What Is Arbonne.com? Why Is Arbonne.com Being Sued!

By | January 21, 2018

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Arbonne.com Being Sued


What Is Arbonne.com and Why They Are Being Sued for Being A Pyramid Scheme.

Thinking about signing up with Arbonne.com but need to know What Is Arbonne.com first, asking is Arbonne a scam or a legit and safe MLM opportunity? Of late, this company that has been running for 35 years and since 1997 online, are being accused for being a Pyramid Scheme. They offer people the opportunity to be a part of their team, upon which, you are now a Consultant. There are several fees to pay and product you must buy, of which you will sell some, but primary profit for Consultants is the money from new sign ups – hence – a pyramid scheme, which of course, is not legal anywhere! SCAM!



I will detail the following:-

  • I will show you what they claim to be.
  • The difference between their MLM Business Structure and their Actual Pyramid Structure.
  • Cursory details on the Lawsuit brought forward by some of their members.
  • RECAP.


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Arbonne.com Being Sued

Website:- www.arbonne.com.

Founder:- Original Founder from 1975 was Petter Mørck.

Chief Executive Officer:- Kay Zanotti.

Founded Online:- 1997. Expiration date:- 19/01/2019.



HQ:- Arbonne International, 9400 Jeronimo Pkwy, Irvine, CA, 92618, USA.

#1 RECOMMENDATION:- Wealthy Affiliate.





What Is Arbonne.com and Accusations of them being a Pyramid Scheme.

The answer to What Is Arbonne.com is two fold! While they specialize in natural botanical cosmetics and natural living products, the financial success rate of their participants is somewhat stunted. They promote themselves as an opportunity to sell on their products, the quality and legitimacy has come under fire online, to earn money and to recruit others. The recruiting of others, as proven elsewhere on line, is the bulk of Consultants profit!

Arbonne’s Chief Executive Officer, Kay Zanotti, opens up with an inspirational promo video piece detailing how amazing their founder is and how wonderful life is being with Arbonne. I only watched a few minutes but it seems you really do have the perfect life being with them…


Typical Promo from Arbonne.com



Let us have a look at how you earn money with them.

OK, when you sign up you have a $150 package you must buy to participate in their program. This will open up 20% SRP (Suggested Retail Price) Discount on products you buy from them to sell on. Another is a 40% SRP package for $250 that comes with a complimentary free shipping product.

After receiving your products you have 45 days for a full refund guarantee. Of course, you must now sell on these products for a profit – so what is the problem I hear you ask ?

Problem is most of these ‘Consultants‘ are only making just over 3K a year after much selling time and buying product from Arbonne. That is not a financially beneficial enterprise when you have to subtract your own start up costs not to mention time spent and real world labor!! Very poor rate of pay for a whole years work 🙂 .

They also have something called “Host Rewards“. You ‘Host’ a night with family and friends and you sell on these products. Per package bought they have discounted SRP’s. Obviously, the more you spend the more you save, and this particular practice gets you free delivery as well. Here is the break down on expenditure and profits for Hosting per their site.


  • Spend $150 to earn $250.
  • Expenditure of $250 gets $499.
  • $500 to net $749.
  • $750 – $999.
  • $1000 for $1,250+.

As you can see it does get somewhat profitable. However, how many people do you know would sit through such cringe worthy nights in with you to buy make up etc? Hence, we now see how hard it can be, potentially, to sell on such products in this manner.
What about their referral program? Well, I had to go to their Terms and Conditions and find a link there. Should you wish to be an Arbonne Independent Consultant this is where you sign up, as I did not see any obvious mention of this on their website, otherwise.

Of Course, I am not doing that! So, from many legitimate and authoritative reviews online, this appears to be the bulk of the potential profits to earn, telling me, their products are not shifting no where near enough as they mention!!

They claim to be a way to live the life of your dreams by selling on their botanical cosmetic and healthy living products. However, let us now take a look at their ACTUAL Business Model Set Up!



Arbonne’s Pyramid Scheme.

I think it is time we cleared up why they are being accused of being a pyramid scheme! Multi Level Marketing is when one person recruits to make his/her down lines (NEW MEMBERS). These new members recruit other members, thus creating a downward spiraling pyramid shaped recruiting structure. All members signing up to an MLM is signing up for a real product or service in exchange for money. In this respect, they are indeed an MLM, and is legal – no doubt about that.

HOWEVER,! Unfortunately, most of the profits are being made off of new members for Consultants to make up the bulk of their profits, with a lump of it going to the top! Despite having their own products, financially speaking (by making most of the profits) Arbonne is behaving like a classic Pyramid Scheme and this is why they are getting themselves sued by their own members!!

