What Is AtMoney.Win? Is AtMoney.Win a Scam or Legit!

By | March 23, 2018


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Those scanning the net to answer What Is AtMoney Win should take a gander here. Maybe you are scrutinizing to ask is AtMoneyWin a hoax and a racket? Is At Money Win honest and truthful about making someone $1000’s a month for watching ads? No, AtMoney is NOT legit and is a crude machination and thus a COMPLETE SCAM! This highly exposing article will ask who owns AtMoney and ultimately why I am saying they are illegal and crooked. Those who HAVE NOT BEEN PAID, are asked to help out, and let everyone know in the comments below this article.

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What Is AtMoney Win and Who’s the Creator? Money Making Activities and How this Shake Down Works.



Probably in vain, but let us try to seek out the real creator, before further expanding on what is atmoney win. No generators name, email address is not there and the registration website address is from Panama. The ONLY valuable thing I see is they started AtMoney 11/03/2018. This is good news because we have caught them early to help many this year, as they are only online same date from creation. This is from WHOIS.

I do know they are a Fraud Network from Russia that spans the Globe. This particular site IP GEOLOCALIZATION is from San Francisco, California, USA. Registrar is NameCheap Inc. Keywords for this site, and actually seems to be for all their sites, is Ïðîñìîòð ñàéòîâ. I Googled this and, translating from Russian to English means, “Sample of Sentinels”. Matrix anyone? Simply implies, I guess, an infestation in the system of the net. Lastly, there are 8 DOMAINS Associated with their IP ADDRESS, one of which, is a Porn Site. That info is courtesy of website Creative Sense.



The False Work Involved.




The unknown tricksters behind AtMoney started off with German versions. Then Russian and Finally English ones. There are untold thousands of these sites that are identical. To date, there are over 1000 English Versions Infecting the Internet and that number is steadily rising. I will leave a list of the 2018/2019 Versions later for you to watch out for.

It is free to sign up to ‘At’. Only an email is required, and at that, it does not have to be a legit one – weird. They require no email verification either, another cause of concern, as most sites do. You will see on their Home Page a list of happily paid members. These members are acquiring over $400 (some are , apparently) per day for only 3/5 works. This nets a cool $50 to $300 daily where minimum cash out is $150. Of course, those figures are fake. Even more absurdly, they proudly proclaim many members earning $4800 Monthly!! Nope, sorry. Not real.

Members are advised you can make $00.10 per viewed video, a figure that is far too high, which they give to your account for you to see. One lady even made the cash out in one day! The referral program is very lucrative as well. When you refer someone, and that person actively watches ads, you are given 50% of their profits. Again, no one gets paid.

At the point cash out is achieved these guys say they are going to pay their members in 1 hour. The experience does not correlate as I have witnessed reports that this may take 2 to 3 months waiting time to process your payments. Though, they can speed this up for you – so you click on the ‘EXPRESS OPTION’.

Before, or just after this point, they require of you to make 40 members to them. This is nowhere stated on their website. Without this number of referrals you are not allowed to get your earnings. Per my research, AtMoney will tempt you to buy those referrals for between $5/20. I believe the standard rate is actually $14. After this is paid you are locked out of your account without hope of deleting it.

Perhaps, as well, they will say you must do a survey or sign up to an offer. Any bank or PayPal detaisl handed over should immediately be secured. These people put such details on a scam list and sell this very personal information onto online crooks. Such people will now use that info for personal gain via SPAMMING you, ID Fraud etc. Need to know what Spamming is? Click this article called Spamming from WikiPedia.

Ultimately, all they want is new members to make victims out of. For every video watched by members, that generates an income. Those ads are off site (third party ads) and those third party sites will pay AtMoney some tiny commission – and it is not 10 cents per view. THAT IS TOO MUCH.

All those commission’s ad up, through their many sites and many members, to a fair amount of money I can imagine. Sadly, they don’t like to share these profits with their members, and the end of the scam is to ensure their own online survival, by coercing people to make new sign ups.



