What Is AsMoney Win? Is AsMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

By | March 26, 2018

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Here is the Answer to What Is AsMoney Win


Revealing Answers to What Is AsMoney Win.

Anyone tearing the net apart in search of What Is AsMoney Win has come to the only article you need! Is AsMoney. Win a devious and criminal PTC site? Is As Money Win a home-free way to earn big money in short periods of time? Well, this unaffiliated review of AsMoneyWin will leave you in zero doubt to their intentions! They are a clone of many other sites offering the same service and payouts. So, clearly, AsMoney is a dirty and tricky little SCAM trying to bamboozle their members into parting with their time and money. New sites by these scammers are OdMoney Win, AtMoney Win, ArMoney Win, YgMoney Win, YdMoney Win, YtMoney Win, YhMoney Win, UmMoney Bid, YhMoney Win, NonMoney Bid, YxMoney Bid, XyMoney Site, UnMoney Win, AfMoney Win, Ug Money Win etc. The list is extensive!


Obviously, you now know ‘Ascan not be trusted. The rest of this post will show you why. Anyone requires honest and effective ways to earn online can read >HERE<. That is Scam Witness’s Investigation into Wealthy Affiliate. You may sign up >HERE< to this #1 Recommendation without a cc. Paid Options for later consideration on standby.



Bringing Out Into the Open the Answer to What Is AsMoney Win, Founder ID and Commission Details.

I will attempt to isolate the person who owns this PTC before divulging what is asmoney win. Made on the 06/03/2018, and expires 2019 same date, they are online for a very short time. Founder name is not available at site registration. Email is not their and Panama is their address. I suspect their IP address is from San Francisco – many of them are.

Asmoney is one of many new identical versions released in 2018. Many of their old sites have been directed to XyMoney Site – that being a new one as well. The English Versions are as high as 714. German and Russian duplicates are circulating across the web. I will leave a short list of the reviewed sites Scam Witness was able to locate. These reviews will leave you in no doubt to the existence of these copied and pasted online properties.

The name of the group of individuals perpetrating this criminality is called WebDengi_Eng. Site keywords is “Sample of Sentinels”! Crazy!

IP Addresses for these sites are Global but the origin of the scam is from Russia. This group established themselves online in 2014 and have mass-produced these sites. These sites are identical in every single way imaginable. Dupe wording. Same work description and surely same way of ripping people off. The only way to separate them is with their URL and site logo name.

I am beginning to suspect that someone, somewhere, is simply selling the ‘rights’ to others to use their coding. This would clearly explain why their sites (of which range into the 1000s) are spanning the Globe!

Here is a list of the 2018 to 2019 scam versions currently doing the rounds online. Should you click on to them you will clearly see that these scam sites truly are all the same:-


  1. OdMoney Win.
  2. YgMoney Win.
  3. YtMoney Win.
  4. YdMoney Win.
  5. YhMoney Win.
  6. UmMoney Bid.
  7. NonMoney Bid.
  8. XyMoney Site.
  9. YxMoney Bid.
  10. UnMoney Win.
  11. UgMoney Win.
  12. AfMoney Win.
  13. ArMoney Win.
  14. AtMoney Win.

Those are linked reviews and will open up in a new browser. All comments are welcome on any of those posts as well 🙂 .



Here are the Works Particulars and the Payment Fee’s to their Members.


Review of AsMoney Win


A very unusual thing about all these sites, and I wonder if any member has noticed, is that they will require an email address – even one that is not legit! When you have signed UP THERE IS NO ORDER TO CONFIRM YOUR email. This is highly unorthodox, to say the least.

Anyways, instructions will await you to start viewing ads. These ‘ad units’will give to members 10 CENTS per time.

Average daily income is $50 up to $300 being promised.

There Affiliate Referral Work offers 50% commissions. That is too high for a start. No one gets paid that anywhere.

When someone signs up through our link, and they do some work by watching these ads all day, then referring members get 50% of their referrals profits. That is like ‘YOU’ getting ‘ME’ a days work and then asking for half the pay!! Makes no sense at all.

There is a set payout threshold all members must reach before they will even consider paying you a penny. This is at $150 and all members may request their money at this point. However, this where the scam unmasks itself…



Slide of Hand – Twist of Fate! Scam Initiated.

I was just thinking of that U2 song so slipped it into the title 🙂 . Anyways, at the point of asking for your money, members are required to fill out a form. This form will be “successfully received“. Admin will come back and say all members have to wait. This waiting period is nearly 3 months. Luckily, their appears to be a quicker way.

This quicker verification step does not take long. About 3/5 minutes is all. The KICKER IS you must pay $10 to speed things up a little. This is a cheeky and quick way to ‘nick’ a few quid from their members.

After payment, another obstacle has to be overcome. I hope you made 40 unique sign ups! They want you to give them (or ‘exchange’ – as they put it) your referrals of that amount.

TO save you time, you are in a position to buy them for about $14. Sometimes it is only $5 and sometimes it is $20.

Another way is they might throw a survey or a sign up offer in front of you. You must PAY MONEY to complete these tasks as well. All designed to defraud you. When you ain’t got a dime – then you can manually make those referrals. This can be done by dropping your link anywhere online their is traffic. Facebook and Twitter etc would be ideal grounds for this.

