What Is AqMoney.Win? Is AqMoney.Win a Scam or Legit!

By | April 25, 2018

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AqMoney Win and Why They Are No Good.



Easy Answer to What Is AqMoney Win.

Those asking What Is AqMoney Win, or asking, is AqMoney. Win full of lies, is Aq Money Win paying and good? This is a no-bias review of AqMoney where you will find such answers. Owner credentials, pay and the work involved will be discussed as well. We will also show you why they are a complete scam! AqMoney is among thousands of Paid Advertisement Viewing System scams that never pay out. Here are a few of their other PTC (paid to click) fraud sites below to watch out for:-

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Owner, Pay, Work Details on AqMoney Win.

Owners began AqMoney Win in February 2018 and have only allowed this site to stay around for max of 1 year. These sites are common to only be here for a short time, to earn as much money as possible, before shutting them now due to a high volume of online complaints. They will simply create more or direct scam URL’s to new scam URL’s they have made.

Operators names are not given at their site registration. It is established they are from Russia and owners have made English and German copies as well. These duplicates have been online since 2014 and have persisted in not paying a penny to anyone. Those hoping to get paid now should give up! All personal details you submitted to them is harvested for a personal profit, because, those data’s are to be sold onto scammers.

The Work is just clicking on advertisements and doing a code after ad view. One report said that you don’t even need to view the ad but only do the code to be able to be accredited 10 cents a time. Those monies are tabulated in your account as they occur. Minimum Payout is where the problem really kicks in, but more on that later.

You may use your affiliate link to direct traffic to AqMoney. When someone signs up for free with their email address, then start to work and make some money, you are said to get 50% of those earnings. It is not uncommon for this minimum amount to be reached in only a few hours much to my own surprise.

For 3 hours or even 5 hours a day you can tap-up to $300 with a minimum earning potential of $50. Those figures are stupendous for viewing ads and nowhere online is actually paying that kind of money for such low to no skill work. Payments are said to occur to your account within 1 hour, BUT IF YOU GO TO THEIR FAQ’s PAGE, you will see that the time is altered for pay outs. Contradictions on the same site is another sign of a scam and would never ever occur with legit sites.

1000 advertisements, that are viewed in the same month, members are told they will earn $4500 a month. I mean, that is more than enough for anyone to live comfortably on and be doing very well financially. If such companies paid those amounts for low value actions they could not exist for very long. Since none of their websites ever pay out – they continue to proliferate and prosper.



Cash Out Scam Exposed!

Your AqMoney. Win Warning.

Here we are, soon after signing up to such a site, and already you can cash out. This should have been a pretty clear sign that something was up. The application steps will frustrate you into making a mistake, potentially. They will offer you a quick step instead of the ridiculous time of 90 days to wait for your own money.

The quick step way is $10 and they will even try to get another $9 for fake referrals. 100 sign ups is what they offer for those referrals. After both payments are made in BTC you shunned and locked out of your own account. Admin will just simply ignore you forever. There is not a way to get your cash back either. Should you have handed over bank details you really should give your bank a call. They will probably be advising to cancel your card. Those who handed over PayPal addresses need to worry less. Should login to your PayPal and set up the 2 step verification. Should someone try to access your account you will receive a code to verify its you and not someone else.

They will, early on, advise you share your link to places like your social media. This is extremely illegal give out unsolicited links etc and is called SPAMMING. Those need more data on spamming can have a look right here:- What Is Spamming. That is from igiglobal.com and will open in a new tab.

So we see we are dealing with a Russian Scam Network that is only getting bigger. New batches of these sites are being released very often and their IP’s make their registered address, for their site, an easy to expose lie. Simply to WHOIS and see their details, particularly, their address.

Now go to registrydb.com and you will see they are from San Francisco and have 7 Other Domains Associated to them.


AqMoney Win IP Trace.

Notice their keywords are in Russian and translates to “Sample of Sentinels”.


Domains Associated with AqMoney Win.

It is Possible those Domains Connected to AqMoney Win Owners are Scam Sites as well.

The WHOIS link above will show you the details for the site under review. Clearly note, after that link opens in a new tab, the address is PANAMA. That link to registrydb will show you their true IP Location – Ops, and have snipped them above for your convenience.

That is really all that you need to know about these sites in general and I hope this article has helped you avoid the scam detailed herein.

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