What Is AvMoney Win? Is AvMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

By | April 6, 2018

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Review to Inform on What Is AvMoney Win



Quick Article to Answer What Is AvMoney Win – Global Scam Network Alert!

People are asking What Is AvMoney Win, so, I thought I’d expose their New Paid Viewing Advertisement System. Should anyone also be asking is AvMoney. Win as honest as Nixon? Is Av Money Win sincere in their job offer? This review of AvMoney will answer these queries while getting to the founder, work data and how the scam is operated! For now, we will start by telling you the owners have many copies of these sites. Such sites include opmoney win, ommoney win, edmoney site, exmoney win, ifmoney win, oxmoney win, epmoney win, agmoney site, armoney bid, armoney site, uxmoney win, uvmoney win, osmoney win, ekmoney win, ubmoney win, asmoney win, ugmoney win, armoney win, unmoney win, afmoney win, xymoney site, nonmoney bid, ydmoney bid, ummoney bid, yhmoney win, ytmoney win, ygmoney win, yxmoney bid and so it continues. One site is the same as another and none are paying out – complete scam! This article will quickly prove this.

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Dissected Answer to What Is AvMoney Win, People Behind it and Job Description.

The owners are very aloof and tend not to submit legit details for any of their sites. However, before getting further into what is avmoney win, I do always attempt to find these details. The site registration details are always the same for everyone one of them, with few minor differences.

This COPY was made on the 11th of March 2018 and gets deleted 2019. Zilch Found Name, email not there and address the same. IP Tracking traces them to San Francisco, California – USA. This is funny because they submitted an address for PANAMA! Ops. Lol, do I really need to tell you these are signs of deceptive behavior?


10 Months of Investigating them has Yielded the Following to be True.

First off, there are 1000s of these sites. They are look like ‘twins’ straight out of the Adams Family! Wording, format, colors, description, reviews, fake member names, paid figures and even errors. This is clearly an indicator that they will just copy and paste their sites with just changing URL and website logo. Few shut down before the one year they give those sites to live. Most do very well indeed to profit their founders.

It is a Russian Invented Operation that got translated into German and now, as of the beginning of 2017, English duplicates. There are more than 714 of such English Versions being promoted on Facebook, Twitter and absolutely on YouTube.

YOUTUBE is a major fishing ground for these scammers. There will be many videos showing people how to cash out, how to cheat the captcha somehow and ultimately why it is a brilliant money spinner! There WILL even be positive comments saying they got paid. All smoke and dagger type operation to trick people into signing up for their illegal gambit.


Work they offer.

Anyone can join with just an email address. This email does at all require you to confirm yourself and can also be one that is made up! Soon after registration, you will that they are indeed just another PTC website. Paid to Click sites are notorious for being scams and 99% are just that. AvMoney is definitely one of them and actually one of the worst online.

The work involves clicking on ads and viewing them. This offers ten cents per time. They also run an affiliate program.

The Affiliate Program will say they offer to you a commission percentage of half your referrals pay. So, when someone signs up through you, starts to watch ads and make referrals of their own, you get 50%! This certainly true in a MultiVerse but not in our version of reality with these guys!

Active members, who watch ads up to five hours daily, are said to earn up to $300 and the minimum is $50. 1000 ADS will net $4800 every four weeks. But of course, this is all lies. Not since the invention of these sites has anyone received 1 cent for their honest work and time.


No CC To Join Wealthy Affilite


$150 Threshold Revelation!

This is where the scam becomes very real indeed, no matter how many members wish it not to be so. $150 requires members to fill out a few details. This information is given to the site for review. 90 day waiting and payment process schedule is now initiated. However, there is another one fake one to get your money.

All participants are intimated to use the other option that takes only a few moments. This speeded up service will cost you Ten Dollars to avail of and is actually a scam one to cheat you of money. Once paid, if you do, now you must forfeit your 40 sign ups to them as well. Check out their home page where it clearly states monies will be released within the hour. Clearly other criteria is not stated.

Those whom may not have these sign ups can buy them. This runs at a non-refundable cost of $9. $9 will get you 100 fake referrals – noy one person of them is real.

When you pay, should you do, the application procedure is re-initiated to be completed again!

Other ways they may seek to cheat you may be to get you to fill out a survey or do an offer. Surveys will take all your personal data and now expect you to pay them. Since they are a third party website AvMoney has no control over whether you are charged or not. Should you be charged and you pay AvMoney will receive commissions.

Offers need your personal financial data to complete this task. Don’t give them out as Av will collect and store such info to sell onto scammers. Ring your bank and cancel your card if you have been a victim of this situation. The last two options just described as possible scenarios and appear to occur at random.

Ultimately, should members pay or not pay, ALL ARE LOCKED OUT OF THEIR ACCOUNTS!



DISCLAIMER:- This post is my own opinion. While there is clear research, sourced online, to more than indicated a scam, everyone is welcome to their own conclusion. Below is mine and hope this article helps many to understand how much of a con the site just reviewed is. While I expose online scams I also show people, from all over the world, how to make a financially booming website online. Should you need such training then you may help yourself to some free training and websites >HERE<.




SCAM RATING:- 0/100! Regrettably, it must be said, I have been wrong only once before. However, this can never be said of these sites and the sites listed in the intro as falsely labeled. Deliberately these sites are made and propagated with the sole intention of using people online for time and money. As mentioned and can never be said enough – NO ONE GETS PAID! THERE IS NO WAY TO GET YOUR MONEY! FAKE EARNINGS CAN NOT BE CASHED OUT! THESE SCAMMERS WILL NOT EVEN ENTERTAIN YOUR COMPLAINTS!




Have a story to tell about AvMoney? This article was made for people just like yourself so. Why not plant that complaint, question below to help better warn others. When potential new sign ups read such stories, they will surely be doubly warned. You may do this in the section below in the comments section. Those that will help out in revealing the truth on the site just exposed – Thank You 🙂 .





It is now time to hear from you all. Were you successful in financial payment to yourselves? I would be shocked but do let us know. More likely, were you not paid? This is the most prominent feature of their scam and you are welcome to let us know. Did a site identical to the one exposed here? Let us know as there are 1000s – as said -, with a release of 1 to maybe even 200 more. It is hard to find them all. Scam Witness is always delighted to do reader post requests and we have done many in the past. THAT’S IT! That is the round up of What Is AvMoney Win and can only hope it will help so many people form having their time and money stolen from them. Really looking forward to al of your comments below. Take care of yourselves – 🙂 .


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