What Is An Online Auction Fraud And How To Protect Yourself

By | June 7, 2017

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What Is An Online Auction Fraud and How To Detect Them!


If you are thinking about getting into online battle-buying it’s good to know what is an online auction fraud and how not fall victim to it.


Globally we are trending to doing our shopping online, particularly late at night.  It has become the new late night TV Infomercial way of buying our daily needs and desires in life.


However, as always, there are plenty of people who turn their God given talents to just ripping off people online.  Here, you will learn it’s definition and become aware of how, if you are not careful with your credit card details or money online, it could happen to you or a loved one.



What Is An Online Auction Fraud and it’s Definition Explained.




Online Fraud Defined.

All online fraud falls under ‘Online Fraud‘.  Auction scams are no different. The unscrupulous online fraudsters uses the services he finds across the World Wide Web, or may use special software, to achieve their illegal intentions to defraud others.

Along with Internet access and the software he can quite take easily cheat people out of their money, steal their personal identity information or otherwise take advantage.


There are no end of online auction websites online and most of which are legit and safe to use.  It’s not the sites, that I am aware of, that con people out of their money.  It’s some of the user’s of these sites.

Ebay would be a prime example as it is probably the Worlds biggest online auction site.

The fraud occurs when you are bidding on an item and the highest bidder gets to buy it.  Simple.  However, in some cases you will pay for the item there and then (usually money wire transfer to somewhere else other than the fraudsters actual bank account) and, quite simply, the item fails to turn up on your door step.

Should the item actually turn up the item may very well be of far less quality than what was depicted online.

This is more commonly known as Non-Delivery of Merchandise Scam!



Funniest Online Ebay Auction Scam I ever Heard of.

It’s short and sweet but it was an extremely clever way of duping someone out of money.  How many times this occurred, I will never know.

I was once talking to a fellow colleague of mine when with I was a Commie Chef.  He was a regular online bidder at auction sites and would often tell me of the items he got for next to nothing.

However, I laughed when he told me that he placed a bid on a lovely shinny phone – which was top of the range for it’s time – and got it for only £100.  WOW!

This beautiful phone was depicted as a picture of it, and, that’s exactly what he got!  A picture of a beautiful top of the range mobile phone for £100.


Never Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth, I Guess.



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I really hope you had fun learning about this particular scam.  Should you have questions about signing up, or about the covered topic, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section and I will be happy to further assist you in anyway that I can.

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