What Is BestCashJob.com? Is BestCashJob.com A Scam or Legit?

By | December 7, 2017

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Full Review on What Is BestCashJob.com.

Should you need to find out What Is BestCashJob.com or asking is bestcashjob.com a scam or real, or trying to find bestcashjob reviews, then you have come to the right place! I do reviews regarding online scams and Best Cash Job has many bad points to be aware of. The creator has thousands of other sites that run the same to similar payment enticements without paying out to anyone. If there are payment proofs then be assured they are fake or only a small few were made to entice others in. I do not recommend them and they are going straight into my ‘SCAM SITES‘ section of my website. Should you need to who they are, the work involved including pay and how they scam, then of course, you are welcome to read on.

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What Is BestCashJob.com Regarding Work, Pay and The Scam.

I will now detail what is BestCashJob.com. They were created on the 26/9/2017 without a founders name being supplied within WHOIS. The Email is Hidden so you have no one to turn to when you finally do not get your earning, as NO ONE DOES! The address is supplied, however, I have seen this identical address with many other scam sites and is one that is bought to gain legitimacy and trust. FAKE ID!! All Excellent Signs of Deception.

I have done many reviews on the sites by the owners of bestcashjob, for they have 1000’s (as mentioned), and the work is always the same. Sometimes some of their sites call them ‘tasks‘. These tasks involve sharing your affiliate link to social media sites. When someone clicks on your link, and gets to ‘visit’ the site, you earn $5! That is too high and $5 would get you about 1000 clicks elsewhere.

They a $25 Sign Up Bonus! I am not Signing up to them as I am not exposing myself with my email etc, of which, many of their sites have been accused of selling on to third parties for a profit!


BestCashJob.com Login Page



The entire point of all their sites is to get people like you and me to give them Free Traffic! The usual pay out (minimum threshold) is between $150 to $300. Very high indeed when you consider legitimate sites will payout as low as cents. The payouts occur monthly, allowing the site to squeeze 1000’s of hours of free labor from its unsuspecting work force, whereupon one and all can apply for their earnings.

Upon application of your cash they will ask you one of three things to do first. You can be told to sign up to an OFFER, do a SURVEY or UPGRADE your account. You must PAY MONEY to do this. Should you pay, or should you not pay, they will end their association with you by locking your account. Your password is no longer the one you set for it!! Should they not make money from ‘YOU’ they will surely make it from all those referrals you made to them for FREE!

Below is a small list of the sites I have managed to locate online by the same people. Should you disagree with the ownership of one of these sites, then let me know in the comments section as to why, I will make adjustments where mistakes have been made – if any!

The sites are paywork, dollarsjet, dollartent, dutyspace, dollarbirth, dollarplane, thepayz, dutytimes, dollar2refer, dollartell, cashinwork, usdwork, payjut, dollarmilk, dutyrevo, developdollars, moneyismust, earninghabit, dollarsplug, earlypayjob, buckstip, moneycomefirst, buxinc, dollarstrue, jobtaka, jobzipo, dollarsteller and dutykid! Same owners, same scam and all verified FAKE!


SCAM RATING:- 0/100!




Why not have your own say! Quite simply, did you sign up to the site I am reviewing, or one not listed here (or in my list)? What was your experience? You are welcome to let everyone know in the comment box below to help alert others to them. Between this article, my other reviews and reviews online, I believe you now have enough data on What Is BestCashJob.com to make up your own mind. I am looking forward to all of your comments and hope to see you soon. Do not forget about my #1 RECOMMENDATION as it is $0 to Start! Stay safe online everyone! CHEERS!!



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6 thoughts on “What Is BestCashJob.com? Is BestCashJob.com A Scam or Legit?

  1. ashley

    Is there any legal action we can take against the owner of the website. So much time wasted and not get pay. I would like to see some type of action the public could take so people will think about making up these types of false websites.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Ashley,

      Every day there are more and more scam sites being set up. I don’t even know if the authorities are aware of most of them. Its a resources thing I imagine.

      You can report them to the BBB and to Ripp-Off Report! This will at least help others avoid them.

      Otherwise, I am at a loss to help you in this manner. I am not versed on the legal steps to help in this manner.

      This link might serve some use to you :- Reporting International Scams.

      We wish you well. Should you be in need of a good way to earn online, do get back to us, as we show others how to earn online every day.

      Thanks again for your comment Ashley.


  2. Eisle

    How do they earn money from this? Since that ,they offering a free sign up?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      H Eisle,

      All actions taken on their site called tasks generates a small income for bestcashjob. com. This small fee’s build up over time, through many sites and members, until it is a good income for these scammers and they don’t pay out. I hope that is clearer for you Eisle.

  3. Jared

    I habe attempted this website for a almost a whole week, my cash payout is currently at 950$. I just attempted to take my payout. And next it forwarded me to another website telling me.in order to unlock my payout page I must install a few apps and answer a few surveys…all in all got me no wjere.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Jared,

      They have thousands of these horrible little sites and they even change their site themes to avoid suspicions.

      What? Cash out $950! I will have to update my post and I thank you kindly for that information sir. Much appreciated.




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