What Is BigSpot.com? Scam or Legit? In-depth Review!!

By | October 19, 2017

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What Is BigSpot.com and Does It Work.

If you like me you were probably wondering what is bigspot.com before you signed up to it – like I did! I wanted to find out if it was a scam, legit, a trustworthy real way to make real money doing surveys or just another fraud site. A scam does not always have to rob you blind to be a scam. A scam can be signing up to something and getting lesser value to what was represented prior joining. Attaining lesser value than shown is a bit of fraud to say the least just to have people join up! I can tell you now you won’t earn much and will hand out you own personal information many times without guarantee of a real income. I do have an excellent recommendation for you if you want to earn online properly. I recommend you read my Number 1 Work From Recommendation which is Wealthy Affiliate – Learn to Earn for Life! You can also Sign Up Here for Free without needing you credit card details for a lifetime free account.

Let us now have a good look at big spot.com and how they say you can earn money filling out surveys all day.

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WEBSITE: bigspot.com.

SIGN UP FEE:- This is FREE to join!

FOUNDERS:- Varsityplaza, LLC.

CREATED:- 11/08/2004. Expiration:- 11/08/2026.

SCAM RATING:- 38/100%!

NUMBER 1 RECOMMENDATION:- Wealthy Affiliate – The Home Of Internet Marketing Online.


What Is BigSpot.com and does BigSpot Work.

The answer to what is bigspot.com is very simple to answer as it is only a paid survey site. I have been on some of these kinds of sites before and I can promise you one thing, I never stuck around long enough to bother with them, and I don’t recommend you waste you time. I am glad I did walk away from such menial online tasks as I would never have found Wealthy Affiliate, which, has taught me up to Expert Level how to do this properly.

I have said it is Free to sign up with these guys. They will want you name, origins, email, year of birth etc basically everything barring you DNA! I am sure that will be next as time goes by!!

Honestly, these paid survey sites as some far too personal questions and demand it of you as well. Very annoying and invasive! Once you have signed up with big spot.com they express to you that they will ‘hook-you-up’ with sites that will pay you for taking their surveys! This is totally confusing because I thought I was signing up wit these guys, not sign up, then get redirected to other survey sites.

SO, now I have to sign up (again) to some of these sites to do their questionnaires. I find that I was not able to complete all the surveys due to not being qualified, BUT, this is after a good while into the survey after submitting much information. Now, they got my name, email, location, age etc and that is the end of the survey.

I have just set myself up to receive a ton of spam in my email inbox for my troubles! That’s all these companies online want, to target you for future promotions, probably, based on the data you submitted while taking the survey. I am not happy as this is spamming on steroids!!



DOES IT WORK! Probably for many highly patient people but this just annoyed me no end and I resented submitting such personal data, and, a lot of data as well. For what!? Just to be told I don’t qualify for the rest of the questionnaire – that is a total scam! Well, I can’t say this site is a scam, but, it is not how they promoted themselves. They say you can and will earn money, but, that has not been my experience with sites like these. Others have said their experience has been similar and typical of such online poor work opportunities. What money you do make is not worth the time and the irritation AND the mind-numbing effort!! NOT FOR ME!!


This website even put out a real TV advertisement to get traffic to their site. From what I have read many went there thinking, because it is on the TV, it really must be very legitimate and a real way to actually few an honest dollar. Nope and yes! Yes it is honest, kinda, but a little misleading. They say it is ‘them’ that you will be working for. They then send you else where to earn money. WHAT!? A little misleading to say the least.


Well, that just about wraps this one up guys! Have you made any money on this website? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section to help others decide if it is for them.



In my experience with doing paid surveys online I have found that the money to ‘tick-up’ takes a really long time. I recall spending over two and half hours doing surveys, some of which were just so long, just to be ‘disqualified’ based on some arbitrary demographics! SO ANNOYING!

I GAVE UP! I will never do surveys again as a way to earn a few extra quid online ever again! It’s just not worth my time and I hope people realize there are more effective ways to achieve you own financial goals online



I would love to hear from you! I would be very interested in ANYONE that has earned a decent amount of money from such survey sites. Why not go a head and let others know if it really was worth you time in the comments section below. I always respond to comments. If you have tried to make money online before but failed, as I did many times until I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate, let me know about it in the comments section. I know I can help you to really achieve you financial goals online! Just ask me – I am actually a really nice guy to chat to, so I am told. I recommend, before you go, to sign up to my Websites Newsletter, top right of this post, so you can stay a head of online scammers. As for this review I can not say it is a scam but just a waste of you time! What is bigspot.com? It’s OK but I know a better way. Stay safe online everyone and I truly looking forward to all your comments!!


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