What Is AmMoney Win? Is AmMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

By | April 17, 2018

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Ugly Facts On What Is AmMoney Win



Quick Article to Answer What Is Ammoney Win.

The full answer to What Is AmMoney Win is here. Should you also be asking is Ammoney. Win a trusted way to earn money? Is Am Money Win actually defrauding people? You will find those answers and we will attempt owner transparency, detail work and money. Ultimately, it will be laid out why they are career con artists! That is right, Ammoney win is a rotting scam folks! This is one of too many of thousands of copied sites. Beware of them such as:-

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Anyone that has been scammed by any of these sites, and the one being exposed now, are welcome to report that in the comment box below this article. Thank you.

Should be clear that we do not endorse AmMoney. We recommend another way that has all the tools you need to make a real living online. You may either scroll to the bottom of this post to view it now or read on and catch up to it there.

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First Unbiased Report to Answer What Is AmMoney Win, Owners, Job Description and Payments.

There are many free start up opportunities online and this is one of them – except the ‘great’ part. The owners come from Russia and that is all is known of these individuals. Registration of their site was in February, 23rd – 2018. Expires in one year. One year sites are a true sign of a scam site. No email and the name of the owner is not find-able online. All excellent started signals of deception – why go to such lengths to hide your online ID?


Review to answer What Is AmMoney Win


They are a New Paid Advertisement Viewing System where they operate a false PTC (paid to click) site. They are saying they pay out 10c per ad viewed and 50% of referrals work earnings.

The minimum Payout is $150! The supposed average earnings is coming to $50 to $300 per day, and where ONE THOUSAND ADS have been viewed, meant to be receiving $4800! To date, there has not been one report of a single penny having been ever paid to anyone.

As said, they have 1000’s of these sites defrauding countless people. Once you join, you are interested to go ahead and share your affiliate link to get in more members for high commission rates. This is to get members to work for their site for free and acquire free traffic. The amount of referrals you make comes into play at cash out.

I have observed reports across the net that the main part of the work is NOT VIEWING Ads but filling out codes. These codes are captchas and is not stated anywhere before joining. You may sign up with an email address and the address, I signed up to with one of their sites, was a fake one. So, we see they don’t ask you to confirm yourself as a real person.

Should you have given a real email address then that is put onto a list. The list is sold onto scammers who will sell on that list for a personal profit. They will even download software that wants your passwords. Change all of your passwords soon and contact your bank to cancel your card if you handed over such details.

The most recent of sites, that have been reported to Scam Witness are ElaMoney Bid and UbeMoney site. Both sites are only a few days old and I fully expect them to help in this mass PTC scam. Incidentally, these sites come in three languages:-

  1. Russian.
  2. German.
  3. English – over 714 copies to date!

So what happens when you try to get your money? That will be our next heading.

What Happens When You Try to get Your Money?

Once you have made your $150 threshold, things get murky. They will say you have to wait for your cash and this processing period takes a few months. There is an option to speed things up to only about five minutes. This option is $10 and available to all members. They will ask as well, after payment, for the 40 REFERRALS for your money. It is a nonsensical request but is a real condition.

DO NOTE:- Nowhere on their site is any of those requirements detailed. Also, note, they say that your monies are processed in 1 hour. Go to their FAQ’s and you will see it says it takes one to two days! Contradictions are a really good sign of a scam site! Also, they say 3 to five hours a day is all that is necessary to earn such high payouts. Then go to the FAQ’s again, and you will see those numbers change.

What if you don’t have those referrals?

They will ask you for $9 for 100 referrals. These referrals are not real and are indeed fake. Once you are done here then the process of applying for your cash is restarted, or, you are simply locked out of your account. Admin will not be helpful to your emails, if you have an email address for them, and will normally just ignore. Your account is active for the life span of the site.

Do watch your inbox of spam mails and report and delete all suspicious looking mails as well.


Additional:- History! What is known.

The unknown individuals have been setting up these sites since 2014. Each site is nearly identical to the next. Payout figures remain the same for all sites but the payee’s names do change from time to time. Watch out for someone called ‘JemmaRicker’ who says she got her money within two weeks. The figure is an obscene amount of money relative to the work on offer. Her statement is frequently used for many of these sites and I often see the same lines in many of their sites Google Snippets.

While all of their sites real world address is saying Panama, their new batch of this year, actually goes to USA. A simple IP traces contradicts site registration details on WHOIS.

To perform an IP Trace on any site, simply go to registrydb.com, and enter site name. It will give you all real and legit details per IP data. Also, it will give you other sites associated with these people. In this instance, I have found, there are two other sites. They are AmMoney Bid and AmMoney Club – both operating and only still young. AmMoney Bid started scamming online since the 14th of the 4th 2018, and AmMoney Club commenced illegal operations on the 29th of the 3rd 2018.

Do you know of another one of these sites? Do let us know in the comment box below.



DISCLAIMER:- This article has about 9/10 months of research to back it up. Ultimately however, my conclusion is my own opinion and others are free to accept or reject it. Those that need further research can do so on Google. Thank you for your time.




