What Is AudMoney Site? Be Informed on AudMoney Site

By | June 5, 2018

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AudMoney Site Exposed.



Quick Answer to What Is AudMoney Site.

AudMoney Site is a scam! That is it in a nutshell. Those that what to know is AudMoney. Site real and legit then you already have your answer. We will continue to see if we can find owner details on, work and pay structures and ultimately HOW they are conning people. This is a NON-MEMBER REVIEW of AudMoney so you can expect no promoting of it here. Owners have many of identical sites running the same con-operaton in the Paid to Click niche (ptc) and go by “Paid Advertisement Viewing System” mantra. Many members have joined across all of their sites – no one has been paid a dime to date!

Of course, we can’t recommend a site that is run by scam-addicts and so we only encourage people to learn to work for themselves. Learning to be your own boss is quickly becoming the future as people wake up to a world that don’t care if they have a job by the end of the day or not – that is the reality we are all faced with! Our #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate, can show anyone how to make it big online. For full start up for Free and Premium accounts you can click >HERE< to learn more or sign up >HERE< for 7 Day Free Trial – no cc for this offer.

Please do report AudMoney, if you have been scammed by them, in the comments below. Those still working for them – should consider stopping now – they don’t pay out!


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AudMoney Site Proprietors ID, Work/Pay.

AudMoney Site Exposed!

AudMoney Site is very suspicious.

AudMoney Site owners do not have any names online for ownership. There are no pictures of the owners and no way to contact them. All the details or ID are just not legit. The email they have as support for members is associated with countless online scams. NONE of their sites have any traces of ID. This is 100% indicative of a scam site.

We, in our research, have discovered some time ago that the owners come from Russia and have made three versions of these sites. They come in:-

  • English – 1031 copies to date.
  • Russian.
  • German – first batch.

Zero payment proofs are apparent on all their sites. Testimonies of riches are fake and only their words members believe to be lead to being duped.

These rogue sites have been populating the internet since 2014 without resistance or break. Every few weeks to a month 100 or more are made and released over a few days. They will all now be registered maximally for 1 year. Some shut down quicker than others and this can occur in a few months or even weeks.

The reason is unclear but sometimes I guess the site name just is not resonating with potential new members. Given this and aside their all scam sites, this makes their individual operations very unstable, and may vanish anytime without warning.

Here is a review we did on DuoMoney Site that contains a list of some of their websites.




Work they Supply.

Like with all of their sites you are invited to add codes and click on ads to view. These tasks can be done by anyone and all registrants are accepted globally for just an email. Money is tallied up in members accounts immediately.10c per ad task is offered and is at least 7c too high. Usual payout for click is normally 3 or even just 2c and maybe even half a cent. Those who place adverts online can spend just $5 and end up getting close to nearly 1000 clicks, so anyone would pay more for click traffic, does not make sense.

Referrals and how they can make you money.

Here members are advised to bring in referrals by placing their affiliate links online on social media networks, blogs etc. This is unsolicited (uninvited advertising) and is considered bad practice. Those that bring in referrals are told to expect up to 50% of their sign up’s work efforts. So, lets break this down. Your new sign up earns 10c per add. You are given 5c of that 10c. But, all members are promised 10c per add – where does the other 5c come out of to ensure your sign up gets 10c an ad from? Makes no sense because it is just not true.

Earnings on a Daily Basis.

Members are seduced by all the money they see that appears to be paid out in one day. There is a table of fake member names and fake paid out figures. This is on all of their sites and rarely do the names change and “JemmaRicker” seems to work for all of these sites. The Earnings are:-


  • 10c per ad and code filled.
  • Between $150 and $300 per day.
  • Some members appear to be earning nearly $500 a day.
  • Viewing 1000 ads is said to earn nearly $4800 a month.

Clicking on any one of those ads on their site may only generate a penny or half a penny and even fractions of a penny. How does, let us a penny for arguments sake, a penny earn members 10c ago and not to mention website owner has to get paid as well? Too many unanswered question for me.



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Cash Out Problems.

When at least $150 is earned by members then they go and try to cash out. Here is when the problems really start and up to this point all will appear to run smoothly.

You application will be returned in minutes saying you must wait 30 or even 60 days. This is to push you to choose another different route. This route will set you back by $10 if you pay. Then they will pull another nasty surprise by asking for your referrals. These referrals need to be 40 in total. Should you not have them then they will ask you for $9 for 100 of them. Of, those are all fake referrals.

Ultimately, after all payments are made then you are blocked from accessing your account again. There is no way to deactivate your account and will remain active until the site closes down.

That is the scam in a nutshell.

Below are some articles to help you spot fake websites:-

5 Tips on how to spot a fake website. Opens in a new window to knowrisk.com.

How to spot a scam website. Thanks to goodhousekeeping.com and opens in a new window.

How to spot 7 online fakes used by scammers. From makeuseof.com and opens in a separate browser.




Here we would like to hear from anyone that has any experience with the site we have just mentioned. Did they perhaps take some of your money? Do you have any questions on them? Perhaps you are wondering on a different site and not to sure about them? Leave all your stories and questions in the comment box below where we will respond to you. Thank you for stopping by on our article on what is AudMoney Site. Do have a look at our #1 Choice below if you want to earn a full time income online for the future.



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Any questions? Just ask us and we will be happy to help.


– Philip.


4 thoughts on “What Is AudMoney Site? Be Informed on AudMoney Site

  1. Govindharaj Murugan


    I have given my Bank Account details. Is there any problem will come?

    How I Prevent myself.

    Help me Thanks!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Govind,

      Just ring your bank and explain. They may cancelle your card and order a new one. Do this soon to avoid any complications – your bank is the best one to ask on this issue though.


  2. Danielle

    Thank you for this wonderful review on audmoney site. You have left no stone unturned. I wouldn’t touch this site with a badge pole! It is very clear to me that this is a scam.

    Do you have any information on a site called KatMoney Site? Is it one of these? I came across it the other day and everything about it is like all these viewing payed advertisement sites that you review.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danielle,

      Great to see you again 🙂 .

      We have not covered KatMoney Site as of yet but thanks to you they are now on our radar. We really appreciate you reporting another one of those pesky sites and thank you kindly. We are always here if you find any more.

      – Philip.


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