New Members MUST buy the products before they can even attempt to make a profit – where is the guarantee you are going to sell anythings? Better, to sell the product as an Affiliate Marketer FOR them, then to buy product that runs the risk of not shifting quick enough (or at all) for a profit for you. You, as a Consultant, are paying someone else for a job – this is back ward thinking – NEVER PAY ANYONE FOR A JOB THEY OFFER YOU!!

As you can see, there is a slim difference and many company’s use this ‘difference‘ for their own financial advantage.

Any questions regarding this? Please just ask me in the comment section below – Thank you.




The Lawsuit Brought Forward By Their Own Members!

To say the least, this has to be quite embarrassing for a company that has been running for 35 years, to be sued by their own members!

25th of May 2017 Cynthia Dagnall and Michael Dagnall filed a suit against Arbonne on the grounds of them being a Pyramid scheme.

The couple the company is pretending to be a direct seller of health and beauty products. They also claim the vast majority of this company’s revenue stems from their distributors – DEFINITELY A SIGN OF A PYRAMID SCHEME!

From February 2014/2016 Cynthia spend $2500 in fees, plus additional costs on purchases and other costs related to this endeavor. Would you like to know how much this lady made in profits?



Her husband invested $350 and earned nothing!


Thank you to ocregister.com for the above information.

I’d be mad to and I certainly wish them well in this fight.


Of course, the company denies being a pyramid scheme and the battle rages on!


RECAP:- There is a horrible catch I found in my research regarding the company I am writing about. No where, did I see made clear, you must MEET a MONTHLY QUOTIANTE OF 150 QV’S (Quality Volume) BEFORE YOU QUALIFY FOR YOUR OWN COMMISSIONS! LUDACRISthis means if you make sales and you are a few points off – THE COMPANY KEEPS YOUR MONEY! COMPLETE RIP – OFF!

Soon as you sign up you will then pay a minimum of $150! Already the company has made their money and the rest is up to you if you make a profit. This is paying your employer for a job, as I have already said, is backwards.

The ‘scientific‘ claims made by this company on behalf of their ‘superior’ products has been questioned. Their claims of living a financially successful life are clearly exaggerated. It has been proven very difficult to sell on their product, leaving many of their members, stuck with rooms full of merchandise with little hope of making sales – AND – of course being left out of pocket!

Their MLM is barely legal, however, since they abuse their own members by making most of the profits, they are behaving and thus are an illegal online operation known as a PYRAMID SCHEME!












Everyone is now welcome to express their views and opinions in the comment box provided. Have you had experience as a Consultant with these guys? Where you able to make a rip-roaring success per your time and investment? Perhaps your experience was one of the better ones and wish to express? It would be pointless and lies to say every ones experience was/is bad and so it is only fair to get as many sides of this battle as possible for the sake of the whole truth. Regarding the question of What Is Arbonne.com, I am confident, I have answered it to your full satisfaction and I am looking forward to all of your comments. Any questions regarding this subject matter, or questions on my work from home offer, I would be glad to hear from you to answer such questions. I wish you all well and hope to see you again soon. For now, farewell until next time 🙂 .



Clearly, the above site in question, is not something I can ever promote as legitimate given their members do not get an adequate ROI per time, effort and investment. However, I would remind you of my #1 RECOMMENDATION where you can read more on it >HERE< or click the image below to sign up and have a look around pressure free!



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24 thoughts on “What Is Arbonne.com? Why Is Arbonne.com Being Sued!

  1. Melinda

    I don’t know if it is so much of a pyramid scheme as an MLM. Many mulit-level marketers are very successful. The problem with multi-level marketing is that it doesn’t really do well at supply and demand. Once everyone has signed up, there is no demand for the newer people in the organization to sell products.
    Affiliate marketing is a different business model entirely.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Melinda,

      Yes, technically, they are an MLM! This can not be disputed. However, I believe I covered reasons why they are being accused of being a Pyramid scheme as well.

      Your point is of course still valid and I appreciate your thoughts regarding What Is Arbonne.com!



  2. GiuliaB

    Arbonne. What an eye opener, Philip! Although MLM are legally recognised, I mistrust them at best of times, as they very much rely on my good efforts to ‘hire’ people below me to earn money for which they will not have done much at all. But, as you say, to be asked to pay to get a start up pack, with the expectation to reach a quota, below which it doesn’t matter however much you sell, you will not get paid; now, that to me is no good news at all.
    The other thing is that, I believe, when the selling techniques are based on selling parties, the whole game becomes dangerous, as you may end up not selling a dime at all. As a result, you are encouraged to purchase bigger packages to save money, but then you risk not selling enough, and you do not get paid at all the commission that you are expecting. I can see how not only you risk not making money, but you end up loosing money big style.
    What impresses me is how this company managed to get away with it for 35 years! Thank you for opening our eyes to what to me smells of scam all over 🙂

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi GiuliaB,

      The hidden quota with Arbonne.com is particularly worrying for anyone who works for them. I don’t believe these selling parties are too profitable for many and is a solid way to lose friends and bore your family.

