What Is BigMoneyPTC.com? Is BigMoneyPTC.com a Scam or Legit.

By | December 27, 2017

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Wondering What Is BigMoneyPTC. com?

I am going answer What Is BigMoneyPTC. com so you don’t run aground with them. Should you need to know if BigMoneyPTC. com is a scam, is BigMoneyPTC is actually safe and legit, then you have come to the right place. I will detail, not only what is Big Money PTC, but why it is so you do not make the mistake of trusting them to pay you. It is a site that has been online since 09 and expires 05/2018! I recommend just one online business to make money online but it is not the site being reviewed!

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What Is BigMoneyPTC. com and Why it is Criminal!

BigMoneyPTC. com is a PTC site (Paid To Click) on advertisements where they offer everyone $1 per click! That is very high and can not be afforded by any PTC. BigMoneyPTC sells advertising slots on their site, however, if they are paying out $1 to users per click – how much are they charging advertisers per click?

Big Money PTC still has to make a profit, right? No SANE online advertiser is making those amounts for one click. All PTC sites are too time consuming per payout. They will waste your time and most leave before cash out points in about 3 days. This is when they realize it is not a worthwhile endeavor. For this reason, all PTC site payouts are plain worthless to receive and are never recommended as a profitable way to make money.

TIP:- Sign of a real Paid To Click site is when they offer $00.01/$00.03 (3 cent is rare and max!) per viewed ad. Already it is too easy to see how dishonest crooked this site is. Incidentally, they falsely offer $10 per referral and 50% of referral earnings, well, that is too high as well.

Since BigMonPTC started in 2009 the amount of user complaints are still coming in on a regular basis – even at time of writing this article – of No Payments!!


BigMoneyPTC.com Website



Go straight WHOIS to find out any sites online ID. Any website, that is legit, will have founder name, legit address and a contact email. There is no name, fake address and the email is protected – all signs, commons ones at that – of an online fraud. What is BigMonePTC. com? So far, the evidence points to a scam. But, let us look deeper to find out why.

Big Money PTC appears to have 18 ads a day, but you can upgrade to get more, which I do not advise you do. If in doubt I advise you check out any PTC sites Terms of Service (TOS) where you should always find the Minimum Payout. If there is no minimum payout, which no legit site ever exceeds $100, then just leave. Their Payout happens at $1000!



Full List of Scam Signs From Them.

I will now detail all the signs on BigMoneyPTC website that tell me why they are a total scam. See list below:-

  • As said, threshold for payout is far too high and set at 1K!
  • They have some scam ‘offers’ to join such as PayPerMails. com – which I have already reviewed and proved to be a scam site!
  • Glaringly False Payment Proofs!
  • They claimed to have paid out.
  • At time of writing they are saying they got over 14 million members but saying only “8 Online”. Where is everyone else? Absurd.
  • BigMoneyPTC claims to have paid out nearly three million to its users, which is impossible, as they do not pay any.
  • At moment of Cash Out you must Upgrade! You pay to upgrade, obviously, then they STILL WON’T PAY YOU!
  • “Registered users” of Big Money PTC can see your ads for a fee. Problem here is they just want to click and run!
  • Non-registered member views are free.

They are closing down soon anyways in May 2018 anyways, per WHOIS, so I would not waste my time. There are far batter ways, and legit ways, to Make Money Online 🙂 .








It is always great to hear from you 🙂 ! Clearly, the site under review is not legit and honest, and I am wondering if you have any experiences or stories you would like to share to help warn others about them? Since they do not pay out, and given their sites longevity online, I bet the amount people who had their and money stolen, is astronomical. Did you know:- when an online scam occurs in your country, the money scammed from someone in your country, is defrauded out overseas and weakens your economy.

This means higher taxes to cover Exchequer losses to run a country. All shares and engagements online of this post, or any of my posts on my website, will help to fight against this online fraud with real world consequences. I am glad you stopped by before signing up, and asked first, What Is BigMoneyPTC. com. You are welcome to sign up to my sites news letter as I uncover and expose scams on a very regular basis.

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