SCAM RATING:- 0/100! Have never paid out a single penny to anyone. Operating since 2014 and still no sign of the authorities closing them down. All reports on their sites are always negative and always complains of getting scammed for money, time etc. There are real ways to earn online that will be coming up at the bottom of this article, but first…






This is by far my favorite part in writing any post. It really is always a pleasure to hear from people who come to this site. Were you perhaps scammed by the site just written about? Is there scam operation exactly as detailed, or is there more you would like to see added to this article? Do let us know in the comments below where I always respond. Definitely let us know if you one of these sites hiding out online and we ill write them up. Thank you for your time, and looking forward to your comments, as we close out What Is AmMoney Win. Until next time, take care 🙂 .


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19 thoughts on “What Is AmMoney Win? Is AmMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Viviane,

      You hit the nail on the head! They are all the same owner owned sites and where ever you see the same template as theirs then it is no different in nature.

      Thanks for sharing your insight about these sites and I know it will help others as well avoid their nasty little no good scam.

      Are you looking for a real way to earn online? Ask me here or email me at my sites support email which is located bottom right of this page. Thanks again Viviane.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  1. Eliane

    Hey, do you know anything about this site? I heard about him from a guy from my city, this site don’t ask any money, but it requers 150 dollars to withdraw money, and needs 40 reffereals to get. I found your website searching for a name in google, it calls jemmaRicker, an user that commented on the faq of this website. There’s another types of link that redirect us to the same site, links like eazmoney and stuff.

    1. Scam Witness Post author


      JemmaRicka shows up on many of their sites. As mentioned in the above article, AmMoney Win is nothing but a scam site. They don’t pay out. Don’t give them any money to withdraw because they will lock you out of your account and there is no refund.

      I can show you how to earn online but you must ask if you are interested.

      – Philip.

      1. Eves Bartolo

        Good Day Mr. Philip, how can I earn online through the use of digital phones and gadgets like cellphone. I am interested to know what is it.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          The offer we recommend requires all to have a laptop to begin to earn online for life. Here is a Wealthy Affiliate Review.

          Any earning potential just using your phone you are only wasting your time. Even if site is legit you could work all day for 1 month and still only earn $10 if that. Let me know if you have anymore questions Eves.

      2. Eves Bartolo

        Good Day Mr. Philip, I am interested to earn in online through the use of electronics (like cp).

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          AmMoney is fake and you will never get paid. You can’t close your account until they delete their site. Sorry to bear you with this bad news.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          So they will not pay you Genesis. Are you looking for a real way to earn online? I know some. Let us know Genesis.

  2. Kombat1

    I just received link from one of my mates…this looked enticing to making $$$ I was interested especially when I found there wasn’t cash needed and hence no loss but profit. I joined and started typing these numbers and made 150$ in a day.checked the F.A.Q saw long chain about dollars been paid out. My appetite was sharpened I consumed my time till today I made $274.4
    in two days.
    What’s amazing is I commented without reply..thrice

    Now reading this article I am beginning to think this ain’t legit just scam.I will attxh the link to my account htt p: //el amoney .site / 17388889 3747 5/ that it…

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Kombat,

      I am glad you researched them. Do see the other links I have left for their other sites and that should leave you in no doubt they are not legit. Try to find positive and legit payment proofs online – I sure you won’t though.

      Your earnings there is not real as advertisers only can afford 1 to 3 per click for such types of ads they show on such rubbish scam sites. Be careful and don’t give AmMoney. Win any money to unleash your earnings – that is part of the scam.


    2. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Kombat,

      Thank you for your comment. I had to break your link as it ain’t good for Google to see this site pointing to a scam site.

      So, your instincts are correct regarding AmMoney Win. They are not legit and their Admin don’t tend to respond. If they do they will seek only to confuse you further. There is a better way and I am here to help with that if you are interest, no pressure, just good info.



  3. Danielle

    Hi Philip,

    Just yesterday, someone mentioned this site to me. It’s someone I worked with on the traffic monsoon site. He was trying to hook me into this one.

    I asked him why he never seems to learn and he said to me that he will continue to try to find sites like this because most people like a quick return on their investment!

    So, there you go. Some mentality for you. He even said, “You win some and you lose some!” Totally unbelievable attitude! No wonder these sites persist. There are people out here who feed this scum.

    Thank you for your efforts. This one you got, What Is AmMoney Win? Is AmMoney Win a Scam or Legit, is surely one of the scams!


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danielle,

      It is fatal flaw in peoples need for greed that is keeping scammers alive. I have heard statements like “I have been scammed worse than that before”, or “least it was only $20 I lost”. These maybe true statements, but times such figures by 1000s of members, and now see running a site like Ammoney Win is enabling scammers to buy houses and cars. This is NOT an exaggeration to further reinforce my point – this is the reality of the Wild West of Online Scams!.

      I feel sorry for you friend, because, I was of a similar – but not as bad – of an attitude, before I found Wealthy Affiliate. They taught that you must build something for yourself and learn to earn a full time income from it. I can now honestly say, that is becoming a closer and closer reality for me.

      Thank you once again Danielle for your comment and look forward to hear from you again some time.



    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Chareen,

      They don’t pay out. They are new, but the scam is from 2014, recycled through thousands of sites.

      If you paid anything, then I am really sorry, as I have not received a single report of anyone ever haven got back their money.

      Only thing to do with a scam site is to quit it and learn from it.

      I had to after being scammed a few times on long and took a long time for me to even trust the ‘Internet’.

      Thank you for your comment Chareen and I would like to know of your experience if you have the time?



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