      Yes, I know! 35 years and they are only now being pulled up on their unfair ways. Incredible how they lasted, and still lasting, despite such bad press.

  3. John

    Hi Philip,

    Really glad I have found this site, easy to stay away from scams online when you’re on top of them.

    Arbonne.com is just like any other pyramid scheme, and hopefully, it will fall like the previous ones. Being required to fill a quota before being paid commissions is just plain stupid.

    Best regards

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi John,

      I was particularly shocked at this quota thing from Arbonne.com! That is just taking the proverbial liguids!!

      Thanks for your comment John 🙂 .

  4. Nate Kidd

    I do not like any company that has a quoto you must meet before you get a commission. That is a red flag to me. Also it seems like a pyramid scheme because it seems like consultants are actually getting paid off of new consultants actually coming in.

    That is a recipe for disaster and as soon as new consultants stop coming in, then the money will dry up. There is a lot not to like about this company and I am glad you reviewed them.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Nate,

      I was SO SURPRISED that Arbonne.com entice you to sell their products, but unknownst to their members, can’t get their own commissions based on this selling quota! This quota is not even revealed UNTIL you try to get your cash.

      Awful and unnecessary!

      Yes, once sign ups stop coming into Arbonne then their primary source of income is slashed, thereby, making a near fruitless endeavor as their products don’t seem to sell that well to keep their consultants in a full time income situation.

      Thanks again Nate Kidd and hope to hear from you again in 2018.

  5. Vic

    What a nice review on Arbonne.com . No doubt,scamdetector.siterubix.com is a good online hub to stem the tide of scams online.Keep up the good work.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Vic,

      I am happy you enjoyed my review on What Is Arbonne.com.

      I certainly will continue to expose the sites that deserve it and thank you once again.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Anubhav,

      Great to hear from you once again and thank you kindly for the comment and compliment.

      I do certainly try to expose online scams that are breaking the law to help as many people as possible to avoid them.

  6. Lewa

    You have opened my eyes. I have wanted to join affiliate marketing for a while and had placed some companies on my radar. Arbone.com was one of the companies I was seriously considering, and I liked it because it is said to have been operating for more than three decades.

    I feel lucky because I read your review before committing to Arbone. Now I know I have to look elsewhere.

    Thank you for saving my bucks.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Lewa,

      Pheeww! I am thankful you did your research first before signing up with Arbonne.com!

      Should they lose their case I can not see them lasting any longer.

      You are most welcome Lewa and I hope to hear from you again.



  7. Patrice

    Thanks for the review. It’s always a relief when someone takes the time to review these because we all want to know that what we invest in is legit.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Patrice,

      Thank you kindly for your comment and of course you are more than welcome for the information in What Is Arbonne.com.
      Thank you for popping by and hope to hear from you again some time.



  8. Jasmere

    Surprisngly, I’ve actually heard of arbonne but I had no idea it wasn’t a legit thing. That’s a shame, I really wonder why companies enjoy lying to people, that’s so messed up. But I can certainly vouch for Wealthy Affiliate being legit. It’s a collection of some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet who are also willing to help you. It really is amazing honestly.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      I too was surprised to hear Arbonne was not legit.

      Wealthy Is packed to the rims with incredible and helpful people.

      Thank you Jasmere and I hope to hear from you again.

  9. Jerry Huang | Smart Affiliate Success

    Wow, thanks for this awesome review. The one thing that I am wondering right now is how did this company managed to survive for so many years without being sued or close down. Usually, a pyramid scheme won’t be able to last long. Do you know what’s the magical thing that allows them to survive for 35 years?

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Jerry,

      That is a fantastic question.

      Look to Bernie Maddoff who ran a ponzi scheme on Wall Street since the 70s and only got caught 2006 or thereabouts.

      I guess it took a few brave people to stand up to stand out against such people, otherwise, it really is a mystery to me Jerry.

  10. Courtney

    I’ve never heard of Arbonne.com, but I’ve definitely been duped a few times while trying my hand at making money online — I’m happy that this company won’t be added to my semi-long list! Thanks so much for the thorough information! I am currently involved with Wealthy Affiliate and I simply love all the positive reviews I’ve come across regarding them. Including yours! So helpful and informative! Thank you for this!

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Courtney,

      You are most welcome and it is very disappointing people would use their talents for the ‘dark-arts’ so to speak.

      Thank you for your comment Courtney.



  11. Briana

    I don’t have any experience with this company specifically, but we’ve all come across similar companies. I definitely appreciate such an honest review. Affiliate marketing is definitely a better way to go and it really doesn’t get better than Wealthy Affiliate to get started. I look forward to reading more of your reviews.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Briana,

      Thank you very much for your comment.

      I am glad you like my article on What Is Arbonne.com and hope to bring you many more in the future.




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