What Is AnMoney Win? Is AnMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

By | April 7, 2018

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Clear Answer to What Is AnMoney Win



Clear and Unbiased Facts about What Is AnMoney Win (Without all the Hype).

Masquerading as a Legit Paid Advertisement Viewing System, Scam Witness is going reveal the answer to What Is AnMoney Win! Perhaps you need to know is AnMoney. Win paying out? Is An Money Win just daylight robbery? This is a review of AnMoney that is going to inform on owners, work and pay scale. Lastly, we are going break down exactly why they are not even a legal enterprise.

For now, just know, AnMoney comes in many 1000’s of copies since 2014 like opmoney win, ommoney win, agmoney bid, epmoney win, abamoney bid, exmoney win, ifmoney win, ogmoney win, edmoney site, avmoney win, agmoney site, oxmoney win, agmoney bid, uxmoney win, ugmoney win, osmoney win, armoney win, ubmoney win, unmoney win, ekmoney win, xymoney site, uvmoney win, yxmoney bid, asmoney win, nonmoney bid, odmoney win, ummoney bid, ytmoney win,ydmoney bid, ygmoney win, yhmoney win! Those are linked reviews and will open in a different window. New one’s are being reported continuously by readers, for that, I thank you all.




Review of AnMoney Win Smackdown!

OK, that was a bit ‘hypish’ :-) .Before detailing further what is anmoney win, shall we see if we can locate owner and site details? (that’s rhetorical btw). AnMoney website was registered on the 11th of March 018 and ends 019. All sites that offer work are required to insert legit name, email and address. This is not the case with AnMoney owners. 1 Year Site, as a job offer/business venture is surely indication of a scam. Honest sites know 1 year is your establishment period and not your sites whole life span.

Though the PANAMA address they submitted is concise, IP check shows me they are from San Francisco, and clearly intimates they are scared to reveal themselves. Scammers will go to great lengths to hide their online ID for if they get caught – it surely would mean prison. Incidentally, no legit owner info is present on their site either 🙁 .


Lies and More Damn Lies about Work Details.

Everything in this section I am about to tell is just a lie from AnMoney. For those interested you can read on. Those who already know, skip this section.

So, here is the gambit the are running! Applications to join are accepted from any part of the world. The only criteria is to have an email address, and laughably, emails can be anything made up! No confirmations is in place either.

Ads are there for members to join and click and view for money. This makes them a PTC Scam Site (paid to click). On their home page you will see, broken down, the amounts of money made in 1 DAY from just viewing ads. Over $300 for some members just to view ads – THIS IS B.S ! The advertisement industry at a large could not survive paying out a weeks wages in one day for stupidly simple work!!

$300/$50/$4800! These are the figures one can make in one day, except for the last one, which is payment for eye balling 1000 ads!! Always makes me laugh but it is convincing many people to join, sadly.

Applications for monies are accepted at $150 point! This is where you ad some info to a form and they will have a look at it. This fake verification process is to rope you into something much more sinister. ALL members will be informed that their money will be given them in about 3 months, or in anmoney’s case, whenever hell freezes over – Fingers crossed 🙂 .



The Truth About Their Referral Commissions.

New Member are advised to take their scam affiliate link and showcase it online. This is achieved via your own social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – Big Hot Spot for videos lying about all their sites. Too many videos will surface informing potential new sign ups of the proof of cash out. Be warned and know these just the scammers apart of the network. Many positive comments will be placed saying it is good and true. It is only after much time that real comments will tell the truth of this con.

Anyways, when new sign ups join through you and they begin watching ads and working away, you are meant to be earning half of their work commissions. This is donkey-speak ad not true. No one gets a penny for anything they do on these sites. Since 2014, NO ONE has been PAID! That is a true and honest fact.



End of the Scam: What a Mistake!

Going through the cash out stage many will wake up to the mistake of having trusted AnMoney! Instead of waiting all the time they want you to wait, there is another option. See on their page and you will find a quick way. This step only takes about 5 minutes and you could even be verified in 3 minutes. Down side is:- They you to pay $10 to hasten your earnings to you.

This is just a cheap-shot to to pick your pockets for lose change before you are rudely departed from their site.

Many have paid and reported that the application only resets itself requiring you to go through this whole process once more. Obviously, this is the point members realize they have been played.

Those that handed them PayPal URL’s should not panic and simply change their password. Even go through the process of setting up a text code verification security step. Should a scammer seek and make entry to your PayPal, the company will text you a code to make sure it is you. Once entered, the other fools are locked out for good!

This helpful article will show you how to set up 2 Factor Authentication (2FA for short) called:-How do I enable 2FA (two factor authentication) for my PayPal. Courtesy of PayPal.com and will open in another window.


Alas, no one gets their earnings and they are locked out of their accounts permanently.






Did you sign up to these guys? What was your experience? You are welcome to report your story below to help better inform us all. Is there something you know that is missing from this article? You are most welcome to add to it and it will be featured if it be valid. Its late here and so I must conclude answering What Is AnMoney Win. I really hope it helps many avoid having their time and money stolen from them. Take care – 🙂 .




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5 thoughts on “What Is AnMoney Win? Is AnMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

  1. Pepe

    Znáte nějaké dobré stránky na těžbu btc budu rad za nějaké typy a take mohu zverejnit své referrali kde těžím a mam 100 % prověřené poctivé vyplacení . Pokud bude zájem dejte vědět a i já budu rád za referrali vaše kde se dá dobře vydělat.

  2. Pepe

    No já dnes na těch stránkách strávil celý den a když jsem chtěl vybrat 170 dolarů které jsem naklikal tak se objevilo že musím mít 40 lidí abych dostal vyplacení. Už to se mi zdálo divné a mé nadšení ze 100% se dostalo okamžitě na -100000000%. Jsou to podvodníci a doufám že když jsem dal btc adresu že bude vše OK. Mam stejně na ni nula nic.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Pepe,

      Omlouváme se, že jste to slyšeli. Jsou to podvodné stránky a to byl jen začátek, kdy vás požádali o dvě platby. 1 platba za 40 doporučení a další platbu za uvolnění vašich příjmů. Úplně falešné.

      Děkuji za zprávu a varování 🙂 ~ Scam Witness.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Nelly,

      AnMoney. Fun is also a pure scam site! Any site that looks like AnMoney Fun is nothing but a fake site made by the same people. Don’t waste your time on that site.


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