Girl reading about scams online

  • The two ways to make money.
  • Did ‘someone’ say FRAUDULENT BEHAVIOR!?
  • Brief Intro to #1 Free Sign Up Recommendation.


What Is Bux. to and How to Make Money PTC Style.

It is easy to make money with these guys (if you get paid) but you won’t make a lot! This is always the way with PTC website’s. Most PTC sites are 99% scams and most would go on my scam website’s list bin! This is a website that pays you to watch ads, as covered, and pays out $00.01 per ad! That is awful considering all ads are 30 seconds long. Every referral you make to bux. to, who then watches an ad, you will receive $00.01! Those are the two ways to make money with them. Many complaints of NO PAY – NOT GOOD GUYS!


This is only worth your time if you make a staggering amount of referrals who LOVE to watch ads all day for low pay. The money equates to $1.20 per hour – I think its time to call in the ‘Union‘ lol!! Point being, it is hard work to get people to want to sign up to something like this, because, of the pay.



Unfortunately, this website has been caught out not paying or late paying their users!!
This is a shame given they have been in business for so long time , one would think, they’d have that sorted out by now! Websites like these struggle to pull in quality advertisers that want to use their website as it is only $19 per 1000 views on their ad. However, ‘users, just want to get paid and don’t want to ‘buy‘ anything, so, what’s the bloody point then! Given this dynamic in play how does a website maintain payments to their users when they may struggle to get the revenue? Well, at a guess, this could be the reason for late to no payments.


OTHERWISE,! IT IS INTENTIONAL FRAUD!! Whatever the reason, gaining a service for a fixed fee, or gaining money under false pretenses, is illegal – as we all know.


Here is proof that this is going on, whatever the reasons maybe, or may not be – courtesy of :-


bux.to customer complaints



bux.to customer fraud complaints


bux.to customer complaints of no payments


bux.to complaints



OK, now you know – far too many complaints of no payouts also!! That is a bit risky for your time, and given its prevalence, it is hardly worth getting excited about. It takes so long to get up to $20 many people just quit and don’t bother to get their cash as the minimum is $20!


Down facing pink arrow.

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scam rating



I don’t usually give a longish explanation for this section of my post. However, this more than ‘appears’ to a scam site, and given the extraordinary complaints, I have to conclude with this. I get a little ‘misty-eyed’ with old website’s as they are due respect for their longevity, this is what happens when you don’t pay people, you get shut down. In some cases, are not even getting back to people, when these issues arise. I believe the vast majority of people are getting paid but the money is far too low to warrant your time. I don’t recommend this as a way to make good money online but it is not a scam anymore at least! It does not matter anyways, as I have said, it is shut down! My rating is:-

0/100%! = its shut down lol!



I believe if these guys actually had of got their act together (if they were still up and running) and pay people on time they’d do better. If they got higher quality advertisers and charge more, they in turn, would be able to pay more to users. I’d suggest they put in a vetting system for people who shop online regularly, a ‘real’ user, who may just actually buy a product while getting paid to do it. This, I believe, would be an excellent way to leverage lots more advertisers and revenue.


I now invite you to have a good ole ‘gripe’ and ‘rant’ about your experiences. Did you take part in this website’s ad view opportunity but did not get paid? Why not tell us about it in the comments section to warn others. Have you been scammed else where and wish to warn others? Go ahead. Should you have questions about anything regarding what is bux. to or my offer just ask me. Thank you for reading my post and come back soon as I post several times daily. All the best for now and stay safe online.

4 thoughts on “What Is Bux.to? Is it a Scam or Legit? PTC FRAUD REVIEW!!

  1. blowme

    Anybody that thinks these types of websites are legit is a damn gullible chump.

  2. jose

    one of the scam site : TimeBucks
    from my own experience.

    Two almost reach minimal cashout ans suddenly site a failure with wallet system and selete some prize won.
    Proverbs : “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”
    TimeBucks is over for me.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Jose,

      I looked up timebucks. From the review I read, from a blogger who I personally know to be very successful online, says timebucks is legit. I will speak to him on this matter and see what further inf I can gather, for now, maybe contact timebucks and see if they can resolve your issue.

      Let us know what happens in this case, thanks for letting us know.

      – Philip.


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