What Is BucksTip.com? Scam or Legit? Reviews Of Suspicious Sites!!

By | October 28, 2017

Scam Witness Investigates Online Scams Review Of What Is BucksTip.com That Pays Out Too Much To Be Real.

Are you looking for reviews of BucksTip to find out what is BucksTip.com and to see If BucksTip is a scam or a legit way to make really good money online? This is the only review you need about Bucks Tip that will answer all of your questions such is it safe, real and trustworthy. I do reviews on suspicious sites that promote high payouts for doing easy online tasks and other schemes. I can tell you that this site has my Scam Radar Firing on all Cylinders already!! The owner of this site tried to hide their identity online but I found them anyways. Read my review on payjut.com for a deeper and more detailed investigation as the owner is the same as the website I am analyzing now. Actually, this person also owns earlypayjob.com, developdollars.com and dollarzip.com to name a few. There appears to be 100s or even 1000s of these duplicate scam sites. They have different IP addresses but have the same physical location from where their signal comes from.

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Let us now get on with this review to see if BucksTip is good and honest and reasons why I strongly, not just believe, but KNOW it is a total, unrelenting and shameless fraud!



Data With Proof of What Is BucksTip.com.

This website under investigation will make a nice little addition, to my ‘Scam Sites’ section of my website, in my ever growing scam websites list.

You would have a greater chance of Winning the Lottery than to convince me that Bucks Tip is not scam! Are you thinking of or were thinking about joining this particular website in question? Please keep on reading to find out how this article will stop you from making that mistake.

BucksTip recruits people with email sign up for free. All they ask you to do is register, refer a friend and then you earn big money relative to time and effort. Actually, the money is far greater to effort and time put in. When you share your affiliate link, and someone ‘click’s that link, then you are meant to earn between $5 to $10 every time, depending on the advertiser – presumably.

OK, that really and truly is enough information that I need to be certain that we are dealing with a scam and that this offer is from scammers! WHY? No ‘sane’ advertiser would pay a website enough money, for that website to turn around and pay other people a full $5 to $10 per simple little ‘click’, unless of course the ‘advertiser’ was more than a little – ‘mental’.

You must consider as well, the website who says they can pay you so much money for such easy work, has to make a profit also to make it worth their while. This begs one question, if BucksTip is real and safe, how much money is the advertiser actually paying per one-click to Bucks Tip to be able to afford such high payouts!??



You, no doubt, see where I am coming from?

Already, it is coming apart at the seams and already clear that it is not trustworthy, as no affiliate marketing advertiser would pay so high for so little in return.

Why not?

Well, apart from it being common sense not to, advertisers have their own followers and active participants, that in terms of clicks, would generate more activity and revenue, that paying so high, would wipe out all benefits of already achieved free traffic.


Finding Online Scammers in the REAL World.

SO! I previously said that all these scam sites run by the owner of the site under review, comes from one location on earth. I was wrong! While I discovered two websites from the same locale by the same scammer, this one is actually ‘signaling’ its scam from USA – NEWARK!! See image below for IP address details and related datacourtesy of ipadress.com.


What is buckstip.com




IF YOU DO A WHOIS ON BucksTip website url the details given say they are from PANAMA. All these scam sites say that which are owned by the same owners. Clearly, we are being deceived, as I found them IN NYC down to exact location.


Fake Earnings Break Down.

For every referral you make to ‘Bucks’ you will, or meant to, receive $5/$10! There appears to be financial benefits to watching ads as well but they do not pay out, nor, have they ever paid out to anyone. Be assured, websites who have been around for a long time, will pay people sometimes to provide payment proofs to the masses, but, almost all the time, no one gets paid!!

Have you been paid by this site? Let me now in the comments section below to help inform other people. Thank you.

After much work sharing your high ‘monetized’ affiliate link on Twitter and Facebook etc you will finally hit the $300 mark. At this point in the scam you may wish to ask for your funds. Once applied, you are rudely and quite shockingly, presented with ‘offers’ you must complete in order to receive your money. There is a huge catch though-



Once paid, you will be locked out of your own account with no way to receive funds!! Please feel free to share this article to expose these guys and to help others from being scammed from money and time, and Let’s face it, the sheer gut wrenching disappointment of being defrauded!

OH, I almost forgot to tell you, these guys SELL ON your personal details to Third Parties for a Profit!!





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I do not endorse this link sharing and ad viewing phishing site!



I would love to hear from you. Were you actually scammed by BucksTip? I would appreciate it if you leave your experience in the comments section below to help warn others. Not sure about an opportunity online and need expert help and advice? You can ask me in the comments section below and I will gladly look into it for you. I am positive you now know what is BucksTip.com and I am confident I have helped another person save time and money! I look forward to all of your comments, and remember to come back soon as I post daily – you can subscribe to my websites Free Newsletter above as well – thank you kindly for reading my post! CHEERS!

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