Please view below a small amount of their new online scam sites. Should you Google them, you will see, they are all the same barring site name and URL. The highlighted ones are reviewed, while the ones not, will be reviewed soon:-

  1. UgMoney Win.
  2. ArMoney Win.
  3. AfMoney Win.
  4. UnMoney Win.
  5. XyMoney Site. Incalculable amount of older versions of their sites are being re-directing here.
  6. YxMoney Bid.
  7. NonMoney Bid.
  8. Ummoney Bid.
  9. YdMoney Bid.
  10. YhMoney Win.
  11. YgMoney Win.
  12. YtMoney Win.
  13. OdMoney Win.
  14. EsMoney Win.
  15. AsMoney Win.
  16. AwMoney Win.
  17. UvMoney Win.
  18. EwMoney Win.
  19. EkMoney Win.
  20. ElMoney Win.
  21. UbMoney Win.
  22. OsMoney Win.
  23. UxMoney Win.
  24. OmMoney Win.
  25. ExMoney Win.
  26. IfMoney Win.
  27. UfMoney Club.
  28. UcMoney Win.
  29. UKMoney Win.
  30. OwMoney Win.
  31. EdMoney Site.
  32. OlMoney Club.
  33. AkMoney Win.
  34. OhMoney Bid.
  35. EcMoney Win.
  36. AnMoney Win.
  37. ErMoney Win.
  38. UsMoney Win.
  39. OgMoney Win.
  40. UwMoney Win.
  41. UlMoney Win.
  42. OpMoney Win.
  43. AvMoney Win.
  44. OxMoney Win.
  45. AtMoney Win – this one.
  46. OhMoney Club.
  47. Agmoney Bid.
  48. AgMoney. Site.
  49. Agmoney. Win.
  50. EpMoney. Win.
  51. AbaMoney BidUPDATE! New site as of April 1st 2018!
  52. AmMoney Win – UPDATE TO LIST! New Scam Site from 23rd, the 2nd of 2018.
  53. AmMoney Club – UPDATE TO LIST! New Copy from the 29/03/2018.
  54. AmMoney Bid – UPDATE TO LIST! New Version from the 14-04-2018.
  55. UbeMoney Site – UPDATE TO LIST! Another Copy from 14th of the 4th in 2018.
  56. ElaMoney Bid – UPDATE TO LIST! Yet, another one, from April 1st – 2018.
  57. EdMoney Win. Created 23-003-2018.
  58. Atmoney Bid. Created 14-04-2018 – New PTC Scam Site from the same people!
  59. Ebomoney Win. UPDATE! New site created same date as atmoney bid.
  60. OwMoney Site. UPDATE! New Site!! 8-04-2018!
  61. OraMoney Club.
  62. OraMoney Site. UPDATE! Those two ‘ORA’s’ are both created 14-04-2018 and 8-04-2018, respectively.
  63. AqMoney Win.
  64. ImMoney Bid.
  65. OtMoney Club.
  66. OvMoney Win.
  67. EmuMoney Club.
  68. EcaMoney Site.
  69. EpoMoney Club.
  70. AriMoney Club.

I think that is it! Do YOU KNOW OF ONE? You are very much welcome to let us all know in the comment box below. Scam Witness will expose them for you 🙂 .


Once realized they are not legit, the scam is not over!!

Unfortunately, sites like ‘At’ have been reported to download Malware and phishing attempts upon their members. This software hunts for personal data like dates of birth, address, names, emails, PayPay details, Banking Details, Social Media Passwords etc. So just in case, below is a few tips to help secure your online ID and valuable information:-

  1. Those with a Google+ Account are advised to go ahead and change that password.
  2. Clear your history and cache on your browser. That browser, if you allowed it, has saved all your passwords! This is where they find such sensitive data and harvest it to reap personal financial gains.
  3. Now change all accounts passwords. Should they get into you Facebook account they may be able to engineer more data about you.
  4. Should someone being messing with your online life, Google will alert you, and verify by email or phone. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you ad another email to your Google+ Account. Most importantly, ad your phone number!! A simple text verification will Lock Out Crooks!
  5. Invest in an Anti Virus.
  6. Update old operating system. Online crimes love old systems as they are easy to gain access to.
  7. Same with old browsers – stay current and increase your security!
  8. Contact your bank/PayPal etc if you handed over such details. Tell them how to secure you from financial fraud.