Whether you Pay or Do Not Pay Anything or Make those referrals or Not Make them – The ending is always the same for everyone across all of these sites:- YOU DON’T GET PAID! YOU ARE BOOTED FROM YOUR ACCOUNT!
That is the full circle on this particular scam. Except for One Thing

They May Have Downloaded Software that is Not Good for Your Device. These sites have been reported on for doing as such.

Personal Data, such as the email you signed up with, will be sold onto scammers. These scammers bid for such highly sought after data on the Dark Web!



AsMoneys Ulterior Motive.

While they clearly want to get cash from their members, and referrals, here is an overview of what they are doing. They simply wish for new members to join. Now coerce new members to get 40 new members by withholding pay. The clear insinuation is you will get your money once you meet these criteria.

Now those 40 new people are going to be at risk of being scammed as well and of course another 40 people to get 40 more. This is Pure Free Traffic Generation based on a fake 50% commission get-rich-quick idea.

All Member ads being watched across untold 1000”s of these disingenuous sites are ALL manufacturing a combined wave of profits for the owners of these sites. However, they are also a Harvesting Site! This is beyond bad news stage as members have just had their time wasted, potentially money stolen, and now must worry about their own online identification. See below for tips on how to fix this.

Here is an article telling you How To Protect Yourself From Data Mining.

Below is a few tips to help secure your online accounts with a few articles from Industry Specialists.

Top Five Online Safety Tips.

1. Change all Login Details across all accounts. Forgotten your password login stuff? Don’t worry – here is an article showing you how to Reset a Password. Courtesy of wikiHow.com.

2. Protect your devices with a current Anti Virus. You may get one for Free in this article called Free Anti Virus Download. Courtesy of avg.com. Will open in a new tab.

3. Watch out for SPAM EMAILS! Report all of them and just destroy them to your inbox bin. Here is an article on How To Recognize Spam. Courtesy of support.eset.com. Opens in a fresh window.


5. Report sites that have ripped you off to Scam Witness – we will get them for you 🙂 .



DISCLAIMER:- Given the weight of evidence to hand, all ‘rating’s of all sites on this website, are based on extensive research and my opinion. Those who believe I have got this wrong are welcome to let everyone know in the comment box below. I merely present such articles to warn others while recommending legit ways to earn online. Thank you.



SCAM RATING:- 0/100! NOT ONE SINGLE PAYMENT HAS EVER BEEN RECORDED TO A LEGIT MEMBER! This is true for all of these scam owners sites. Reports of downloading malware are rife as well. No Founder ever found. IP addresses for these sites are dotted all over the planet. This is a merciless scam and it just does not care to pay to anyone.





All are welcome to ask questions and leave their stories below to help warn others against ‘As’. Should a miracle have occurred and someone has been paid? Please do let everyone know. 🙂 lol. Have you run into another site exactly like ‘As’? Drop the site name below and Scam Witness will be more than happy to express their true inner workings for all to behold. Right Folks! The answer to What Is AsMoney Win has surely been completed. Hope it has helped you stay clear of this scam. Why not have a quick look at our number recommendation below for those that want to earn a full time income form home.

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14 thoughts on “What Is AsMoney Win? Is AsMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

  1. Shera

    Thxs for information and plz also give some easy way of earning online which are legit…thxs

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Shera,

      I don’t know any easy ways and trust me I have looked. If you are looking for easy work then don’t do anything – that is guaranteed to be easy! But if you want to earn a full time income from home,then I ma here to show you how.

      What kind of work are you looking for? If you say easy, I AM AFRAID I CAN’T HELP YOU.

      Even clicking ads for money is not easy. I know because I try out platforms that are said to be legit, and only recently, spent over 2 hours on one new platform, and I didn’t even make a dollar – that is not easy work.

      You are looking for something that does not exist.

      Anyways, if you really want to earn Shera, I can show you how and it won’t cost you a penny to start.

      You interested?

      Let me know.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi AidieAzuan,

      Thank you very much AidieAzuan for reporting DisMoney. Bid. I will expose them today – really appreciate you alerting us to them.

      Let me know if you are looking for a good way to earn online as I help others to do this daily.

      Hope to hear from you soon.

      ~ Philip (Scam Witness).

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Hi Razak,

          MicroSaverHub.com seems to be gone now. Nothing shows up when I try to go to that website’s URL. Thank you though for your question for if they were scam I would of been happy to expose them. Much appreciated Razak 🙂 .

  2. parm sidhu

    And your website is only 155 days old with the value of $222.85.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Sidhu,

      Thanks for checking on that and that is what scamadvisor does.

      So, I am not a company or set up as an organization. I a sole independant blogger and as such am Not required by law to let tens of thousands of people, who come to my site a month, know my home address. That would be madness

      However, if I was incorporated then I imagine I would have to give some kind of office block address.

      Good job on your research but know my site is not fake as sites come with too other signs that are missing here.

      Any further questions please chat me back.

      – Philip.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      I replied to your first message. That is probably the server location where my site is hosted on.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Klegbohou,

      Yes, AzuMoney. Bid is just another scam released by same owners as AsMoney Win. No difference except ULR and Site logo, it seems. They are operating in exact same manner to defraud and make others work for them for free. Thank you for reporting AzUmoney Bid as we have not yet exposed them. We had exposed AsuMoney Site and so AsuMoney Bid is another new Paid Advertisement Viewing System PTC Scam.

      Thanks again – Philip.


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