That maybe overkill, but, it will give you peace of mind once done. 🙂 . Here is a terrific article regarding Online Security 101 from zdnet. Here is another on How to Secure Your Passwords from Norton com. Lastly, here is 18 Ways to Make Your Online Accounts More Secure. I really hope these articles help. They will open up in a new browser, so you can come back here, if you wish 🙂 .



DISCLAIMER:- This article is based on my opinion. After much research online, it is my opinion, they are not good and seek harm to others via scamming them. You may or may not accept anything here and are welcome to continue your own research to confirm or deny what is here. I simply wish to inform others, of what I believe, to be a long and lethal online threat. Thank you for your time.



SCAM RATING:- 0/100! The owners have so many identical sites I was able to find about 30 of them in a few hours. They are churning out new versions of their scam since early January, most notably, in early February. The Fabricator(s) of these sites are invisible online. IP GEO-LOCALIZATION spans the Globe from Russian, USA, UK etc.





THIS FORUM IS NOW OPEN! Have you signed up to ‘AT’ and finding any problems? Do tell us below to help inform others. I highly doubt it, but, have you been paid? If so, reports of payment can be put in the box below as well. Often, people ask if ‘so-and-so’ is a scam or legit? This website does take post requests from readers and it is a pleasure to research such for you. Time to ‘exit’ answering What Is AtMoney Win and hope you have been great illuminated by it. Remember:- They Don’t Pay Out so don’t continue to wonder how you can get your cash.

Why not have a look below to see how you can earn properly and for real online for the long term.




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Looking forward to working with you inside Wealthy Affiliate 🙂 .


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12 thoughts on “What Is AtMoney.Win? Is AtMoney.Win a Scam or Legit!

  1. Deacon

    Can you recommend any legit sites please? Cos I need to work and make some money to support my family. Thank you

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Deacon,

      I certainly hear you for sure. Here is an article from this website all about How To Work From Home Fast for $0 Right Now. Our #1 Choice runs a free to join Affiliate Program. This means you don’t pay a penny to earn from it. Simply share your link to those that maybe interested in this offer, and when they go Premium, you will earn commissions. Your commissions are doubled if you are Premium yourself.

      I strongly advise you go Premium simply because you would benefit greatly from the training to increase your sales. But, you are never pressured and is a choice we all have to make when we are ready.

      It is hard work this way and yes still possible to make money on the non-premium route.

      You may sign up, with only an email address, and the you are in. Please do let me know it is ‘YOU’ as I work with many people around the world to show them how to do all this. Upload pic and fill out bio once in.

      Looking forward to hearing from you Deacon.

      – Philip.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Maggi,

      Oxemoney. site is a scam the same as AtMoney. Win. OxeMoney Site was created 21st of the third 2018 and will seek to defraud as many people as possible. Should their site rep get poor fast then it is possible they could be shut down sooner. I did not have this on my list and so I will ad it to it. Thank you.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Bonjovz,

      Ohemoney. bid is a total scam site and the same as atmoney. win. Don’t invest any more to withdraw your earning. Are you researching now before you started to work? If not, what made you suspicious Bonjovz?

  2. Danielle

    Reading your review today, I felt grateful for the Internet. While others really like the Internet for the wrong reasons of-course – that is, scamming people, you take time to help people to keep their money in their pockets. Thank you very much.

    I will go with the legit way anytime, and atmoney win is not my style. It is definitely a scam. I hope this post reaches out to many people.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danielle,

      I agree Danielle. No ‘THING’ is evil except for the purpose it is used for. Funny, I was thinking about this idea last night – I kid you not.

      While some hide in the pits of the Dark Web conjuring up scam after scam, there are others making tons of cash just making a website and monetizing it.

      Thanks again for stopping by and giving your review of Atmoney. Win and hope to hear from you again.


  3. Carmen

    AbaMoney…. Oh yes. Sat for hours reading in pins. And now….. sweet nothing ..

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Carmen,

      I am sorry to hear that AbaMoney was not good enough to pay you for your time and effort. While there are good ways to earn online, obviously, these guys are not it.

      I want to thank you for reporting your unfortunate experience here. Because AbaMoney is very new, your comment is going to help a great number of people to come forward and do the same. It will also help those realize, without doubt, that they do not pay out and so save them from this.

      Thank you once again Carmen and hope to hear back from you in the future. Let me know if you are interested in learning how to make real money online.




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